The Fox News web site, FoxNation, linked to a Canadian op-ed that has the following Anti-Obama attack:

Obama’s “census will make sure that the time of the Judeo-Christian standards and culture in the land of the free and the home of the brave will come to an end,” and that many census questions “stand in violation of the Constitution which states that a national census should concern itself solely the number of individuals in a household.”

FoxNation, in their infinite unfairness, borrows the headline, “Obama’s Census to castrate American Caucasians.”

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3 Responses to “FoxNation ‘Judeo-Christian’ & ‘Caucasian’ Fear Mongering”

  1. thebabbster says:

    The overwhelming majority of those opposed to Obama and his policies seem to be white, evangelical (fundamentalist Christian) and lastly, racist. It follows then, that since they have already decided that they don’t like him, they will come up with anything at all, even outright lying, to oppose him. The internet has been teeming with lies about him, keeping websites like factcheck, snopes and very very busy. Many right wing bloggers went so far as to agree with Al-Qa’eda’s assessment of Obama (calling him a “house negro”) back in the Fall. When Bush was in office, if so-called “liberals” were to publically proclaim that they agreed with Al-Qa’eda on ANYTHING, violence would be sure to follow (particularly during the uber-patriot phase immediately following 9/11).
    The level of hate-filled rhetoric against Obama has far surpassed anything that was leveled at Bush 43, and has set a new standard in political debate. Calling for violence against Democrats and liberals, and even calls for a coup d’etat from the uber-patriots has now become quite normal.
    It may come as a nasty suprise that when the GOP finally gets it’s act together and is reelected (as it will eventually do). the Democrats and the Liberals will be obliged to follow and even surpass the new standard of red-meat rhetoric set by the Party of No. Enjoy it Neocons!

  2. Babbster the most sobering thing about what FOX is doing is that it’s TRYING TO GET HIM KILLED. No matter how much Former President Jimmy Carter was hated , newscasters didn’t announce for his murder.The neo-cons want a riot. Well it’s not happening. the sad part is that more of Beck’s listeners will go out and kill more people.Three cops in Pittsburgh, it don’t matter to them.
    .-= Kid FunkadelicĀ“s last blog ..Obama’s Census Castrates Caucasians. =-.

  3. thebabbster says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen political rhetoric taken to this level. White knuckled evangelical fear that a black man has been elected president, especially one with a funny name. I believe you’re right, we’re going to see more political violence. And the fact that a major news network is responsible for fomenting that violence shouldn’t escape the Dept. Homeland Security’s attention!

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