Fox News analyst Margaret Hoover argued against Bill O’Reilly‘s claims that gay marriage will lead to interspecies marriage, but that doesn’t stop O’Reilly from making such insane claims. He’s suggested that legalized gay marriage will open the door for people to marry goats, ducks, dolphins and now turtles…

“[Y]ou would let everybody get married who want to get married. You want to marry a turtle, you can.”

O’Reilly also claimed, along with Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson, that gay marriage will lead to polygamous marriage, which Fox News personalies are calling “triads.” The whole basis of their argument is based on a slipery slope – if one thing happens, then another, etc. It’s a flawed illogical argument, at best.

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5 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly Thinks Gay Marriage = Marrying a Turtle”

  1. You can’t take O’Reilly seriously (I know some ppl actually do) but he says things that even he can’t believe he said.

  2. Keith Olbermann, is that you?

    You have completely distorted the facts here…
    There was a group on the show ADVOCATING for triads. The question was, “do polygamists have the same rights as gays?”

    I don’t see where that is illogical! Do they have the same rights?

    And, the “marry anything” quote was directed at one person. He was stating that if Margaret Hoover had her way, there would be no limits.

    If you are going to report, report the whole truth!

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Andrew, There are groups who advocate for everything, but that’s not the issue here. Bill O’Reilly made the inane conclusion that allowing gay marriage will lead to polygamy being legal. He also suggested that it will lead to interspecies marriage. He can’t prove either point. Just because someone else (in this case an extreme minority) advocates for it, doesn’t mean it will actually occur now, or in the future.

    What don’t you see as being illogical? You ask if they (polygamists?) have the same rights – no, because polygamy is not legal in any state. Gay marriage is legal in some states. End of debate. Believing that O’reilly’s slippery slope argument holds any water whatsoever is completely illogical.

    The whole truth was reported – did Bill O’Reilly not have Margaret Hoover on his show? Did he not say those things quoted above? Hoover was arguing that based on the current laws, which is really all that matters with this issue, you cannot marry more than one person, even in the states that have legalized gay marriage. O’Reilly makes the absurd jump that because gay marriage is legal in a state, he could go w/ two other people and demand to be married to both. That is not the law. He doesn’t seem to understand that and proceeded to throw a tantrum.

  4. Bill tends to go off the rails on a lot of subjects, this being one of them.

    I am gay and support gay marriage, or whatever people want to call it.

    He was making a joke, lighten up man, dont be a hater, you can have disagreements with people and still respect thier right to thier opinion.

    Perhaps you should watch the shows on a daily basis for a week or two before you comment out of context.

    I am a middle of the road guy, not a sheep, I dont agree with over half of Bill’s “opinions” however I respect his right and yours to voice them.

    Stop being a hater, be fair in your description of coments made by others and learn a little tolerance towards others with a different opinion.

  5. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Joe, I’m not sure who you’re referring to… the context was provided and, regardless of whether or not O’Reilly was joking, it was clear that he honestly thinks that allowing gay marriage will lead to marriage beyond two people, or that the possibility exists. With our current laws, it does not, and the support for the legality of such is minuscule.

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