Media Matters for America has released the following list exemplifying Fox News’ transition from a mere conservative “news” outlet to a complete right-wing political organization.

  • Fox News personalities set goals to “get rid” of administration officials, “take the administration down.”
  • Fox News led the charge against Van Jones and was widely credited for his resignation.
  • Fox News repeatedly and falsely accused Kevin Jennings of unlawfully failing to report “statutory rape.”
  • Hannity, in particular, crusaded against Jennings and has declared, “I want him fired.”
  • Beck repeatedly targeted NEA’s Yosi Sergant; Sergant was reassigned, then resigned.
  • Fox News figures advanced falsehoods about Cass Sunstein, including that he supports “forced sterilizations” and mandatory organ donations.
  • Fox News figures falsely claimed John Holdren supported “forced abortions” and forced sterilization.
  • Hannity repeatedly advanced dubious claim that Harold Koh supported the use of Sharia law in U.S. courts.
  • Fox News targeted Anita Dunn over remarks about Mao Zedong.
  • Beck launched 9-12 Project, which he said spurred “millions” to get “involved” in protests, including 9-12 march on Washington.
  • Fox News relentlessly promoted 9-12 protest.
  • Fox News heavily promoted April 15 tea parties.
  • Fox News aired over 100 commercial promotions and over 20 segments in less than two weeks.
  • Fox News’ coverage boosted protests, pushed other outlets to cover.
  • Fox promoted anti-health care reform disruptions of town halls.
  • Fox News’ town hall coverage amplified opponents of health care reform, ignored supporters.
  • Bachmann: “[W]e began this on Sean Hannity’s show.”
  • Hannity aired video from much larger 9-12 rally while discussing Bachmann’s rally.
  • In 2008, Morris asked Fox viewers to “give funds to” without noting his apparent financial ties to the organization.
  • After asking Fox News viewers for donations, Morris boasted about raising $2.5 million for ads against health care reform.
  • Huckabee sends viewers to his PAC — which pays his daughter’s salary and supports Republican politicians –under the guise of signing a petition.
  • Huck PAC asks “” petition signers to help remove Democratic health care proponents from office and campaign for conservative candidates.
  • Fox News led charge against ACORN.
  • O’Reilly: ACORN story “driven by Fox News almost entirely.”
  • Republicans thanked Fox News for its ACORN advocacy.
  • Hannity repeatedly pushed claim that Endangered Species Act protections are responsible for farmers’ hardship.
  • Hannity reportedly persuaded to do show by Republican congressman.
  • Hannity advocacy praised, seized on by Republicans.
  • Fox News devoted round-the-clock coverage to Gingrich’s anti-Obama advocacy.
  • Gingrich frequently promotes falsehoods, engages in advocacy on Fox News.

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One Response to “2009: A Year of Fox News Political Activism”

  1. Aren’t you thankful FNC helped expose ACORN? Isn’t that an important function of our free press? ACORN was utterly corrupt from top to rock bottom.

    President Obama didn’t even fight for Van Jones. Fox News just highlighted Jones’ big mouth and loose pen. (Was Jones’ resignation an inside job?)

    Yosi Sergant’s “conference call to arms” was a clear-cut misuse of a government agency (the NEA) that was instituted to promote art, not a presidential agenda. Goebbels would’ve been impressed.

    ACORN, Jones and Sergant were all legitimate news stories. They received just scrutiny and were not a victim of “political activism”.

    Happy New Year

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