The following is a list of companies who have chosen to cease advertising on Glenn Beck’s show in response to his vitriol and race baiting. Thank you to for the updates!

  • Aegon (added 9/14/09)
  • (added 10/20/09)
  • Allergan (added 8/17/09)
  • Allstate Insurance (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Ally Bank/GMAC Financial Services (added 8/17/09)
  • Alpro Soya (added 01/11/10) (statement)
  • AmMed Direct (added 10/6/09)
  • (added 8/24/09)
  • Anheuser-Busch (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Applebee’s (added 8/27/09)
  • Ashley Furniture (added 8/28/09)
  • AT&T (added 8/24/09)
  • Bank of America (added 8/25/09)
  • Bell & Howell (added 8/27/09)
  • Best Buy (added 8/17/09)
  • Best Western (added 2/5/10) (statement)
  • Binder & Binder (added 9/2/09)
  • Blaine Labs (anti-fungal & scar treatments) (added 8/24/09)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Brez (anti-snoring strips) by Airware Inc. (added 8/21/09)
  • British Airways (added 12/14/09)
  • Broadview Security (added 8/17/09)
  • Brother International Corp. (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Campbell’s Soup Co. (added 8/24/09)
  • Capital One (added 9/2/09)
  • Celsius (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Citrix Online (added 10/6/09)
  • Clorox (added 8/23/09)
  • (Closing Corp.) (added 8/28/09) (read statement here)
  • Concord Music Group (Hear Music) (added 10/6/09)
  • CVS (added 8/17/09)
  • Dannon Co. (added 9/2/09)
  • Diageo (Guinness, Cuervo, Baileys’, etc) (added 10/5/09)
  • DirecTV (added 8/27/09)
  • Discover (added 9/2/09)
  • DITECH (added 8/24/09)
  • EggLands Best (added 9/21/09)
  • Elations Co. (added 8/24/09)
  • Equifax (added 10/6/09)
  • Eulactol USA (maker of Flexitol) (added 10/6/09)
  • Farmers Insurance Group
  • (added 8/24/09)
  • General Mills (added 8/27/09)
  • George Foreman Cooking (added 2/20/10) (statement)
  • (added 10/6/09)
  • GlaxoSmithKline (added 1/12/10) (statement)
  • Healthy Choice (owned by CongAgra)
  • History Channel (added 11/11/09)
  • Hoffman La Roche (maker of Boniva) (added 10/6/09)
  • Honda (added 1/31/10) (statement)
  • HSBC (added 9/2/09)
  • Humana (added 9/14/09)
  • ICAN Benefit Group Insurance (added 9/2/09)
  • Idaho Potato Commission (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Infiniti (added 9/2/09)
  • Intersections Inc. (added 2/16/10)
  • ING DIRECT (added 01/07/09) (statement)
  • Jack Daniels (added 12/28/09)
  • Jelmar (CLR cleaner manufacturer) (added 9/2/09)
  • Johnson & Johnson (added 8/24/09)
  • Jordan McKenna Debt Counseling Network (added 9/2/09)
  • KRAFT Foods (added 8/20/09) (read statement here)
  • KRAFT Foods (UK) (added 11/13/09)
  • (owned by LexisNexis)
  • Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Logo TV (added 3/23/10) (statement)
  • Lowe’s (added 8/24/09)
  • Luxottica Retail (parent company of Pearle & LensCrafters) (added 9/14/09)
  • Mars (maker of Snickers, M&Ms, Pedigree, etc..) (added 10/20/09) (read statement here)
  • Marriott International (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Men’s Wearhouse
  • Mercedes-Benz (added 9/2/09)
  • Metropolitan Talent Management (added 10/6/09)***
  • Natwest (UK) (added 12/11/09)
  • Nestle (added 11/23/09)
  • NutriSystem (added 8/24/09)
  • ooVoo (added 10/6/09)
  • Overture Films (added 10/6/09)
  • Premier Foods (UK) (added 11/18/09)
  • Premier Inn (UK) (added 12/20/09)
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Progressive Insurance
  • PUIG Beauty (added 12/14/09)
  • Radio Shack
  • Re-Bath (added 8/17/09)
  • Reckitt Benckiser (UK) (added 12/04/09)
  • Regions Financial Corporation (added 8/27/09)
  • Republic of Macedonia (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Roche *
  • S.C. Johnson
  • SAM (Store and Move) (added 8/27/09)
  • Sanofi-Aventis
  • Sargento Cheese
  • Scarguard (added 10/6/09)
  • Schiff Nutrition (maker of Tiger’s Milk & Fi-Bar) (added 10/6/09)
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government (added 10/6/09)
  • Simplex Healthcare (Diabetes Care Club) (added 9/2/09)
  • Sprint (added 8/23/09)
  • StarKist (tuna) (added 2/8/10) (statement)
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Subaru (added 10/6/09)
  • Sylvan Learning (added 2/20/10) (statement)
  • Tesco (added 12/19/09)
  • Toyota-Lexus USA (added 10/6/09) / Toyota (GB) (added 2/3/10) (statement)
  • Travelers Insurance (added 8/27/09)
  • Travelocity
  • TurboTax (added 3/10/10) (statement)
  • UPS (added 8/23/09)
  • United Healthcare (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • United States Postal Service (added 9/14/09)
  • US Fidelis (added 2/16/10) (statement)
  • Verizon Wireless (added 8/21/09)
  • Virgin Atlantic (added 01/08/10)
  • Vonage (added 8/24/09)
  • Volkswagen (added 2/16/10)
  • Waitrose (added 10/4/09) **
  • Walmart (added 8/17/09)
  • Weight Watchers (added 2/20/10) (statement)
  • Western Union (added 2/16/10)
  • Woodland Power Products (added 10/6/09)
  • Wyeth Consumer Healthcare (added 9/14/09)

* [Roche has withdrawn their commitment to cease sponsoring Glenn Beck, and is now running ads again on the Glenn Beck show.]

** [Waitrose has actually removed all advertising from the Fox News Channel in protest over Glenn Beck.]

*** [Metropolitan Talent Management will not purchase any ads on the Fox News Channel in protest over Glenn Beck.]

***** [Jack Daniels is pulling their ads from all political shows.]

****** [Alpro Soya has pulled their advertisements from all of Fox News.]

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27 Responses to “Beck’s Lost Sponsors”

  1. Keep up the pressure the nut is about ready to crack !!!!!

  2. nutisystem run an add on his special which aired on today

  3. I saw Lexus / the car maker run an ad on Becks 1.00am re run —email them

  4. Tami Jayne Jackson says:

    Fox news just turned OFF the volume to this Onision video which calls for his subscribers to donate money to help the United Nations Haiti earthquake effort: … and Fox rebroadcast THAT video and SLANDEROUSLY called Onision (and vicariously the World Food Program) a CROOK! See:

  5. Latest news is that the glenn beck show has lost about 11% of its viewers from its high in the fall of last year , it seems that most of the 11% have come to view beck as too extreme, completely out of touch and insane .

  6. Toyota / Lexus and Radio shack it seems are running adds on Glenn Beck

  7. Tideisturning says:

    Wow. So much focus of hatred for one man. All this does is give him higher ratings because people watch to see what all the fracas is about. Obama chose to single out Fox news and now they are considered the most trusted and watched news source on cable. If you’re spending all your energy and effort watching Fox so you can pick it apart you’re only giving them ratings… and showing that deep down you actually agree with them but just don’t want to out yourself to your liberal/progressive/marxist friends.

    • brenda solomon says:

      What???? The ‘most trusted and watched news source on cable’? What version or reality are you living in?

  8. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Tideisturning, This site doesn’t focus only on Beck, but if he is deserving of the majority of the so-called “hate,” so be it. It’s not all about ratings – to anybody, including Fox News – it’s about money. Beck, himself, has lost over 100 sponsors and Fox News has lost several. So what if their ratings are up? The efforts to open peoples’ eyes to their unfair and unbalanced broadcasting is having a positive effect. Your comment is based on a delusion, specifically, “you actually agree with them.”

  9. American Patriot says:

    WOW! Thanks so much for posting this list of companies boycotting Glenn Beck – so that I can make sure to BOYCOTT THESE COMPANIES!!! You left-wingers are so full of hate and malice. You don’t see conservatives running websites trying to silence left-wing media. Let’s make sure to remember freedom of the press. Try reading the entire Constitution. If you don’t like what you hear from GB or Fox – turn off the tv! But there are millions of us who seek the truth and seek to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and we want to hear Glenn Beck and Fox News. So, let’s let the free-market take its course – those advertisers are free to boycott GB and Fox if they wish, and I will be certain never to give my business to these companies. I’ll be sure to publish this list so that other conservatives can boycott these companies too. Great work liberal media! Thanks for pointing this out!

    • american patriot, you are an idiot. wtf does the constitution have to do with anything?! freedom of the press? and who’s seeking to oppress it? you should go to school.

      • Fair and Balanced says:

        Is this not censorship??? I too will boycott these companies as much as I can. We live in America and I don’t believe in shutting anyone down just because you don’t like what they are saying. Liberals are so hypocritical.

        • This is absolutely not censorship! Companies are allowed to spend their advertising money where they’d like. If they don’t want to support hate and the spreading of falsehoods, that is their right. Apparently, you think otherwise. What’s hypocritical is your use of the censorship card.

  10. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    “American Patriot,” You can boycott those companies. That is your right. Nobody here will try to take away your freedom to do so. Also, the ones advertising on other News Corp. properties will especially appreciate your boycotting. We all will. ROFL!!

    Please keep your “left-wingers are so full of hate and malice” to yourself. Glenn Beck jokes about poisoning Pelosi, says he wants to bash peoples’ brains in, etc. etc. etc. But it’s the left-wingers. Riiiiight…..

  11. Crowdaddy13 says:

    At first he probably laughed it off, but I guarantee you he is feeling it now.

  12. Watched the history channel special KKK a secret history and it damed on me that Glenn Beckkk is a modern day David Duke and overall his message is the same as the KKK get this info out there it will do a lot to hurt him

  13. with beck talking about going to war ,i think it is time to file a complaint with the FCC

  14. He still has gold though, I think. Gold can pay for 3 of him right now.

  15. Steve B says:

    Glenn Beck is a lunitic and shouls be put on Thorazine. He is out of control and this is one of many reasons Fox has lost tons of sponsers

  16. Robert & Jean McAnally says:

    Thank you for listing the names of the people who are dropping Glenn Beck for their commercials. I will print out the list and be so happy to drop them from my grocery list and all other products we use from the list. Too bad we no longer have “freedom of speech” in this country. AND too bad the administration is able to shut down the people who disagree with him.

    I definitely DISAGREE WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION. Want to know where we live?
    THIS socialist administration look us up, we know you have the power and will use it anytime you want. Be very scared America, very scared.

  17. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Robert & Jean, Thank you for stopping by, taking the time to comment and supporting the boycott of Fox News sponsors. Yes, many of those listed on this page are still advertising on Fox News, so if you boycott those on this page, you are supporting our boycott. Thank you. Genius!

    BTW, You still have freedom of speech. Fox News is still on the air, so the administration is not shutting down “people who disagree with him.” Idiots still believe everything Fox News says to be true. Anyone who believes otherwise is deluded.

  18. Friend of Freedom says:

    What I find most amazing is the whole boycott was organized by letters, emails and phone calls made by colorforchange founded by Van Jones. Of course I am quite sure that fact had nothing to do with it. (yeah right) The companies that caved into this political pressure only reacted without doing their market research for Glen Beck Program, love him or hate him is one of the most highly viewed programs on tv, more then cnn, cnbc and msnbc combined. Oh and one more thing last I checked, at least for now, we still have freedom of speech. If you don’t like what his opinion is, don’t give him so much publicity. And no I am not in anyway deluded, so save your text.

  19. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Friend of Freedom, Please get your facts straight… oh, wait, you’re a Beck fan… That’s too much to expect. You may not think you’re deluded, but you are wrong, and here’s why:

    The whole boycott was not founded by Color of Change. This site has nothing to do with Color of Change other than to share a common goal. Same goes for @StopBeck (, who has done amazingly well in the fight against the hate and vitriol spewed by Glenn Beck. Same goes for whose petition went online long before Color of Change started their campaign.

    Just because Beck has stirred up all this emotion about Van Jones, much of which is false (Beck’s admission is proof) doesn’t mean Van Jones has anything to do with any of these boycotts. That’s just another delusional conspiracy theory. It’s really sad that it took Beck so long to admit he was wrong about Van Jones, but it’s even more sad that people like you willfully ignore Beck’s admission and continue to spout the nonsensical claims that Beck is truthful, that Van Jones is “evil,” or that Van Jones has anything to do with this boycott. It’s a red herring and a scapegoat – Beck is notorious for using fallacious reasoning and this is just another example.

    As for market research… your claims have no basis in fact. The companies know full well the ratings of Glenn Beck and FNC, but they also realize that the viewers represent only a tiny percent of the population of the United States and supporting race baiting, hate and sexist comments is not in their best interest. They also realize that this is 2010, whereas you seem to be stuck in an age where the ignorance and discrimination displayed by the likes of Beck is perfectly normal.

    Since you can’t dispute the message (that Beck is frequently wrong and consistently sending messages fueled by hate and ignorance), you attack the messengers with lies.

  20. I do not find that Beck is race baiting at all. He is giving us needed facts on a group of people who have a particular view on how the United States needs to be changed. He disagrees with their view and tells us why their policies will not work. The race baiting is coming from the other side and is making years of hard work by the followers of Martin Luther King Jr. take a backward step.

  21. Glenn Beck did NOT admit he was wrong about Van Jones. Van Jones is a self-admitted communist….DID set up “STORM”….and it’s all about inciting violence and turning our country into a communist state. Now why do you think we’re angry at this administration & his current and former czars? We DON’T WANT TO BE COMMUNIST!

  22. judy, If you’re going to try and use a quote from somebody’s history, look at their entire history (Van Jones’ communist statement)! And if you don’t want to be a communist… don’t. LOL

  23. Paul Morgan says:

    You forgot Fox News on your list. According to my sources in my industry, Beck was fired because he refused to correct mistakes, particularly his position that China carries most of our debt (actually it is the Federal Reserve). So, who are you going to boycott now?


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