Last week, Joan Walsh of, was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, who probably regretted that decision all weekend. That may be why he decided to re-air the interview. But would he dare air the full interview? Of course not.

Without Ms. Walsh there to respond, O’Reilly manipulated the video to remove the facts she provided and to show that it’s the crazy liberals who have no regard for “murdered” babies. O’Reilly also repeated his unverified and illogical arguments about the procedures and the numbers performed.

According to O’Reilly, Dr. Tiller performed 60,000 late term abortions, which were legal, BTW. If you do the math, that would be more than 16 late term abortions per day, 7 days a week for 10 years. Nevermind that the procedure is rare and highly regulated.

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13 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly Manipulates Video of Joan Walsh Interview”

  1. Why would he re-air the full interview? He has an hour long show, so he has to show clips to sum up the interview that went on between the two of them. Neither side came out on top, because they both left with the same views that they started the interview with. Also, everyone cuts the interview clips so that they make the other person look like an ass. Its politics. Everyone hates O’Reilly, Rush, and Hannity because they are conservatives who feel opposition to President Obama. It seems as though if you don’t support Obama, then you are not a true American. But, it was ok for everyone to dislike Bush, who by the way looks alot better now that Obama is making himself look like a clueless idiot.

  2. yeah the interview was quirky but walsh managed to stay strong and finish strong, she didnt give in to the yelling and eventually Bill’s shouts for her to stop talking. personally i dont think boycotting anything is a good idea but who cares… check out for the liberal side of the debate and the video and for the repub side!

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    vargoz, He doesn’t have to re-air the full interview, but a fair version would be nice. Fox News, after all, purports itself as being “fair and balanced,” does it not?

    Tim, I really like the way Joan handled herself & I’m now following @joanwalsh on Twitter. There were a few moments where you could tell she got flustered, but not nearly as bad as O’Reilly who, as you said, shouted at here and told her to stop talking. How can anyone respect someone like that?

  4. O’Reilly asked her to answer one question, which she failed to do repeatedly,

    Finally she answered the question “Does a fetus, in the late term deserve any human rights protection, she finally answered a resounding NO, and then called Tiller a “hero” give me a break, the guy made millions terminating fetus’s that were perfectly viable outside of the mother for casual reasons.

    How would you feel if the man was terminating puppies, oh my the world would be up in arms, but kill a child because someone doesn’t want to carry it and that is fine.

    I am an abortion supporter, but there is NO need for late term abortions, legal or not.

  5. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Joe, I’ll have to rewatch the video, but I seem to recall her stating numerous times that under current laws, what Tiller did was legal. That answers the question. The issue is a legal one, but O’Reilly wanted an opinion that he could attack, which he did.

    Tiller did not make millions only doing late term abortions. Those procedures made up a fraction of his overall work. There are circumstances and limitations for such procedures as well. It’s not like, as O’Reilly would have you believe, he went and performed tens of thousands of late term abortions (6-10/day for 35yrs?) simply because a woman asked.

    Some facts: Two doctors must acknowledge that a woman would be irreparably harmed if she were to give birth. About one percent of all abortions performed in the US are after 21 weeks. A fetus is not viable usually until after 23 weeks (meaning even a respirator cannot keep it alive). And some abortions are provided to babies who would not survive the birth.

    Not only had Tiller’s clinic been bombed, he had previously been shot in both arms. O’Reilly continuously made statements that were misleading, aggressive and that many feel incited more violence. The people who see Tiller as a hero understand that he could have given in to the threats and attempts on his life, but instead he continued to help women who likely would have died if they gave birth.

    Doctors take an oath to serve the best interests of their patients. To deny a patient their life, if their death can be prevented, would be unethical.

  6. Oh if only that were true, I would get off the Tiller kick.

    Let me boil this down for you, I don’t walk in lock step with Fox News any more than I do with other news networks, they all have some bias, more than others. Bill has a habit of injecting his opinion into news stories just like the rest of us.

    I have no facts to back up the case that Tiller performed a HUGE number of late term abortions, the facts are there, I would trust that Bill has done his work on this one, and keep in mind the state did bring charges against Tiller for this, the case however fell apart,

    However blaming Bill for the death of this man is not fair. Would it be fair to say you incited some wacko to shoot Bill becuase of this website? Of course not, no-one could fairly blame you for causing that with your free speech. I just want folks to be fair about this.

    I appreciate you not blocking oposing opinions on this matter. I encourage people to watch Fox News for a week and compare it to other reporting, they give our President a fair shake all of the time, more so than I do at times.

    Thanks again for the fair debate you allow on your website, we will agree to disagree, but you have my respect.

  7. P.S Barney Frank is on O’Reily tonight, lets see if Bill can keep his cool :)

  8. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Thank you for your respect and the civil debate.

    I think this is another case of O’Reilly’s emotions getting the best of him and causing him to exaggerate greatly. There are numerous sources that go into much greater detail than any of the TV news outlets about Tiller’s work. There wasn’t enough specific and in-depth information provided by any network. In one sentence you state that you have no facts, then state that the facts are there. The facts show that O’Reilly was wrong. Tiller performed legal late term abortions to women in need, with the similar opinion of another doctor, which were a fraction of his work. His “$millions” did not come entirely from late term abortions.

    I don’t recall ever blaming Tiller’s murder entirely on Bill O’Reilly, but it is violent rhetoric, like O’Reilly’s, that the murderer obviously believed in. The difference between O’Reilly and sites like this is that I’m not calling O’Reilly a “baby killer,” stating that he has “blood on his hands,” nor have I ever made a statement like O’Reilly’s “If I could get my hands on Tiller…” There are more quotes and I even stated that the murder is responsible for his own actions here:

  9. Here is some more information for you, one of the Doctors colleques had this to say about Tiller.

    DR. PAUL MCHUGH, PSYCHIATRIST: I didn’t think that those records supported the idea that these women were likely to suffer a substantial and irreversible impairment. They highlighted certain kinds of things, which out of context were hard, of course, to appreciate. But were sometimes of a most trivial sort from saying that I won’t be able to go to concerts, or I won’t be able to take part in sports to more serious ones such as I don’t want to give my child up for adoption.

    O’REILLY: 60,000 abortions according to The Washington Times. The man charged $6,000 each, became a millionaire doing it. According to all of the investigations…

    O’REILLY: Ms. Walsh, have you seen the investigative documents?

    WALSH: Bill, we just have different sets of facts on this.

    O’REILLY: No, it isn’t a matter of difference. It’s a matter of facts. Have you seen the investigative documents the state of Kansas put together against Tiller? Have you, madam?

    WALSH: I have skimmed them.

    O’REILLY: You have skimmed them.

    WALSH: I have skimmed them, yes.

    O’REILLY: You have skimmed them. Then you know — well, if you have skimmed them…

    I have not been able to access the documents that Bill is speaking of, I am currently trying to get access to them and once I do I will post them here.

  10. P.S Anyone who does an unnecessary late term abortion should be called a “Baby Killer” and I would think they would have “Blood on thier hands for doing so.”

    So the report is accurate, call it whatever you like, but aborting a healthy fetus in the late term 99% of the time is not necessary, the fetus can be removed and have a fairly good chance of survival even in the case of the mothers health being an issue.

    There are only 4 doctors in this country that will perform late term abortions for that very reason.

  11. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Those terms are purely subjective. In your opinion they should be called “baby killers,” but many people disagree. I choose to reserve such judgment because I have never been in that situation. I haven’t had to choose between my life and the live of a child, or know that the fetus I carry will not survive birth.

    I realize that you qualify your statement with “unnecessary,” but two doctors, in every case, believed they were necessary. Neither one of us (I presume) are doctors, nor are we familiar with each and every case, so it’s not accurate to claim that any of them were unnecessary when two medically trained professionals disagree. Several court cases also failed to prove that he did anything illegal.

    As for the number of doctors who perform late term abortions, that’s more telling of the grave danger they put themselves in to help women in need, rather than any personal opinions on the matter. Again, that’s why many consider Tiller a hero.

    But really, I think we could go around in circles, ad infinitum, and the only way to make changes, one way or the other, is to change the laws.

  12. Donald Cox says:

    Bill O’Really? , Hanity and Beck use the same tactics used by the Nazi’s when interrogating allied prisoners. If the answer isn’t the one they want they interrupt and/or the scream over the person trying to answer.

    The republican haven’t gotten the message yet, You lost the 2008 elections ……. so now do you think Americans are so stupid as to forget why the voted the republicans out of both houses of Congress, and the oval office? Bush let Cheney talk him into war no one wanted, Now Bush has gone back to being a drunk wishing he’s never met Dickey. Get over it …. you lost.

  13. Bill, is a bully and showed just that. I myself think he is just one part of what is bad about Fox News.

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