Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends made the following factually-challenged statement regarding economic growth and unemployment, both things he spun in George W. Bush’s favor…

KILMEADE: I did not think the President was going to do this. He said, let’s just remember what I got when I walked in the door. What I had is after eight years of tax cuts, unfunded prescription drug plans and two wars without financing, I found myself in a mountain of debt essentially. But what he also found was 50 plus months of economic growth going into that. He also found between 5 and 7 percent unemployment. President Bush had it under 5 percent during those times.

Reality called and left a message – economic growth and employment were both going down before Obama took office. Additionally, unemployment was at 7.7 in Jan ’09, not between 5 and 7 percent.

Economic Growth:


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2 Responses to “Fox & Friends Tries to ReWrite Economic History”

  1. I think he meant the enitre Bush 43 presidency.

  2. Umm, based on the charts above, Kilmeade’s statement was mostly correct. In fact, the decline in both unemployment and GDP stats began just before the 2008 General Elections. The argument could be made that the instability began in the last months of 43′s Presidency because of the public’s growing concern about what the elections would bring.

    I think it’s pretty clear since Nov. 2008 how things have worked out… ;)

    BTW, who all at FNB is thrilled by the recent Obama and Congressional partisan decision to increase the debt limit by 14.5%? From 12.9T to 14.8T. Oh, that was probably Bush’s fault as well.

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