There are now a total of 36 companies that have pulled their ads from Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News Channel.

The new companies distancing themselves from Beck include Airware Inc. (makers of Brez anti-snoring aids),, AT&T, Blaine Labs Inc., Campbell Soup Company, Clorox, Ditech, The Elations Company, Experian (creator of, Farmers Insurance Group, Johnson & Johnson (makers of Tylenol), Lowe’s, NutriSystem, Sprint, The UPS Store and Verizon Wireless.

Here are some statements from some of the recently departed sponsors:

SPRINT: “Sprint ads appeared as part of a broader rotational package of advertising purchased on the Fox Network… They were not specifically targeted to the Glenn Beck Show nor should they air during this program going forward… I wanted to let you know that we have taken steps to make sure that [Sprint] will not be advertising on the Glenn Beck show.”

LOWES: “While we will continue to advertise on news programming, including FOX News, there are certain programs on the FOX Network that do not meet Lowe’s advertising guidelines, including The O’Reilly Factor and Glenn Beck Program.”

CLOROX: “Per our advertising standards, we don’t advertise in programs that display exploitive sex or violence, treat ethnic, religious, or political groups in a disparaging manner, present facts inaccurately or distort them to blatantly partisan advantage, and treat individuals or groups in a demeaning manner… We have had limited advertisements on the Glenn Beck Program in the past, however the statements he made during that show would not adhere to our programming standards. Furthermore, we will not be advertising on his program in the future since he did violate our own advertising standards.”

THE UPS STORE: “We have addressed the issue… You will not see our ads on The Glenn Beck TV program.”

NUTRISYSTEM: “We are no longer advertising on Beck’s program… You can now include us with the other companies that have stopped advertising.”

CAMPBELL SOUP CO.: “We obviously neither condone nor endorse Mr. Beck’s comments… We were not pleased when we heard them [the comments] and they certainly don’t reflect the views of this company. We have no advertising currently slated for Mr. Beck’s program and don’t have any plans for the future… In light of the consistency of comments that are made, we don’t plan to advertise there in the future… We have communicated to our media buying agency that we will not be advertising on that show.”

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention… These advertisements ran on Glenn Beck as part of a rotational advertising package on Fox News, and I have shared your thoughts with those in our organization responsible for making those rotational buys. We have now informed the network to not include it in our rotation moving forward.”

VERIZON WIRELESS: “We, on our own, looked at where we’re spending our advertising… We made a decision that we don’t want to be advertising on that program for a lot of reasons.”

DITECH: “We hear your concerns and are no longer advertising on the Glenn Beck show.”

ANCESTRY.COM: “ buys television advertising on many networks, including Fox News, but does not sponsor any specific content or program… However, once this issue surfaced, we instructed Fox News to exclude our advertisements from the Glenn Beck program.”

AIRWARE INC.: “I wanted to let you know that AirWare Inc., the manufacturer of Brez anti-snoring aids, has instructed its advertising agency to insure that none of our advertisements run on the Glenn Beck show… Because of the way TV advertising is purchased, company executives were not aware in advance that our ads would be running on the show.”

BLAINE LABS, INC.: “We have requested that the ads not appear on the Glen [sic] Beck show… Our contract is essentially a, ‘fill in where there is empty space’, [sic] and lately, I guess there has been a lot of empty space on the Beck show due to your organization. Our new contract comes up sometime in September and that show will be stricken from the rotation. We do not support [G]lenn [B]eck and do not support his show.”

FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP: “What we did last Thursday was our advertising department requested of Fox News Channel that they no longer place a portion of our ads on the Glenn Beck Program [sic].”

THE ELATIONS CO.: “Just want to let you know that we will no longer be advertising on that [Glenn Beck's] program.”

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6 Responses to “16 More Companies Flee Glenn Beck’s Show”

  1. Kim Daniel says:

    Copy of my email to UPS thanking them for pulling their advertising from Fox News Network completely:

    I just wanted to thank you for pulling your advertising from Fox News completely. I wish more companies would be willing to take this action. I support freedom of speech, but I also feel that networks labeling themselves as “news” networks have a responsibility to report in an unbiased manner, which Fox News clearly does not. The only way to influence this type of network is with money, by pulling advertising. It’s a good signal to pull advertising from offensive shows like Glenn Beck but it’s an even stronger signal to pull advertising from the network completely. Those of us who are not extremists on either end make up the majority of consumers, and it is precisely because we are not extremists that we do not go overboard and make a lot of noise like they do, but that does not mean we are not out here or that we don’t speak up…in our own respectful way. I sincerely hope that more companies follow your example. Thank you!

  2. chip cirillo says:

    fox news is so far to the right it is not at all fair and balanced.
    the things said about our president and to air some of the horible things said about ted kennedy. is really the reason i left the republican party. kennedy death is nothing to glad about his opion. May be different then yours but he isa american. that his right . and i know your rights too. but be a decent american. stop airing hate. chip cirillo

  3. These companies do what they think will keep them in a positive light to protect their brand. In reality they should stay out of this altogether. I don’t really care what shows a company advertises on and in the case of some of these companies, who are not in the best financial position one wonders if this is a wise move for their share holders.

  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Rob, Their advertising dollars directly support hate, race baiting, sexism and violent rhetoric, none of which belongs on a so-called “news” channel. It’s their choice and it’s our right, as consumers, to hold them accountable for their supporting such abhorrent behavior.

  5. Oh Yeah …Sprint …the fools who constantly charge in advance and roll up major money on a grandfather plan . These scum even tried to charge me $800 for data usage on a laptop card and I spent so much valuable time straightening that one to the point I still think they are charging me …but who knows…the bills are cleverly disguised in sections and amts. due and fees and this and that …. I have been so major pissed at these thieving bastards yet I stay with them because I have a contracts and have to keep my numbers …so……extortion and fraud work against these guys. I wrote the FCC and filed a complaint under fraud, and it was properly plead as fraud….the FCC did not take the claim yet gave me a year to file an appeal …. and how strange just when I complain with Sprint I get all kinds of Verizon Ads on GMAIL …scientific dictatorship …. and SPRINT is one of ‘em . I think we should all start a website to BOYCOTT SPRINT mainly because of their accounting fraud, in my opinion.

  6. Glen Beck is such a hack. How anyone could listen to this guy is beyond me.
    .-= Mark G´s last blog ..Loans For People With Bad Credit =-.


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