John Cook from finally met up with Jesse Watters, a producer for The O’Reilly Factor,  outside of his Huntington, NY house on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, they didn’t get an interview as they avoided confrontation and allowed Watters to leave, without incident, or a word spoken.

After two months of tracking and waiting for such an opportunity, the result is a disappointment, but the nonconfrontational nature of the “ambush” goes further in showing how much of a coward Watters is. If he can dish it out, he should be able to take it. But alas, he wasn’t even asked to take it. He was given courtesy, but he had none to give in return.

Are any of us really surprised?

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2 Responses to “Jesse Watters Finally Ambushed… Sorta”

  1. Susan M Fentz says:

    The O’Reilly Factor is biased because it is an OPINION show.
    It never claims to be “news”. If you want to watch “news” on the FNC, you need to watch Brett Baier and Shepherd Smith,
    They are actually newscasters.

    I can understand why liberals might think that. You see, “news” on the larger broadcasting companies (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN) act more like opinion shows rather than news programs.

    This may come as a shock to some but in real news reporting, actual current events are reported.

    Even if the story shines a negative light of a liberal hero like say, Barack Obama, the story is told anyway. For instance, Obama said “no” to the Keystone Pipeline when 67% of the people were in favor of it and only 25% were against it. Obama put the pipeline on hold for purely political reasons. His decision cost the country at least 20K jobs and a chance of becoming energy independent.

    Fox News would definitely tell the story and mention the percentages of people wanting the pipeline. Mainstream media might mention the story, but they would demonize the pipeline.
    and leave out large portions of fact to persuade the listener.

    ABC, CNN and especially MSNBC are good examples of broadcasting where rhetoric is reported as fact. It is good to know the difference if you prefer to live in a place called “reality”.

    Now you have learned the difference between REAL news, rhetoric and opinion shows.

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