The following sponsors* had ads running on the Glenn Beck Show on Sept. 16, 2009. If you find any errors, please let me know.

* These sponsors will be added to the Full Sponsor List soon.

Accu Chek Aviva (Roche Diagnostics)
or 1-317-690-9288,

334 Boylston St – 3rd floor
Boston, MA 02116
Toll Free: 877-665-4466
David Friend, CEO, Carbonite, Inc

Citrix Online, LLC

Citrix headquarters

The Weekly Standard
1150 17th Street, NW
Suite 505
Washington, DC 20036

Eggland’s Best, Inc.
1400 S. Trooper Rd., Suite 201
Jeffersonville, PA 19403
(800) 922-EGGS (3447)

Imperial Structured Settlements
701 Park of Commerce Blvd, Suite 301
Boca Raton, Fl 33487
Toll Free: 866.744.9935
Fax: 866.704.0772


Liberty Medical

Medco Health Solutions, Inc

60 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Ste 400
Tempe, AZ 85281
Mike Prusinski
VP of Corporate Communications

Loan Modification Help Line

Merit Financial
1300 4th Street
Suite 303
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone 310.394.7577
Fax 310.393.7020

The National Republican Trust PAC
2100 M St. NW Suite 170-340
Washington, DC 20037-1233

National Review
215 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York 10016
(212) 679-7330

Publishers Clearinghouse
382 Channel Dr.
Port Washington, NY 11050 pchwinningways

Rosland Capital

Scarguard Labs, LLC
833 Northern Blvd
Great Neck, NY 11021

Move Free Advanced
Schiff Nutrition International, Inc.

Superior Gold Group

Wall Street Journal
200 Liberty St.
New York, NY 10281
Phone: 212-416-2000

Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc.
15200 Sunset Blvd. Suite 202
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
tel: (866) 925-6626
fax: (310) 454-2194

Full Sponsor List

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52 Responses to “Glenn Beck Sponsors”

    Accu Chek Aviva (Roche Diagnostics) The email you have is now inactive. Apparently she was overwhelmed? The link I have given is for the online email form for corporate headquarters media section.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Stacey, Thank you. The link has been added.

  3. Chevrolet is advertising tonight on Glenn Beck. They have turned off the “feedback” link for comments on their advertising, but all the rest of the links work. I sent a snail mail letter to the CEO telling him about this. Interesting, isn’t it? Chevrolet knows that they are going to catch hell from viewers about advertising on this hate message stream so they just turn off the input from their website. Just like they always have been, not listening to their customers. I was actually thinking about buying a Chevy as I am in the market for a new car and their Malibu really drives nice. Not a chance, now.

  4. We do live in a free country…..STILL…and if Chevrolet wants to do more harm to their reputation then it’s up to them. But as an American Tax Payer who owns stock in GM I don’t like them advertising on Glenn Beck. There was a time I thought Mr. Beck had something we all needed to hear, but he stopped short of telling the American Public that it’s all The Federal Reserve Systems doing that has gotten us into this mess. Ablolish the FEDERAL RESERVE and restore the financial wealth of the U.S.A. back to WE THE PEOPLE. It’s all so dam simple.

  5. Shirley Weaver says:

    I’m especially interested in three advertisers who have spent money on the Glenn Beck Show on Fox. Are any of these businesses still buying time on Glenn Beck? (Sandals Resorts)
    I can’t support a business that advertises on the Glenn Beck Show!!!

  6. Glenn Beck cries alot. haha :)

  7. Egglands Best say they no longer run ads on Beck show.

  8. Cadillac said they advertise across wide area of programs. I said maybe they are losing part of their customers by advertising on Fox News, which has misinformation, racist innuendo, and hate talk. They never replied. I would say let them know, each product someone doesn’t buy, costs them a lot per unit. Not good to have name associated with such programs.

    • I think the HATE talk comes from your very own msnbc. Al Sharpton ring a bell you hipocrite!

      • We do not own msnbc, that network does not own FNB, nor is there any association with Al Sharpton. Thus, no hypocrisy, not that that would prove any regardless. Try again.


    So who’s still advertising on Beck? September 29 edition …
    September 29, 2009 7:40 pm ET by Media Matters staff

    More than 60 advertisers have reportedly dropped their ads from Glenn Beck’s Fox News program since he called President Obama a “racist” who has a “deep-seated hatred of white people.” Here are his September 29 sponsors, in the order they appeared:

    •Goldline International, Inc.
    •Clarity Media Group (The Weekly Standard)
    •Superior Gold Group
    •The Foundation for a Better Life
    •Rosland Capital
    •The Center for Economic and Entrepreneurial Literacy (
    •Wholesale Direct Metals
    •Roche Diagnostics (Accu-Chek Aviva)
    •The Scooter Store
    •The Law Office of Pulaski and Middleman
    •Conservatives for Patients’ Rights
    •Citrix (GoToMeeting)
    •News Corp. (The Wall Street Journal)

  10. Come on be fair you liberal moonbats! says:

    Why did you erase our posts. I bet it’s because you just can’t stand fair and balanced. That’s why you hate Fox. This website obviously doesn’t want to show the other side of opinions because they erase any who doesn’t agree. Come on grow up guys.

  11. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Come on…, Presumably, like your other posts, the one I approved that I am responding to (above) is off topic. There are plenty of opposing views published and debated here, but those are ones who follow the comment policy, have read the FAQ, and/or have some sense of rational thought… or are just too funny and full of BS (like yours above) that I have to approve it, for humor’s sake. I would have responded to you, personally, via email, but you gave a fake email address. Hmmm… now why would that be? LOL

    Here are a couple links that may help you:
    Comment Policy:

  12. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Here is a followup to my previous comment. It is now clear who the person is that I was replying to. This person has posted numerous 1,500+ word rants that are completely off topic. In fact, they cover dozens of different topics. I have tried to email the person to encourage them to break up their comment into smaller, on-topic segments, but it appears that fake email addresses are continuing to be used. I’m sorry that I even approved the comment above and wasted my time replying to it. It only seems to have prompted more lunacy. A name like “Come on be fair you liberal moonbats!” should have been my first clue to leave it alone… LOL

  13. The most current list from Glenn Beck Sucks site:

    Goldline International
    Americans Against Food Taxes
    Goldline International
    The Wall Street Journal
    Rosland Capital
    Tax Masters
    National Review
    Easy Water
    Lear Capital
    Rosland Capital
    Quicken Loans

    An interesting thing about ZeroWater is that all through the ad they display a line saying “Available at Target” This almost makes it seem that Target is a sponsor.

  14. Here is a list of the latest Beckkk show sponsors 12/14/09
    J K harris
    The Jewelry Exchange
    Senior people meet .com

  15. Latest list to advertise on the glen beck show
    grand sierra hotel and casino
    dish network
    big ten network
    wine tastic
    cat genie
    bosley hair loss
    optic 1050

  16. hey you need to add — BUYTC.COM / Bowflex ,,,,SPEED TV and LIBERATOR MEDICAL — to the list

  17. I understand that Beck is a Mormon. You might want to start sending correspondence to the LDS Church to find out why they support a racist bigot and nut case like Beck? Scarey! This is what Jesus taught? I don’t think so.

  18. Lexus / Toyota — has been running adds on the Glenn Beck , they have went back on their word — So it is time to email them in protest ASAP–also saw adds from –magic jack //// radio shack ,,,,pajama jeans ,,,,,, EZ cracker,,,,,, tatepublishing,,,,,,,,,,,,Grand sierra resort

  19. My opposition to Mr. Beck’s show is that, having worked with the mentally ill for many years, I believe it is imoral to exploit them to make money by holding people like Mr. Beck up for ridicule. ( I am sincere in this statement and do not mean it as an insult.) Unfortunately, there are quite a few people who do not recognize him for his disability and follow his every word. Consequently, he can do a lot of damage. Thus, I will be writing all his sponsors and remind them of the federal ADA law that prohibits the exploitation of the disabled.

  20. My pet peveis his attack on Texas Governor candidate Debra Medina for calling her a Truther and in a previous show last year he said he had problems with the official 911 story and thought a new investigation would be a good idea.

    As for Obama being a racist, the last time I checked he hired many white, latino and blacks in his cabinet, so Beck is FOS on that issue as well. We need to rid this scumbag from the air waves.

  21. Good point Eve. Exploitation of the developmentally disabled should be criminal!

  22. Watched the History Channel special { KU KLUX KLAN —- A SECRET HISTORY } and it dawned on me That Glenn Beck is a modern — DAVID DUKE — and overall — BECK ‘s message is that of the KKK — Please get the message out to others

  23. I am seeing 1-800-Pet-Meds mentioned as a sponsor in March 2010 articles on Glenn Beck’s program. Can anyone confirm this?

    I use 1-800-Pet-Meds, but I certainly don’t need their services. I could pay a few bucks more for my dog’s pain meds if it means the bucks aren’t going to Fox News.

  24. I think you have an incorrect address for the contact page for the wholesale direct metals. It should be

    You know Beck is just trying to make money like the rest of us. His programming is targeted to his audience. What would hurt is if we stop watching him.


  25. With Beck talking about going to war I think it is now time to contact the FCC and file a complaint

  26. How about an updated list of advertisers?

    We need to know who is currently, March 2010, advertising on the Glenn Beck Show.

  27. it is time to email Rush Limbaugh and tell him to get his fat ass out of the country — just as he said he would — by by fat boy

  28. Beck’s a crazy man and what’s crazier is if the numbers he talks about his ratings, it’s scary so many crazy people listen/watch him.

  29. Chandler says:

    Most of the people watching him are people who make fun of him, have you realized how many people that is

  30. St.Jon Clark says:

    Latest list of advertisers as of 7/28/2010

    Rosland Capital
    Visiting Angels
    News Corp.
    Merit Financial
    Lifestyle Lift
    Arriva Medical
    Easy Water
    Time Life
    Lear Capital
    Purina Nestle
    MetLife Bank
    Rosland Capital
    Smith & Nephew
    Goldberg & Osborne

  31. I watch Glenn Beck on a fairly regular basis. Don’t always agree, but I’m sure if non conservatives are honest with themselves, they can’t agree with all that shrill Chris Mathews spews!

    • caren: you can’t be serious. glenn beck is dishonest, even when he doesn’t have to be. He makes “facts” up on many unimportant items just to make himself seem knowledgeable.
      As for his silly classroom blackboard trying to make himself “professorial”, surely that makes you sick. His phoniness is way out of bounds.

  32. Allan Pogrund says:

    I understand that Beck is a Mormon, though in his case the second m is silent.

  33. Turtleread says:

    I did contact the Chrysler Corp. about their advertising on the Beck Show and received the excuse that they advertise on all shows for all different types of people, but I detected a bit of snideness in their response. Then I learned that over 90% of all auto dealerships are owned by Republicans. So they were closing their dealerships, the Democrats were trying to save as many as possible, and a Republican Congress and Republican President was to blame.

    I like the Chevy Malibu too, but when I replace it I may search for another solution.

  34. Can we tag Rupert and NewsCorp as a terrorist organization? Don’t kick them off the air…just make it illegal to support them.

  35. Albert Pujols says:

    How about the St. Louis Cardinals/Tony LaRussa?

  36. Dan said “Glenn Beck cries alot. haha ”

    Maybe he should seek treatment with the GEICO drill sargeant therapist. :-)

  37. I spent 20 minutes trying to get through to someone at Wall St Journal. The phone number to call is 1-866-975-3343.

  38. good point jim Atherton. We live in a free country, but it seems more and more our rights are getting taken away.

    that is another good point, why do so many people listen to him

  39. earthpeacegirl says:

    @Eve “I believe it is immoral to exploit them to make money by holding people like Mr. Beck up for ridicule”

    Hysterical. THough i think you have a point. Anyone who cries this much in public definitely has an emotional and/or mental disability. And I’m a special ed and history teacher, I would know. He definitely has a learning disability with how he screws up his “history” lessons.

    Read more:

  40. Lucky for me I wouldn’t use any of these advertisers’ products anyway. Good job though fighting the good fight.

  41. Maybe we should pool our money and buy airtime on his show to show his contradictions. First to Christians (of whom I am one). “Why are you following a man who converted as an adult to Mormonism when that religion is considered a cult (anti-biblical teachings) by mainstream Christian churches? Their belief that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that they can become gods and there is no one God, were the things that Jesus warned about. Their belief that the United States is the New Promised Land and the Native Americans the lost tribe of Israel means that God has turned his back on the Jews and Israel, something that He said He would never do. But their belief in that leads to them trying to establish their religion in the US with President Mitt Romney, Mormon, as the leader. That is Glenn Beck’s agenda.” I have no problem with someone following any religion, but when they try to impose it on the rest of us, then I object. Jesus did not come to save “Rome”, He came to save inividuals and He did not need the force of law or the military to do it.

  42. commomsensedon says:

    Lots of hate in #1 to #42

  43. @Susan: the Wall St Journal is now owned by Fox, so trying to contact them is a waste of time.

  44. Does anyone NOT see the humor of Chevrolet and Fox? The Govt bailed out GM (Chevy), the republicants are using the bailout as a platform (as to how they didn’t support it and can’t stand big government), yet they are advertising with them? Oh, to be expected by the republicans and corporations that are in their pocket! GM would have been nonexistent had we not bailed them out, yet they are supporting the same morons that don’t support it (bailouts of corporations). Have I missed something?

    • Good point. Follow the money. Also, I read somewhere recently that the right-wing hooplah against the left, blaming them for the bad shape the economy’s in, for example, is insidious. If and when the economy improves, there are going to be a lot of conservatives patting themselves on the back when it’s quite possible that liberals’ efforts are simply having a gradual, delayed impact that goes unnoticed by a lot of fox-news-worshipping cherry pickers.

  45. Craig Riddle says:

    Just finished off the last of my Schiff Move Free. Will be switching to Osteo Bi-Flex.

  46. I have a school assignment and I was wondering if any of you have any insight as to who the major advertisers for were, and how much they spend on advertising this site. if there is a link for this info please respond back with a link or the exact info. Thanks.

  47. Alex David says:

    I cancelled my Carbonite subscription today

    The backlash boycotts are now officially under way. Many conservatives are cancelling their subscriptions.

    You want boycotts? You got em’! It works both ways buddy.

    And guess what? Many more boycotts are on their way.

    As Breitbart stated: “WAR”.

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