If you’re like me, you’re following Gawker.com and waiting to see if they ever catch up with The O’Reilly Factor producer, Jesse Watters, much less get to ask him the questions they’ve outlined on their site. Their questions cover the following topics.

On Twitter, Watters stated that he doesn’t consider what he does ambushing, but the evidence shows an entirely different story. These facts are from the horses ass mouth so-to-speak.

Exhibit 1) A blog post by Watters titled “Producer’s Notebook: Ambushed.”

Exhibit 2) O’Reilly interview with Watters – O’Reilly: “Back of the Book” segment tonight, ambush journalism… With us now “Factor” producer Jesse Watters, one of our field guides.

The questions also cover several instances where Watters position is, basically, they need to ambush because people refuse to come on the show. However, it’s hard for someone to accept an invitation when one isn’t offered.

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