The following list consists of companies who choose to advertise on Fox News. Let your wallet do the talking and boycott the following companies until they decide to join the Fox News boycott!

Do you know of any that we’re missing? Please feel free to contact me, or post in the comments and they will be added in the next update to the list(s).

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264 Responses to “Fox News Sponsors”

  1. Why is it that those companies that boycott Fox News are experiencing economic difficulties at the same time that Fox News is attracting viewers from other cable news stations? Hmmm.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    RIChris, Do you have anything to back up that statement? It couldn’t possibly be that many companies, including those that advertise on Fox News, are enduring hardships in this economy… nah… Nice spin… /sarcasm

  3. I’m Canadian but will do my part here as well. It’s amazing how 1 news station is polarizing the country. I have no idea how all this will play out =(

  4. Tim driscoll says:

    none of these companies that advertise on FOX wil get any more of mine or my family’s money!

  5. Boycott not going so well is it folks? You are mistaken when you say that Fox is not the top rated cable news station. According to TV by the numbers, they have more than double the viewers of CNN which is number two. What ever happened to free speech and debate? Seems as if you just want to ram your opinions down my throat. If you don’t like Beck then turn him off. It’s as simple as that. He is doing nothing wrong in sharing his thoughts. I don’t understand why people like you feel you have to silence someone just becasuse you disagree with them. It’s a shame. I just pray to God that Beck and others like him keep up the good work. I would rather someone challenge me than just tell me what I want to hear. If that’s what you want just turn on # 2 CNN.

  6. I don’t even consider ‘Fox News’ to be news anymore. It is so bias and optionated. But I’m glad to see companies are deciding not to support this lie propaganda machine anymore.

  7. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Louis, It’s going fairly well with hundreds of sponsors dropping Beck and leaving him with lower cost ads and more in-house advertising. And, you are mistaken to say that we’re mistaken about ratings – Please show me where the cable news ratings you claim have been disputed. Keep in mind that’s “cable news station(s)” not network, and not online. Cable news. Looking at web site traffic according to Google Trends, is well below and The daily unique visitors of and dwarf the cable news channel ratings you hold in such high regard.
    As for the rest of your comment, it’s the same, tired, “baa baa” from the same, tired sheep that watch FNC and believe everything Glenn Beck has to say.

  8. Dear Louis,

    I watch Glen Beck and Limbaugh to get a balanced perspective and I would ask you to watch MSNBC and PBS (McNeil Lehrer report) also to get a balanced perspective.

  9. Well FNB. You’re sounding like a broken record as well. I am fully aware that we’re talking about “cable news stations”, not network, and not online. I found three separate sources, although I cannot verify that they are accurate. TV by the numbers, Media Bistro, and Media Week. As for Glenn Beck…I don’t believe all of anything that anyone tells me. I listen to what they have to say and then use the brain that God gave me to form my own opinion. I’ve always been taught to question, not just follow blindly. You have your opinion and I have mine. I respect yours but I do not respect your boycott. It would take much more than just a disagreement of opinion for me to call for a boycott. My belief is that your only attempting to silence him and others like him. Freedom of speech sir/madam…Your attempt will fail on that premise alone.

  10. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Louis, If you are “fully aware that we’re talking about ‘cable news stations,’” then why did you bring it up? You clearly stated that I was “mistaken” about the fact that FNC leads in cable news stations. I did not and I challenged you to show me where I did. You cannot. You, again, are mistaken. As for a matter of opinion and why the boycott exists – as has has been repeatedly stated here (broken record), so-called “news” programs on Fox News parrot the “opinions” expressed by commentators like Glenn Beck, who frequently use fallacious reasoning, conspiracy theories, race baiting and violent rhetoric on which to base their opinions, none of which belong on a news network. If I sound like a broken record again, too bad; apparently I need to repeat myself because people like you cannot or will not read – no bias should exist on ANY news network. Now, the idiotic freedom of speech comment – that’s the same freedom that gives us the right to put up this web site, show the many falsehoods of Fox News and to call for a boycott of Fox News and their sponsors. If you want to silence us, you must be against freedom of speech.

  11. Louis -

    Thanks for brightening my day.

    Sentence 1: “… use the brain that God gave me …”

    Sentence 2: “I’ve always been taught to question, not just follow blindly.”

    Does no one else see the irony?

  12. winrobaaa says:

    Why do people here insist on attacking people for having a differing opinion? Does watching Fox News always mean people follow Glenn Beck like Lemmings? No. I don’t have a problem with people who feel that O’Reilly, Beck and Limbaugh aren’t journalists but then neither are Olberman and Maddow if you use the same criteria. They are as much opinion talking heads as Beck and the like. Hypocrisy abounds on both sides which is why Independents and moderates are leaving the left and right in droves.

  13. D Farley says:

    I am just disgusted with the crap that Glen Beck has gotten away with recently. Someone I know who likes Fox thought he was just being funny when he talked about Obama picking a “lesbian, handicapped black woman to the supreme court”. I think it is sick. I honestly believe if Olberman or Rachel Maddow on Fox said anything like that MSNBC would have at least had the integrity to throw them off.

    I am really annoyed that Fox News which uses the “fair and Balanced” headline is now raising money for GOP candidates on Huckabee’s program and Hannity. This has got to stop, or Fox should no longer call them Fair and Balanced. They should change their name from Fox to the “Conservative Broadcasting company of America”.

  14. FNB, I read everything that you had to say. Maybe you’re the one that cannot or will not read. You stated in your first response to my post that we were talking about cable news station (s), not network, and not online. That is why I said that I was fully aware. Although Beck is a little out there sometimes, I have never heard him race bait or promote violence. I think it’s just the opposite! He speaks for equality for all, no matter what their race, gender, or sexual preference. He tells people that violence is not the answer to any problem and that we need to respect eachother even if we disagree and think that the other side is wrong. I NEVER said that I was trying to silence ANYONE. I only stated that I didn’t agree with your boycott. You have every right to say and do what you want, (as long as you’re not harming others) and I have every right to disagree. I simply think that your energy and passion could be better served on more important issues. I think it’s sad that you’re trying to silence ME with your insults such as “idiotic freedom of speech comment”. Why can’t people discuss things anymore without one side trying to demean the other? I would not and will not stoop to your level. If you people think that I’m just a sheep, so be it. I know the kind of person that I am and I’m not a follower. As for media bias…Don’t try to tell me that other media outlets aren’t bias! You just agree with their progamming and their side of the news. Maybe you can’t see the forest through the trees.

  15. James, I do listen to Limbaugh occacionly on the radio but he’s a little much for me most days. Although, I do admire his conviction and ability to say what’s on his mind without concern about what others may think of him. I do watch MSNBC sometimes to keep myself balanced. CNN rarely. I appreciate the suggestion and will try to get a little more MSNBC in my daily news routine. We could all use more balance in our lives…

  16. D Farley says:

    A part of me can understand why the person who left the previous comment feels that way. It is difficult to be a fan of something that other people thinks are objectionable. I remember how many religious groups used to irritate me when they tried to censor rock lyrics back in the 80′s, and Tipper Gore was one of these people. I hated it when something i liked was under attack. Clearly there is a difference in my mind between artistic expression and what is passed off as mainstream Journalism which Fox is.

    The bottom line, is I don’t think that anything that Glen Beck has said would get him thrown off Fox. I know that this boycott of Fox news at the moment is just a boycott, but it is our right to encourage advertisers who would like to keep us as customers to not have their product aired on Fox. I am upset with some of the sponsors on CNN and MSNBC, and conservative groups pay for plenty of ads on liberal leaning media stations. This isn’t just an attack on Fox News.

  17. D Farley, I guess I don’t watch as much Fox as I though I did. I never heard that statement by Beck.. Absolutely wrong. Free speech shouldn’t be hurtful or insulting. It’s shameful.

  18. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Louis, This is getting old. Here’s how our convo played out and why it needs to end:

    Step 1) You begin by falsely stating, “You are mistaken when you say that Fox is not the top rated cable news station.”

    Step 2) I easily show how you are wrong, challenge you to prove otherwise and then simply point out that cable news ratings is not the be-all and end-all measure.

    Step 3) You state, “I am fully aware that we’re talking about ‘cable news stations’, not network, and not online.” By stating that you, on one hand, agree with me. Yet, on the other hand, you do not admit to being wrong. Additionally, the “we’re talking…” is an attempt to include me in the falsehood, when it’s you who needs to own the falsehood solely. You then name three sources to back up your stance on cable news ratings, as if you are still trying to show me that I said otherwise… WTF

    Step 4) I point out how you were wrong, again, and how you seem to be ignorant of the fact that you were wrong the first time. The “idiotic” comment had to do with the type of comment, not you as a person, so don’t get so overly-dramatic and defensive. Silence you? Please… I could just delete your comments. LOL Wrong again. Countless people make the same BS claim about boycotts trying to silence freedom of speech – That couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s another challenge for you to ignore: Show me where I’ve said Glenn Beck shouldn’t be allowed to freely speak his mind, w/in the confines of the law, in a public place. You can’t.

    Step 5) You prove that you are wrong yet again… I clearly stated, “no bias should exist on ANY news network.” But, you ignored that and stated, “Don’t try to tell me that other media outlets aren’t bias!” Guess what, genius? I didn’t. I stated the complete opposite. And just because you haven’t heard Glenn Beck race bait or “promote violence” (not what I stated), doesn’t mean he hasn’t. There are plenty of examples on FNB of his race baiting, violent rhetoric, sexism, etc. All the things you conveniently “have never heard”… You also state,” I NEVER said that I was trying to silence ANYONE.” That’s fine and dandy, but you also stated, “Freedom of speech sir/madam…Your attempt will fail on that premise alone.” Au contraire, our attempt is built on and will flourish because of that premise – it will not be silenced because of freedom of speech…

    Step 6) I congratulate you for a job well done providing an example of a Fox News viewer’s reading comprehension, or lack thereof.

    Congrats, Louis. I’ve wasted enough time on this, and the comments need to get back on topic, per the rules… Thanks for the laughs. If you want to debate Fox News’ use of opinion as “news,” or Beck’s vitriol, there are plenty of posts for you to read and comment on.

  19. rick boyd says:

    sean hannity incites the tim mcvey types and should be fired.
    google fire sean hannity at fox

  20. FOX news need to change their licensing..they…they are not good at news casting either

  21. I’ve been following this with interest and I can see why people are doing this. More companies need to get involved, it’s the only way the people have a real say. If Fox would just change their policies (and their interviewing techniques) they could just end this.

  22. Fox needs to tell it how it really is, instead of sensationalism, false intepretation and fear mongering.

  23. OMG! I just watched “Fox and Friends” with Mike Huckabee….. I then googled “what a bunch of crap fox and friends Mike Huckabee” and I found this site. Thank you. I’ll read what is here later, but am thankful for a bit of relief.



  24. Wide Awake in Indiana says:

    I’ve finally had it with FOX News. It doesn’t bother me so much that their right-wing commentators have an obvious agenda. What bothers me is the subtle bias that infects much of their “straight” news coverage. It’s calculated to manipulate public opinion by its cumulative effect, while the manipulation process goes undetected by the casual viewer. There’s a word for that, folks: BRAINWASHING.

    You’ll know the washing and rinse cycles are done when the extremist lunacy of their far-right commentators suddenly starts making wonderful sense, and you come to understand that your grandmonther’s Social Security checks are part of an evil socialist plot.

  25. I order about $1200/month of supplies for my father from Liberty Medical. Not anymore!

  26. Every time someone goes to Google and types in something like “Wall Street Journal” the results show. At the top are sponsored links, one of which is from the Wall Street Journal. Each time someone clicks on that link, the Wall Street Journal has to pay Google; not much, but if we all do it all the time, it will really cost these advertisers!

  27. jjcapecod says:

    Thanks so much for this! I have been focusing on Glenn Beck’s list and am contacting each individually with a tailored email or letter-
    We should and can send letters too!
    Note, when you want to send a message to the top of the corporate ladder, all of that information is available on investment links or by doing a Google search for investors and/or corporate information/ ownership/ jobs etc …

  28. If you want to hit Beck, you can only write to his legitimate advertisers:
    (1) Eggland’s Best, and (2) GoToMeeting.

    All the rest of his advertisers are The Republican Party, Far Right Media, anti-reform health-care, or Fear Merchants (“Buy gold NOW”).

    Focus, people–only write to Eggland’s Best and GoToMeeting.

  29. How about some1 with video experience producing a vid like the recent one done on Target and downloaded to Youtube? I heard that one went viral and Target shareholders were livid with the corporation for giving the Minn. candidate for Gov campaign money . The candidate had stated that it was ok to kill homosexuals. Actually the video was really about corporations acting like citizens by donating money to canidates but I was happy to see the video go viral as the idea of supporting a candidate who advocated killing people was sickening to me. The corporations hate the visuals and they are very effective in getting the word out about how people feel about the issues. I’m sure the large corportations who are sponsoring the hate mongers on Fox would sit up and reconsider their sponsorship if a video was created targeting their sponsorship of such abborhent lies and distortions by Fox. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.
    Writing letters is good too and I plan on writing today. But gosh, there are so many sponsors of Fox that I currently use! In my area, you either get Verizon or Comcast if you want high speed internet. The satellite services just aren’t as fast as Fios or cable from Comcast.

  30. A Great Idea!
    I have zero tolerance for Fox News (Repubthug propaganda channel) and I WILL boycott any and all sponsors of that racist channel…maybe now those sponsors will get the message that Americans of all stripes cannot tolerate this outrageous and lying “news?” organization…Bring them to their knees!!

  31. Jesus was a Liberal says:

    I just checked the advertisers list for Glenn Beck so I could make sure I boycotted them, and found it hadn’t been updated in nearly a year. Please do so, so we aren’t inundating companies who have already done the prudent thing and dropped their advertising support, with letters and boycotting their products. (although I haven’t seen a single company on that list I would patronize) Thanks!

  32. libertyane says:

    There will never be a “fairness doctrine” on radio or TV–congress doesn’t have the votes. A more effective idea is to start with radio stations. These conservative monopolies have to be broken and more progressives have to buy these venues.
    Radio stations are reletively inexpensive and audiences can be grown over time.

    WCPT of Chicago is a powerful progressive station and has both AM and FM which is rare for talk radio in general. It’s independently owned. I bet their advertisers would love to help young stations grow.

    New hosts could come from the pool of bloggers and commentators who appear on MSNBC and call in to progressive stations.

  33. adele kushner says:

    AARP needs a pat on the back. They printed the complaint about Sen.Simpson and then supported the complaint!
    Please take them off the bad list.

  34. I’ve never watched Fox News. But, it would be pretty hard to boycott all those advertisers. Some I wouldn’t patronize anyway, like Walmart (and am now trying to add Target to the verboten list for my family) but nearly every major auto company, telephone company and financial services company is on that list. And Comcast- we don’t have any other choice for cable hookup!

  35. Look, I’m all for a boycott of Faux News (I don’t watch ‘em already), but in order for me to boycott these sponsors how realistic is it for me to sell my car (Toyota), cancel my alarm system (ADT), cancel my Cable/Phone/Internet provider (Time Warner Cable), cancel my cell phone (Cingular/AT&T), don’t use any computer at work (Dell, I don’t work for Dell, but that’s the only type of computer that we use), etc. We won’t get into my Roth IRA (Fidelity) let alone the CPU in my computer (Intel). I see that Kraft, Kelloggs, and Nestle are all on the list, guess I have to go hungry. Procter & Gamble too? There’s goes my teeth…

    The point is, there has got to be a better and more realistic way. FAUX News needs to go… maybe we need to look into News Corps. major investors, such as Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (of the “Ground Zero Mosque”/FAUX News ignoring the link fame)… Or, maybe we all need to buy enough shares of News Corp stock to become major/influential investors and change the direction of the company (or at least their cable “news” network, I actually like FOX TV (even though they stupidly canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and 20th Century Fox movies (curse you Star Wars)).

  36. Arlene Williams says:

    I did not know who the sponsors were because I gave up on Fox a long time ago and no longer watch. I definitely will boycott all companies mentioned. Thank you for being on top of it.

  37. I am super bummed to see PetMeds on the list as I love this company and their prices but I called them and told them after years of shopping with them, I will no longer use their service. Their explanation was the following:

    “We have no control over when and by whom our ads are played. We purchase a block of advertising time in a package and they run the ads when they find the space and time block. We do not specifically support any program. We just have no control over when they play our ads.”

    I suggested they get some control.

  38. It is baffling to me also that they do not arrest Glenn Beck on inciting violence, hate crimes, and threat of assault and battery charges. I mean, c’mon, anyone else, the FBI would be on them in a heartbeat. Why is Beck and so many other of the hate mongers immune?

  39. I don’t watch Fox at all. I eliminated them from my programming. If they can’t report the truth, then I don’t want to hear anything they have to say.

  40. Rick Boyd: sean hannity incites the tim mcvey types and should be fired.

    So, Rick, how do you feel about the Discovery psycho who was “inspired” by Al Gore? Sounds like ol’ Al has incited violence. I’m sure you have a spin for that, though.

  41. I dislike Fox News as much or more than the next guy and would love to see them shut down but this list is too large and too comprehensive. Many of these products and companies are already ingrained into our personal lives and well being from vehicles we drive, food we eat, drugs we depend on for our health. There is nobody that doesn’t already have dozens and dozens these products such as the Dell Computer I am using to type this reply on. Plus people going about their daily activities would not be able to remember who is on this list and who isn’t. A boycott like this isn’t feasible.

  42. A month or so back I saw a Skechers spot on the Glenn Lee Beck propaganda show. I wrote Skechers about it. I don’t watch Beck regularly, so I don’t know if Skechers continues as a sponsor. The Skechers ad may have been a local insert, not actually sponsoring Beck directly.

  43. Beck isn’t just evil. He is loaded and evil. He preys on mentally unstable Caucasians with a missing chromosome. Mostly elderly. Those who aren’t old white folks angry that an African American is in the White House, are low self esteem outcasts of their own race. Thankfully a very small number of the total population fall for his Jimmy Swaggart impersonation, tears and all. He preaches liberty and founding father stuff while hawking his made in China crapola on his web site. He runs a university yet sends his kids to traditional school. He never speaks of the poor and the less fortunate. He never speaks about those workers who helped us get 40 hour work weeks, paid holidays and other good things that labor unions brought us. He doesn’t remind his viewers of his own struggles with mental illness as much as he tells viewers that he HATES Woodrow Wilson. I find it amazing that he is employed by Fox. They already own most of the looney tune whack nut Calvary. It’s almost a let’s who can be more insane than Limbaugh today. Now they have Palin. tomorrow they will have Jan Brewer. It just amazes me that so many people are buying his B.S.

  44. I think local inserts are the hard part, the cable company covers over anything they can get paid for. I block Fox News and Business, but have to have my football, so keep FoxSoccer.

  45. Of all the sponsors you have listed, only Adobe is a “must” for me. I’ve tried to contact Adobe, but cannot get through by email. Do you have a street address so I can send snail mail? Or, an email address to a contact site that allows user input, instead of just choosing the alternatives that Adobe provides?

  46. i printed this list and keep it in my wallet. so far in the past few days i have been able to use it as a reference to my point of view. so thank you.

  47. John H. Juerling says:

    I am appalled at the misservice of misinformation that Fox Television give to the American people!

  48. Michelle Ward says:

    FYI the website color of change is giving out free TURN OFF FOX stickers. If you want more than one you can get 20 for a small donation of $10.00 Great deal!


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