It’s a wonder that there are still so many people who don’t question Fox News Channel’s honesty, but rather question why it’s criticized so much lately. Considering they get their news from FNC they wouldn’t know that shows like Fox & Friends get caught doing things like using an outdated poll to show that they’re “much more balanced.” Of course, these polls don’t dig too deep and definitely don’t show a full picture, but the issue here is the fact that Fox & Friends is being dishonest in their presentation.

Here is what you’d see if you watched Fox & Friends:

Here is the reality – in other words, using a poll that’s not a year old:

The survey found: “More than three times as many Republicans (34%) as Democrats (10%) say they get most of their national and international news from Fox. By comparison, Democrats are more than twice as likely than Republicans to cite CNN (29% vs. 13%). A similar pattern is evident for MSNBC, with more Democrats (9%) than Republicans (3%) citing it as a main news source.” Nineteen percent of independents said they get most of their national and international news from Fox.

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5 Responses to “Fox & Friends Uses Outdated Poll to Show Balance”

  1. And of course you have to wonder how many of those 10% that are Democrats and watch Fox do so because they have to:

    If you have the low end package on Dish Network (Family), Fox News is the only news you get:

    I wonder how many cable companies are the same way.
    .-= Mauricio┬┤s last blog ..Fox boycott =-.

  2. Where did you get this survey? I can’t find where you sourced it.

    Your survey shows CNN with higher “totals” for each sample month. Are they saying CNN has more viewers than FNC?

    Why are the combined percentages well under 100% for each month? Only 9% of viewers who watch MSNBC are Democrats?

    Why did the survey cite the months July, June, July, July? Why wasn’t July the source month for 2005?

    Was Fox’s Pew Survey for an entire year or just a cherry-picked month like the example you used? Thanks.

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Plunket, The source I cited has links to the Pew Research Center’s study results. You would have to ask them for specifics about their studies.
    Data Fox & Friends used, from August 2008: (pg 17)
    More recent study from September 2009: (2nd section from bottom)

  4. Thanks for the links. They provided an interesting contrast to the story you presented.

    First off, the Pew Research Center’s survey that Fox & Friends presented was for the ENTIRE YEAR, 2008. Since 2009 is still in progress it would be impossible for there to be a more updated poll. In fact, it appears Pew only surveys every two years. The numbers have changed very little since 2006, according to your source.

    Now to the survey you decided to reference. Pew sampled people whose “main source for news about national and international affairs” were CNN, MSNBC, and FNC. The emphasis is on “main source”, a much lower number than total viewers.

    Let’s review: Fox & Friends highlighted the most up-to-date survey they could have possibly used to show party affiliation of their TOTAL viewership. It won’t be outdated for another 15 months.

    FNB highlighted a poll of those who get the bulk of their news from a particular outlet. It was the tale of two completely different surveys.

    And now you know the rest of the story…

  5. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Plunket, Thank you for the detailed analysis.
    I’m curious… you state, “The emphasis is on ‘main source’, a much lower number than total viewers.” – is that stated in the study? Or are you comparing percentages from the two different time periods?
    A lot has happened since the previous study, including Beck’s ranting and raving, promoting tea parties, increased exposure of falsehoods, etc. It stands to reason that it would change, but if you’re right, then we won’t know until the other study is completed showing total viewership.

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