The FoxNation caption reads, “Obama’s Army? Calling Lawyers for Permission to Kill Terrorists” – This refers to the judge advocate general (JAG) policy of verifying legality prior to ordering a mission… a practice that existed under Bush. So, this is nothing new for anyone except the alarmist Fox News web site…

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2 Responses to “FoxNation Attacks Obama for Policy That Existed Under Bush”

  1. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Dude, this is like a law that has been in effect for years. ROE laws are old, dont people know anything in this country? Its sad that they listen to this crap and believe it.

  2. You know, I think people don’t give Obama enough credit. He’s done WAY more for this country than people admit to. Why is it that the certain media groups try to focus on small thins and inflate them way out of purportion whilst the bigger issues Obama “IS” taken care of get swept under the carpet? It’s like the Republicans are paying people off to try and make him look bad. Some kind of personal vendetta maybe? I just don’t get why so many people ignore the good he’s done & only focus on the small potato’s I suppose. :(

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