The picture below, showing another protest sign is actually from a post at Democratic Underground showing the filth left behind after the filth left the 9/12 protest area(s). I’m not sure why “THANK YOU” and “VETERANS” are in quotes, y’know, those evil quote signs Glenn Beck uses… Are they not really thankful, or are they thanking fake veterans? And, notice how Glenn Beck is misspelled? Classic.

Click to enlarge

Take a look at the picture again & see if you can find something else wrong… Here’s a hint: it’s red, white and blue, has some stars and stripes and was mistreated by a so-called patriot. It’s probably a safe bet that the person carrying this has called someone a socialist and told them to get out of our country…

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8 Responses to “Another Fox News & ‘Glen Beck’ Fan’s Protest Sign”

  1. So, these true-blue patriots of the Right just tossed American flags on the ground? Seems so, well, so unpatriotic.

    • You are just showing the desperation of dem thinking. find a few little mistakes made by a few indaviduals. I guess it is because you can’t really come up with somethind of any sugnificance to deal with. or perhaps iven planted by people like you. like now you will probably say something like what does he know he can’t even spell. LOL

      • What does he know? He can’t even spell. Oh, darn, you got me… you and your poor spelling, punctuation and grammar. No, really, you conveniently avoid the fact that there are many more serious issues on this site, such as the proven falsehoods, evidence of race baiting and blatant hatred by those on a supposed “news” network.

  2. The best part is the American flag in the garbage. Why does Glen (sic) Beck hate America?

  3. I remember the DNC in Denver when Invesco field had flags in garbage cans and all over the stadium. is that different?

  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Morty, Only in the fact that this site is not devoted to such. Had Fox News been one of the, if not the largest promoter of that event, and this site had been around at that time, then yes, it would have been mentioned. But seeing as how it is completely irrelevant to the recent event, and this web site, it’s obvious that it’s an attempt to refocus the argument using a non sequitur.

  5. Well just want to say i love your show my father told me to watch you and see what i think of you.And i said wow someone who speaks his mind and the truth and i have been watching every since im hooked.And i hope you are doing better cause we all mist you my father is 72 and he was worried about you so i went on line to find out what has happen then i did and told him you were sick.Well have a blessed day and night and weekend happy friday the 13.

  6. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    *ding* *ding* *ding*
    We have a Glenn Beck fan…

    Note the mistaking of this site as being Glenn Beck’s, or pro-Glenn Beck. Note the flimsy grasp of the English language. Note that the comment is completely off-topic. Note that these two people who watch the show didn’t know what had happened to its host, even though the news was wide spread…

    I’d type WTF if I were actually surprised by anything in a comment like that by a Beck-head. And I’d want to laugh if it weren’t so sad.

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