Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson claimed to have performed some “crack research” about the Cash for Clunkers program, but you’d have to be smoking crack to believe it…

CARLSON: By the way, I did my own crack research yesterday, spent a tremendous amount of time on this yesterday finding out information. In my home state of Minnesota, so far only two of these deals have actually been approved –

DOOCY: That’s all?

CARLSON: — by the government.


CARLSON: Two in the entire state of Minnesota. And then you wonder about whether or not these dealers feel like they’re going to get their money from the government. Not so sure.

It’s not as if she misspoke and then corrected herself. She actually believes she’s right. The fact of the matter is Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association’s study shows that out of the 7,500 submissions, the government has approved 2 percent, which would be 150. And only 8 percent have been rejected.

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6 Responses to “Gretchen Carlson Gets Cash For Clunker Stat Wrong”

  1. You’re boasting that 2% of the cash for clunker deals in Minnesota were approved and ONLY 8% were rejected. your MATH is as bad as the programs you are trying to force on the American people.


  2. Lets put an end to the discussion about what is made in America. When it’s design here, built here, and the PROFITS stay here. It’s American Made.

    But when it’s designed overseas, assemblied here, and the profits return to the country of orgin, the it’s ASSEMBLIED in America.

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    roz, You’re attacking my math by providing actual statistics? And, what, exactly, are the programs that I, myself, am trying to force on the American people? Nice try.

    David, I’m not sure who was discussing that, but good point. Those cars that are assembled here are assembled by Americans and their money stays here.

  4. As with most government programs, the success of the “cash for clunkers” program is not measured in how well the consequences of the program align with the stated goals of its advocates. Nor is it measured by any economic impacts the consequences might cause. Instead, just like the example of the public library in George Dance’s recent article about Booze and books, the success is measured by participation or usage, not by any measure of the value provides or harm it does to our economy. The trick is to define the program specifically so that it has a known demand so the usage is high. Media spin and politics will make sure the right people hear the program was successful and beneficial. I heard a bit on NPR just today about the downstream benefits that recycling all these old cars has. Ridiculous of course, but the perception amongst the voters is far more important than the actual results and consequences. Certainly there will be follow-on programs, cash for major appliances, cash for tools, etc.

  5. The point is that Gretchen is a moron.

  6. The main point of the cash for clunkers was to get people buying cars and getting the economy going again and to get more fuel efficient cars to help cut down on gas on the road. It also helps people as they have the chance to get a newer car that could cost a person/family less because it’s in better condition, better fuel consumption and better car insurance because of the first two points.
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