The following list consists of companies who choose to advertise on Fox News. Let your wallet do the talking and boycott the following companies until they decide to join the Fox News boycott!

Do you know of any that we’re missing? Please feel free to contact me, or post in the comments and they will be added in the next update to the list(s).

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264 Responses to “Fox News Sponsors”

  1. I know my cousin has some of these turn off fox stickers. She hates fox news but I’m pretty sure she’s not aware of this boycott. Do you have a facebook page or something to help spread your message?

  2. Is there an all inclusive list (Fox news advertisers, Beck advertisers, etc.) available for printing? Also an update date would be nice.

  3. Super 8 Motels. I received this error message when emailing, “The following addresses had delivery problems Message exceeded maximum hop count.”

  4. Why don’t all of you do your own reseach to prove fox’s reporting is wrong. I don’t see anyone providing facts that discredit what fox news chanel. Just to say that they are hate mongering is not enough. If you disagree with them that’s fine, but back it up with facts. Your postion is weak and for that reason your boycott is moot. And to call Glen Beck evil is just flat wrong. You obviously havn’t watched his program. Disagreeing with our presidents policies is not racist! I’m curious, what do you call african americans who disagree with Barak Obama?

    • Fox News, especially Glen Beck and Sean Hannity, are hate mongers. I try to be independent. I watch all the news. What happened to AMERICANS? Why are political parties running our country? We’ve been destroyed by our own government. Fox News is the voice of corporations and the rich. What happened to many Christian? I am a Christian but I stanad with the middle class and the poor. I don’t want my tax money supporting the rich. Yet, many Christians want to take from the middle class and the poor, and give it to the rich. Where are their head? Do they really believe Christ will come back and stand with the rich? No way. When the rich control a government, it always comes tumbling down. America is well on it’s way. If corporate and government greed and coruption isn’t stopped we will be destroyed.

      • i am a christian, and to say that christians are for the poor is a sadly mistaken statement, when a church is able to buy a maybach ($300,000 car) for its priest to drive, and had obama support paraphernalia in it. i dont really think any poor people were fed with that car.. and yeah this is fact. i worked on the car.

        • jataun rollins says:

          U may have worked on the car that was just due services for all of his years building a church and as churches do, he earned his salary. Secondly, I doubt you have been inside the church not viewed the website because you would know we do great work I’m the community. From back to school, to feeding the less fortunate to providing free mental health counseling to aiding south in navigating coll just to name a few things that the 75+ ministries do year round.. financial aid scholarships and SATs and ACTs.

          • I don’t listen to the cons anymore, all they preach is fear…be affraid of anything that isnt conservative, and Fox pretty much mouths the same party line in the news

      • I am a Christian conservative and worked hard to get Comcast to carry Fox news . Due to the absolute hit piece that Eric Bolling did on the Chevy Volt and the subsequent outright lies and distortions Fox has put forth since then I no longer watch Fox at all, further I do not buy from Fox sponsors but I do let them know why .
        A “news” source that undertakes the style fo attacks against a product , can/will do the same against people and parties . Fox News …FIRE ERIC as a start , clean up your one sided Volt reprting and I may come back . At this point , I am also about to vote for a Democrat president for the first time in my life . Thanks FOX .

      • A boycott is never “moot,” unless it has no effect. Some people WILL choose to not give their patronage to Faux News sponsors, and said sponsors WILL feel it in the profit margin whether YOU agree with it or not.

        You sound an awful lot like a “Fox News” fan. And I do truly mean “awful.” lol

        Are you aware that Fox fired a reporter or two who refused to LIE on air? Are you aware the fox “won the right” to LIE ON AIR, because “Fox News” is not really considered “news” but “info-tainment?”

        I recently saw a great article that showed how Fox skews statistics, so that the visual representations of the data appear different than they actually are. It would have been quite shocking if I hadn’t already known what a (sick) joke Fox is. I’ll see if I can dig it up for you, as you sound like you may be a true believer. Good luck with that, BTW.

    • Sounds like YOU are the one who should be doing some research. Start with and move on from there. And since you apparently don’t listen to or read real news, you probably haven’t heard of the very recent independent study showing that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed people in the country. But, seeing as you’re a supporter of Fox News and Glenn Beck, I don’t expect you to actually fact-check through non-biased sources the stories you’re fed on a daily basis.

      • I understand , that it is sooo frusturating when encountering pple who just keep defending FNC and their friends on and on. They do so, because FNC does the thinking for them ,so they don’t have too, exactly the type of pple FNC caters to, and never mind the brainwashing ( via also putting religion into the mix , …always a great vehicle for these types of agenda ), being done at the same time. Non-critical thinking ppl and sorry to say, feeble minded, have been FNC’s target since their beginning. PS. And look, once again, who should be defending FNC here on foxnewsboycott of all things …someone who, when doing so , can’t even do so without showing total disregard towards the English language.

    • See this study done by the Univ. of Maryland:
      It basically shows that people who get their news from Fox are significantly more misinformed on important issues than those who get their news elsewhere. It is not simply a matter of Fox News disagreeing with Obama that irks people – it’s the fact that they show extremely poor journalistic integrity by presenting news in a way that is definitely not “fair and balanced”.

      • Linda Hayes says:

        Fox news, among other media outlets, is owned by Rupert Murdock. People watching it are mis-informed because he intends them to think what he wants them to think- and he believes (and it has probably been proven) that people respond better to sensationalism than facts. Type his name in your search bar and you will get a really good idea how low they can go. They have no journalistic integrity. Tapping the phones of the families of victims of 9/11? How are they all not in jail?

        • Exactly. And most of these poor ignorant “True Patriots” don’t realize that the man who is SKEWING their news, and BRAINWASHING them to HIS views is NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN, but rather British.

          I find it laughable that most Fox “News” fans are the “patriotic” type, and yet fail to realize this.

          Yet more proof that most of fox’s viewers could use a little help in the analysis / logic / reason department.

    • You haven’t been paying much attention to other media if you don’t know that “Faux News” is full of it.

    • when September 11 attacks were carried out Fox News put on air footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets burning American Flags. They said that the Palestinians were celebrating the attacks on America. This cause much anger, however, the footage was of them dancing in the sunlight, during the day, any person with a brain knows that it cannot be daytime in New York and Palestine at the same time. Someone at Fox had to dig up the footage, put together the commentary and do it all within minutes?? This had to be done ahead of time, which means ….. what we all already know but are too afraid to speak up??

      • Smarterthanthisguy says:

        9AM in New York is 4PM for Palestine. Seems to me that is still daylight. And all this from someone that watches Fox News. Man I am an idiot. NOT!

    • Talon0720 says:

      How about Bill O’Reily saying “Tide goes in, tide goes out. You can’t explain that.” How much more of a lie can you broadcast? The cause of the tides has been known for centuries. Its called gravity, so, yes it CAN be explained. But when have facts ever stopped a Fox host from lying?

  5. Michelle Ward says:

    Glenn Beck believes that the images incorporated into the achitecture of Rockefeller Plaza in New York is a communist plot. If you want to side with a mega-maniecal multi millionaire who peddle’s fake gold coins to naive elderly people over the democratic leader of the free world that is your choice, I don’t understand it but you have your reasons. Do you side with Beck when he thought it was okay for a fire department in Tennessee to watch a family’s home burn to the ground (three pets died) because of an unpaid $75.00 surcharge that went unpaid? You are obviously frustrated that we find Glenn Beck inflamatory and repulsive when you find him informative and likable. To your second comment, the average american of any race who disagrees with our president does not have the incredible visiblility to spread lies and twist the facts the way Beck can if he so wishes. We believe he wishes and he does. He has a major network show trish- we have this little website to do what we believe is the right thing. You like Fox. You like your worse base fears of immigrants taking your jobs, terrorist taking your country, taxes taking your money and the goverment taking over every aspect of your life played out on a news channel day in and day out. Must be hard living that way. I block Fox channel on all my TV’s and would never expose my children to the that type of fear. Though I am confused and often wonder why some people allow Fox in their lives I still believe that most people want this country to succeed. I did however stop my children from visiting a friends home that watched and spouted Fox propaganda, I do let the child come to my house. I don’t blame the child but I can not allow my children to hear that constant negative bantor. Listen to the actual words of Beck, Fox and Friends, O’Reilly, Trish. How do the words make you feel? Probably Angry- defeated- frustrated maybe fearful. Now listen to our President and what he sees for our countries future. If we form a public(goverment)/private(people and business) partnership think what we can accomplish. Stand with those who Build up. Oppose those who only want to knock down. I choose HOPE. I wish you would too.

    • Davegstein says:

      Very eloquently (no spell check) spoken.Amen!

    • Very well put! I have always found that the ignorant always speak louder than the informed and never offer solutions to our issues, only criticism. The right wingers need to keep fear alive to assist their twisted agenda of world domination. They recruit the ignorant who don’t realize they are worse off as the rich get richer.

  6. Michelle Ward says:

    Please see more proof below. Direct quote from Color of Change website.

    Three months ago, a heavily armed man named Byron Williams was on his way to kill people at two non-profit organizations in San Francisco when he got into a gun battle with police before they eventually arrested him. Now, in an interview from jail, he’s said that Fox News’ Glenn Beck was a major inspiration.

  7. Michelle Ward says:

    If you would like to see news report concerning Byron Williams attempted shooting spree egged on by Glenn Beck’s daily rants and conspiracies theories please check out You Tube video call “progressive killer.”

  8. Gloria Hevener says:

    Thanks for providing a list of sponsors for Fox News and Glenn Beck. I am posting the list on my frig so I will remember not to patronize these sponsors. Please update this list as it changes so we can ensure that we do not do business with them. For anyone who may forget who they are, put the list on the refrigerator and/or keep the list in your purse in order to remember. As long as they sponsor Fox News and the likes of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, etc. etc. Americans should definitely not do business with the businesses who sponsor such ignorance and hate to damage our country.

  9. done! list of sponsors boycotted!
    i’m printing out this list and also putting it on my facebook page!

  10. I would echo the person who suggested to boycott two (or ten, say) at a time. It also would help to target the things which are most easily avoided. Hard to switch from Cingular; hard to give up Aricept. Easy to never go to Best Buy.

    On the other hand, I’ll still post this as if on my facebook page.

  11. john hopkin says:

    I have been boycotting along with a bunch of friends for a while, think it’s time to spread the word and fight back, LITERALLY!

    – this joke of a political system –

    LESS government in a country where it is by the people for the people, means you don’t want to be heard… actually it means you’ve been tricked by those who would rather take all your money and watch you suffer and die a miserable peasant

  12. Fox represents everything wrong with America. They are a principle reason why we are having so much trouble moving forward as a nation. I really believe Fox represents a threat to our national security.

  13. I have my Turn of Fox sticker on my car, I can only hope it makes a difference. There is so much more I want to do..but what? Wanting to get radical for America!

  14. It is not enough to simply boycott some of these. You have to let them know you are boycotting and why. I plan to inform and boycott some and those I am too entangled with I will write to informing them of my displeasure and try to find someone else to do business with.
    This list is a good start but I would like a list of the companies that pay dues to the US Chamber of Commerce. I really want to be a part of that boycott.

  15. Dwight Robinson says:

    I may catch a glimpse of fox news when surfing through channels, but I cannot stop to listen for more than a second. That momentary visual is offensive in itself. Their tactics are combative, and their words are void of rational perception.

    Their life purpose is to cast doubt, and to persuade those who are insecure, to join them, and adopt their evil motives. They are not being confronted by stern ethical and lawful opposition, so they will not be silent.

    It is the responsibility of all intelligent, and rational adults, to not only oppose these activities forcibly, but to stop them entirely.

    Having the right of free speech, does not give any of us the right to generate sadistic, and decisively deadly motivations.
    Perceptively, severe consequences will decide their fate for those who perpetuate this abhorrence. How much damage is done will depend on how long it is allowed to continue.

    Will a responsible adult please step forward, and do what, you know, must be done. It is your hesitation that encourages this increasing social instability. It will not be small of you to do what is humane, and ethically just.

  16. Why don’t we try hitting the advertisers on the local stations? They can be hurt easier

  17. Richard Navas says:

    Publishing the Top Ten Advertisers would be very helpful. I’m just not going to remember this big list. If we keep going after the top ten, eventually FNC will need to scrape the bottom of the barrel for some advertising revenue.

    ‘I Don’t DO Fox News’ ‘Is Fox News Doing You?’

    ‘Glen Beck–Paid by a Foreigner to Turn Americans Against Each Other’

  18. Michelle Ward says:

    Today on Fox and Friends the actress Angie Harmon and the “friends” were critizing Michelle Obama on her initiative to encourage Mothers to breatfeed- saying it was too intrusive, made women feel bad if they couldn’t and that goverment was taking over people lives etc. Harmon then went on to discuss her PAID partnership with Hidden Valley Ranch to get kids to dip their veggies in ranch dip and eat them! These morons did not see any relationship between prompting women to share their healthy breat milk and finding tasty ways to get kids to eat their veggies.

  19. Shawn O says:

    I can’t believe the number of people who have forgotten our rights as American citizens for free speech. It seems a lot of people are only interested in it when it serves their purpose, and should not be available to all of us. If you don’t like Fox News, then don’t watch it, no one is forcing you to. The Constitution applies to everyone in this country, not just ones you agree with.

    • Are you trying to limit our free speech by saying we shouldn’t be allowed to boycott, list companies, or share information about Fox News and their falsehoods? Sharing information, which is what this site does, is a right we will always fight for.

      • Michelle Ward says:

        We have the right to organize through this medium and boycott products and services which pay for broadcasting which we find detrimental to our nations progress. Beck may be on his way out ( a small victory for this website and others) but we have a long way to go. Consumer choices are an important way to enact change. It is about the money. Beck had a viewership but had loss sponsership. It works. Continue to put your money behind positive leaders and withhold from negative fear mongering neo-conservatives who want to go back to a time before capitalism had any governing at all ie slavery driven economy, child labor driven economy, horrible unsafe factories – 14 hour days etc, etc.

    • Oh please, this is not about taking away Fox News’ free speech. People are free to express opinions, but when you present opinions as “news”, that is wrong, and it is clearly having a negative effect by creating voter misinformation (see my comment above for the evidence).

      • Dave Farley says:

        In all due respect, advertisers really don’t watch every single channel they advertise for. I mean, I saw a Christian dating service on during MSNBC with Rachel Maddow and Metal Mania on VH1. I mean, you would not think many evangelicals would watch either one, but I think they pay to be on an assortment of cable channels. I could be wrong and I’m sure there are more Evangelicals than you might think who like Rachel Maddow and Ed Shultz.

        Now, when stores like Target or Wallmart go out of their way to contribute to contreversial candidates who are seriously homophobic or right wing and contreversial, that is when I consider a boycott.

        • Iggybird says:

          Christian ? evangelical. There are many good christians who are not evangelical and many (most?) evangelicals who are certainly not “christian”.

          The point is, if these advertisers are not right-wing ideologues and/or they see harm to their bottom line because they advertise with Rupert, they might stop. It’ll be hard to run the propaganda machine if they don’t have advertising dollars.

    • I do not want Fox News showing up on my Facebook page. Please Block Fox news completely. I agree they should be boycotted – they are liars, mislead the people of America and act like communists.
      Barbara Megahan
      Middleburg, PA

      Thank you

  20. I manage a small hotel and signed up with Expedia not knowing that they are Fox News sponsors. I have just terminated the contract and once I am out of their grasp I will publish on the hotel website why we no longer work with them.

    • Dave Farley says:

      Unfortunately it is so hard to boycott every single ad that Fox does. Most of these advertisers don’t really care whether their viewers are liberal or conservative. I got an email telling me to boycott Purina natural dog and cat food, but the ad and the other was the ad that had the little girl with pigtails playing with her puppy and shows her at 30 years old with the old dog. How could anyone boycott anything that cute?

      If your talking about offensive ads like the finance or credit card company that says “whats in your wallet?”

      I am in advertising, and just to be fair, I like to reach out to conservatives just as much as anyone else.

      • I feel like you do, they put things on my Facebook that I do not want there. They act like they run the world but instead they are a bunch of lying far right wing radicals. We must stop them for trying to take over electoral votes. What a bunch of crooks.
        Barbara Megahan

  21. Mike Hill says:

    You should, if possible, block Fox News on all of the television at your hotel, and make this known to your guests in advance. You will get a better class of customer who will be grateful that Fox News is not available.

    • Brandi S says:

      Censorship much?? Wow, I’m all for being able to boycott whatever you want to, that’s your RIGHTS as free Americans. I also agree that sites like this one calling for the boycott are covered under our freedom of speech rights as well, but boycotting something/someone is completely different than censorship actions. Having a channel in your establishment ‘blocked’ to all patrons because you disagree with their message is censoring your patrons. I personally despise fox news, their anchors & supporters & their all around message. That being said, I would be very upset at an establishment that censors channels on the television I am paying to be able to view. I wouldn’t watch that disgraceful channel but I would like to make up my own mind as to what I will & will not watch. Censoring your patrons is just as wrong (speaking of American rights) as only ‘reporting’ the biased garbage fox does. Continue your boycott on all things affiliated with fox, just let your patrons make up their own minds as to watch the garbage or not. It’s there rights as citizens & we don’t want to act like fox & affiliates by denying them their rights.

      • I also despise Fox News but all I want is for them to stop posting their propaganda on my Facebook without my permission; to me that is breaking MY first amendment.I would like to see them thrown off the air completely. Fair and Balanced my ass. They are totally one sided and lying to the Americans. They are as bad as the NRA with their scare tactics.
        Barbara Meghan, Middleburg PA

  22. We would never have gone to war in iraq if it wasnt for the medias war drums beating for months.Right and left wing media is there to entice us to hate one another,while the government rapes the coughers.
    I think republicans and democrats,right and left wing news are all on the same team.The government would want a race war before they would ever want a revolution,turning off your television is the answer,and this case,fox news.

  23. Chuck Jones says:

    Amazon has just announced an alliance with Fox. We need to bring them to account as well.

  24. I think this is great that there is an initiative to publish all the companies that support fox news, but I am curious to know how you find this information. Is it listed somewhere or reported to some source? I think that is really important for people to know where it comes from . . . if your going to combat ignorance, it’s good to have the facts to do so! I would like to promote this list via friends, but I just want to make sure it’s legit before doing so.

    • I agree but other than the local Fox news which is somewhat bias, I don’t know their affiliates. They are ignorant and they think the American people are as ignorant as they are; if this were so, Obama would not have been elected again. We are not as dumb as they think. They are rude, they cut off their guests if the don;t agree with them and fill our heads with scare tactics and lies.

  25. I would rather watch paint dry than watch any part of Fox News and they call themselves journalists?

  26. After tonights gop debate and the following interview by Sean Hannity I wil be boycotting faux news. I think they should be investigated for trying to manipulate the 2012 elections. They behaved very disrespecfully to canidates they do not like.

    Ron Paul 2012 !!!!

  27. I just looked over the list of sponsors for FNC. While I was planning my boycott I realized that if I avoid all of these companies, I can no longer drive an American car, take medication, keep my money in a bank, use a cell phone, or even get on the computer. Whose idea was this…?

  28. Julian Treadwell says:

    Rupert Murdoch’s domination of the media is a worldwide catastrophe, not just a US problem. I tried to sign your letter but I didn’t have a US address and was unable to. Please amend your website so everyone can protest against this!

    Great work though. :)

  29. Jeff Roberts says:

    Please stop sponsoring Fox news and there outragious lies, hated, and obstruction. It’s not journalism, its propoganda.

  30. charles booth says:

    I dont like fox cause it is one sided and I feal it has a polictial agenda if not ties Why are thay stuck in Bengizi when other news networks wont touch it and feel Obama droped the ball . I dont trust fox news

  31. It’s 4 days since Romney lost big time and now the blame game has started and Fox is being singled out as conning the viewers into believing that Romney was winng all along and would win by a landslide and we all know now how that turned out, so the talk on right wing blogs is that fox conned them therefore should be boycotted along with Hannity, O Rail etc.. lets see if they find this web site and follow through with a fox boycott…

  32. All my life I was a republican, until I saw Fox News. Fox news doesn’t like poor. They speak only for the rich.

  33. Terry Frost says:

    Does this group do anything to boycott local advertisers or is that to monumental a task? Would it be possible to identify a target tv station in a market with demographics that indicate more educated people and put all our efforts into the area as a test of possible effect on a larger scale. It seems to me that as someone said above targeting the local advertisers could have more effect since the large corporations support the propaganda Fox pushes. Not to say we should not continue to pursue the large companies. Another thing to do is to ask elected officials to reinstate the protections against media dominance by large corporations. Also, for political campaigns there was an equal time provision until Regan, the republicans and corporations got it removed during the big screw the consumer deregulation push since the 1980′s.


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