How “fair and balanced” does Fox News look when their Fox Nation web site has the following headlines devoted to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor:

  • What Do You Think of Obama’s Supreme Court Pick?
  • Sotomayor: ‘Court Is Where Policy Is Made’ …Is That in the Constitution?
  • Exclusive Video: Sotomayor’s Most Controversial Case
  • Liberals Make Case Against Sotomayor
  • Rush: GOP Must Go to the Mat Over Sotomayor
  • 1992 Sotomayor Nomination Was a Backroom Deal
  • Limbaugh: Sotomayor a ‘Reverse Racist’
  • Sotomayor: Wise Latinas Better Than White Males
  • TOMMY DE SENO: Conservatives Should Hold Their Fire and Confirm Judge Sotomayor
  • S.E. CUPP: Sotomayor — Obama’s Nominee Spouts Biased Views on Race and Gender
  • KEN BLACKWELL: Obama Declares War on America’s Gun Owners With Supreme Court Pick
  • Conservatives Prepare for Supreme Court Fight
  • Hannity investigates Sonia Sotomayor’s most controversial case!

That is a lot of front page space, many of which were main headlines, devoted to smearing Sonia Sotomayor.

I’d like to point out an example of Fox News bias and unfair reporting, specifically the “Wise Latinas Better Than White Males” headline made to look like a quote with the “Sotomayor:” preface. The actual quote is, “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

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7 Responses to “The Fox Nation’s Bias Against Sonia Sotomayor”

  1. Fox isn’t bias. The other liberal media outlets always take Republican comments out of context or only post part of their statement. Why are you Demiis just now crying?

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Fox News isn’t biased? Either you live in a cave and have no grasp on reality, or you’re joking. Either way, thanks for the laugh. Democrats aren’t just now crying, in fact they’re not likely crying at all. This is a common, mindless, attempt to belittle by Fox News fans – they suggest that either people who don’t like Fox News are scared, or they’re crying. I can assure you, that is hardly the case. And it’s not just Democrats who realize that Fox News is the most biased media outlet around… When Fox News didn’t give Ron Paul a fair shake, there were many Republicans and Libertarians who boycotted Fox News.

  3. Alexander says:

    This is such a joke. The left practically own all the national networks, daytime programming, the printed press market and cable news (with FOX being the exception).

    And somehow you feel the need to protest its bias? Fox is what it is today because one entrepreneur saw a severely underserved market niche, and tread where most leftists wouldn’t dare tread for the sake of their precious ideology… which is another way of saying that FOX became necessary because of the absolute vacuum of an opposing perspective to the increasingly left-leaning media since the early 70′s.

    So if you really are looking for someone to blame, you can look to the establishment baby-boomer liberal personalities which began the process of turning hard news into just one more political weapon of choice for Democrats. Had they stuck to doing their jobs without their own biases, FOX would never have been necessary, nor would it have grown to what it is today.

    And now, with neo-socialists in control of government, we should be thankful there’s a tempering voice of sanity shaking a sleeping nation to see this president taking our economy down with him.

  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    That liberal media bias BS is so tired… The right wing often sees the media as the enemy, but many feel that the media is more of a reflection of the “liberal” reality in America. So, of course, the right wing would want to demonize the media to support their own agenda. If you repeat the “liberal media” myth enough times, people may actually believe it.

    However, the media is largely owned by only five corporate entities, who lean to the right on economic issues and whose income relies on advertising revenue. Their own, mostly conservative, agenda is pushed, especially in the political arena, i.e. recent large-scale deregulation by the Republican controlled FCC. If former Chairman Powell had his way public airwaves would have been auctioned off and Rupert Murdoch could control the airwaves of entire cities. Between 1998 and 2004, broadcasters spent a boggling $249 million lobbying the federal government, including spending $27 million on federal candidates and lawmakers. Powell’s replacement, Kevin Martin, is just as bad, if not worse, cutting sweetheart deals with the media conglomerates.

    Let’s assume you’re right and assume the following didn’t happen:

    The so-called “liberal media” went ballistic over Bill Clinton’s Whitewater real estate investment
    The so-called “liberal media” outed Clinton’s affairs, eventually leading to his impeachment
    The so-called “liberal media” took Al Gore to task over supposed exaggerations
    The so-called “liberal media” prematurely called the 2000 election in Bush’s favor
    The so-called “liberal media” urged Gore to concede & not count votes in Florida
    The so-called “liberal media” poorly covered Bush’s AWOL status in the Natl. Guard
    The so-called “liberal media” ignored Bush lies about campaign spending
    The so-called “liberal media” supported the start of an illegal war in Iraq
    The so-called “liberal media” covered the falsehoods presented by Swift Boaters against Kerry
    The so-called “liberal media” portraying Kerry as more of a flip flopper than Bush
    The so-called “liberal media” touted Bush as being strong on national security
    The so-called “liberal media” downplayed antiwar protests around the world
    The so-called “liberal media” gives more space to conservative syndicated columnists

    But, we can’t. Those things did happen, supported by the so-called “liberal media.” There are also things that conservatives like to point out to prove that there is a “liberal media” bias, such as the negative press for George W. Bush about the war in Iraq, the lack of WMDs, no Saddam / Al Qaeda link, Abu Ghraib, etc. The fact is that those things did happen, and the Bush Administration was at fault. There’s no liberal bias in stating facts. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Americans still believe those lies.

    What Fox News does is take the stance that they are “fair and balanced” and suggest, “we report, you decide.” That, in theory, provides them a centrist position, thus moving NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc. from the center to the left. Granted, there are some liberal commentators who do not hide their liberal bias, but they are few and far between, unlike the number and ratings of conservative commentators.

    The lack of diversity in ownership helps explain the lack of diversity in the news. When George W. Bush first came to power, the media watchers Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) looked at who appeared on the evening news on ABC, CBS and NBC. Ninety-two percent of all U.S. sources interviewed were white, 85 percent were male, and where party affiliation was identifiable, 75 percent were Republican.


    shamelessly bragging, boasting, and conveying an over rated self
    importance is so low class and degrading.

    It must have been inspired by o’reilly who is constantly telling his
    viewers he’s been #1 for nine thousand three hundred seventy six
    The shameless way he hawks his books planted in email questions is so
    shallow and transparent.

    Fox news, Fox nation is the anti Obama news corporation, that’s so obvious.
    The way the stories are written, the photos, the out of context
    stories spewed out on daily basis, gotta feed the base I guess?

    Please say what it is, “not fair and balanced”

  6. You know what? I don’t like watching any news. Nobody is “Fair and Balanced”, and nobody can say that they don’t have an “angle”. I would probably get as much out of Naked News than any news outlet on television.

    At some point, the people will get control of this nation and its airwaves.
    .-= Dean Simmons´s last blog ..Government Grant =-.

  7. Carl West says:

    80% of the media is owned by a very few organizations, Therefore I suggest anyone that really wants unbiased, non leaning reporting find an independent news source. Those independent journalist are competitive accurate and concise. I don’t want glamorized media babes with forked tongues delivering my reports with the slant and bias their owners would have them purvey in order to support their agendas of pumping up the candidate or agenda that best serves their corporation. I’ll make my OWN mind up about the story, I don’t need to be led by the sensationalizing or glamorizing THEY spin in.

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