Organizing for America director Mitch Stewart has come under attack by the trio from Fox & Friends over a comparison they made involving Sarah Palin and terrorists.

Here is their discussion (emphasis added):

DOOCY: All right, meanwhile, as we talk about those Gitmo guys, you know who’s really dangerous? Is it Khalid Shaikh Mohammed? Is it –

KILMEADE: Major Hasan?

DOOCY: — any of those guys? No. There’s an organization out there called Organizing for America, which is Barack Obama’s online group. And one of the guys in charge of that is saying that something that is really dangerous is the Sarah Palin book tour.

CARLSON: Well, apparently, because they are trying to create, you know, a firestorm again. She’s an easy target, and so now she could be more dangerous than any terrorist out there. In the meantime, there’s all that confusion, too. You remember that other book was coming out at the exact same time that looked just like her book, except it’s called Going Rouge? There it is. You know, it’s very confusing. It looks very similar, so apparently some people are being confused by the two books.

KILMEADE: Harper Collins has taken out money to put out ads together so people know how to order the right book. But I’ll tell you one thing. This is why I think, tactically and politically, they should fear Sarah Palin. This book sale –

DOOCY: Absolutely.

KILMEADE: — and her popularity are so much bigger than even her supporters could imagine.

DOOCY: Right. And so it’s a little payback from Harper Collins, because they didn’t like the idea that, rather than Going Rogue, there was this Going Rouge book out. So people who type in Going Rouge will actually be redirected to buy the actual book. And that organizing group from the Barack Obama organization, what they’re doing is they’re trying to raise half a million dollars to, quote, “push back against Sarah Palin and her allies.” Push back.

Here’s the email sent by Stewart that references Palin & her book tour:

Click to enlarge

Note that the email does not contain any reference to terrorists, or terrorism, whatsoever. That is all a figment of the Fox & Friends collective imagination.

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One Response to “Fox & Friends Falsely Claim Palin’s Book Tour Compared to Terrorists”

  1. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Again, do we need to find another hypocrisy in Fox News………well yes, but its sooooo easy.

    “trying to create a firestorm”………..because she’s an easy target…….well, they act like thats a bad thing, they create firestorms all the time with Obama because he’s an easy target.

    i’d rather be an easy target because of my race than an easy target because i’m a complete moron

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