The talking heads on Fox & Friends were discussing the effects of long-term marriage on individuals in regards to Alzheimer’s disease. Brian Kilmeade, for reasons only a racist might know, brings up the following… uh… points?

BROWN HAIRED GUY: We keep marrying other species and other ethnics–

GRETCHEN CARLSON: Are you sure you are not suffering from some of the causes of dementia right now?

BROWN HAIRED GUY: The problem is the Swedes have pure genes. They marry other Swedes, that’s the rule. Finns marry other Finns; they have a pure society. In America we marry everybody. We will marry Italians and Irish.

DAVE BRIGGS: This study does not apply?

BROWN HAIRED GUY: Does not apply to us.



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5 Responses to “Brian Kilmeade Gets a Little Racist on Fox & Friends”

  1. Brian Kilmeade=Bigot Kilmeade=closed minded!

  2. Jackie Giardinia says:

    The only thing more disturbing than the clip was all the people on making excuses for him and comments such as “liberals don’t get his sense of humor.”

  3. I heard Gretchen say on July 11 that maybe Americans are finally
    ‘waking up’ to what a bad President; President Obama is.

    If any REAL commentor would have said that, they probably would
    have lost their job for being so biased with their personal opinions.

    But Gretchen gets away with it!

  4. Mary,
    When Bush was in office, every other news station bashed him and most of them still have their jobs. With Obama in office, all of the other news stations are in the tank with him and refuse to find anything wrong with any of his policies. Fox gives both sides of the story and yes they may lean towards the right. Remember there still was 50+ million who did not vote for him. As for hope and change, he is doing things he promised in his campaign but it is going to cost us an arm and a leg to get them. When 40-45% of your check in taken by the gov., you will see that this is the change you did not want. And what I hope for is that what he does in his 4 years is something that can be fixed. If you like the socialistic views of him then go live in another country. Gretchen is 100% correct that he is a bad president. I would have gone further in that he is a liar, a cheat and a racist.

  5. i just would like to say that ur comments about the president are lame john…are you racist??

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