If you’re not aware of who Dr. George Tiller is, he’s the doctor who was recently murdered, allegedly, because he performed late-term abortions and was therefore dubbed “Tiller the Baby Killer” by Bill O’Reilly and his ilk. Of course, Bill O’Reilly doesn’t see any fault of his own, but instead blames the liberals for using Dr. Tiller’s death against Fox News.

This is a must watch, a must forward and a must talk about piece from Keith Olbermann. Regardless of your views of how biased you think his show is, he does a great job covering Bill O’Reilly’s involvement in essentially making Dr. George Tiller a target. Olbermann finishes the segment stating that he will no longer focus so much of his time and effort on O’Reilly. He also calls for Fox News to be “quarantined,” meaning to not support any business that supports or airs Fox News, something that FoxNewsBoycott.com has been suggesting since the site’s launch.

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7 Responses to “Olbermann Retires O’Reilly Schtick, Quarantines Fox News”

  1. How do we go about “quarantine” Faux News? Give me good suggestions and I’ll do my best to follow them and also to pass around my network of friends. Thanks for the help and assistance.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Olbermann brought up the idea of boycotting Fox News on his show yesterday – his opinion is that viewers of his show are already not watching O’Reilly, so a boycott of FNC won’t do much good. He also addressed boycotting the sponsors and how it would have little effect, which I disagree with (see below).

    The “quarantine” he spoke of is to not be a customer of any company that airs or supports Fox News, which I do agree with. If you go into an automotive shop, for example, and they have Fox News on in the waiting room, you can tell them that you will not do business with a company that airs Fox News. The goal is that you will help reduce Fox News Channel viewership, thus fewer people will see the hate and bias reported by Fox News and its personalities, like Bill O’Reilly.

    My thoughts on boycotting sponsors: In a recession, companies do not bring in as much revenue, and the advertising budget is often times the first thing to be slashed. Because fewer companies are able to advertise on a particular outlet, the outlet is then forced to lower their advertising rates. With lower advertising rates, smaller companies (i.e. Infomercials) are able to purchase more ad space. So, at this time, more so than in a strong economy, we can have a greater impact on Fox News, because there are likely to be more smaller companies that choose to advertise there. We need to convince them to spend their advertising money elsewhere.

  3. @N.I. The quarantine Olbermann suggests is pretty simple. If you walk into a restaurant, office, store, or other establishment where there’s a TV playing FOX News, complain loudly, and ask that the channel be changed. Most store employers and owners will be reasonable and change the channel, and that will be that. There are some businesses out there that will NOT change the channel – frequently, FOX News will buy big flat-screen TVs for businesses in exchange for a contract mandating that the channel always be tuned to FOX News. If an establishment will not change the channel, then explain to them that you’re taking your business elsewhere, explain why, and walk out. Make it well known that FOX News will cost them money and customers.

    I’m also supplementing the above advice with judicious use of a TV-B-Gone.

  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Meldroc, Thanks for the comment and for mentioning the TV-B-Gone! I checked it out and decided to post about it here:


  5. thanks for the response. Will try to spread the word out here in Watts.

  6. I fear that this militancy – this hatred of Fox News, continually fueled with such lef-wing mob mentality will only further polarize people in this country. We are headed toward a real civil war – not one of words and opinions shared openly and without fear of reprisal – but a war of bloodshed and death.

    I think Keith Uberthetopman is a self-righteous hate-mongering bigot, but that’s just my opinion. People see O’Reilly the same way. So what? You want to start punishing businesses that support or cater to opinions different than yours? Maybe you’d want to start boycotting Muslims – that’s a good way to “quarantine” someone who holds a different opinion than you, right?. And why stop there? Let’s just make everyone who has a different opinion that you do PAY for it – and by all means – let’s do everything we can to SHUT THEM UP. After all, having the ability to speak one’s opinion openly isn’t THAT important, is it?

  7. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    That was a very thinly veiled “tit for tat” argument. The thinking behind a comment like that is usually, they call us hate mongers for hating and mongering, so we’ll call them hate mongers. O’Reilly is a bigot, so we’ll call Olbermann a bgiot. Gosh, we can even change Olbermann’s name to Uberthetopman like we’re in second grade… And then there’s the, they want to boycott Fox News, so lets say they want to boycott Muslims, or they hate free speech, even though we have no basis for saying so… When are we going to see something new?

    Regarding militancy, have you read comments on Fox News’ sites?? I have, and they are nothing like comments posted here. The more hateful comments are from supporters of Fox News. Compare the comments and any rational person will see which is polarizing people in this county. And to equate that to Olbermann’s call for Fox News to stop with the hate and fear mongering is just asinine.

    Your assumption, that we want to punish businesses that support or cater to different opinions, is way off base. The only business we want to affect is Fox News. Why? Because they spew hatred, bigotry and violent rhetoric. Because they are not “fair and balanced.” And, how in the world is boycotting Muslims the same thing? It’s not, and for you to make such a comparison says a lot. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. The problem is when they go on a national cable news channel and preach hate and fear mongering to the masses with no sense of journalistic integrity.

    I’m almost afraid to ask, but how, in your mind, is Keith Olbermann a hate-mongering bigot? Is he racist or sexist like Bill O’Reilly? Does he call for people to break the law and possibly commit treason like Glenn Beck? Does he claim something is not torture when it is illegal and defined as such like Sean Hannity? Did he make fun of Canada’s military like RedEye? The list could go on and on, but the fact remains that, while Olbermann may be biased, he is far from a “hate-mongering bigot.” It’s safe to say that he and Fox News’ personalities are polar opposites in that regard.

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