exists for one purpose – to help people realize that Fox News Channel and its personalities are a detriment to journalism and journalistic integrity. Fox News claims to be “fair and balanced;” however, empirical evidence and research shows that that is simply not the case.

You are encouraged to boycott, not only Fox News Channel, but Fox News sponsors and companies that air Fox News in their places of business. Send the message that you will not be persuaded by biased reporting and propaganda by not supporting those who support this behavior. Please feel free to use the sample letter to contact companies that support FNC.

It is not our place to dictate which main stream media outlet provides the most accurate and/or unbiased representation of current events. The media, in its vast majority, can and will make errors from time to time and various opinionated personalities may have a particular partisan slant to their editorials. That is for someone else to discuss on another web site. Mission:

We resolve to provide factual evidence that FNC’s “fair and balanced” reporting is neither fair, nor balanced.


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