On Fox News’ Facebook page, a post has been removed… Why? Because it fanned the flames of ignorance and hate against Atheists, who subsequently received death threats numbering in the hundreds or thousands… All because Blair Scott, Communications Director for American Atheists, appeared on the Fox News program America Live with Megyn Kelly late last month to discuss his complaint about the so-called “9/11 Cross.”

Stay classy Fox News fans!

On a positive note, Fox News did remove the post and comments, issuing this statement:

“We make every attempt to keep our Facebook page as safe as possible. And we take immediate steps to remove all hateful and dangerous language.”

Unfortunately, the damage was done, captured and shared across the web… here are some screen shots:


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20 Responses to “Atheists Receive Death Threats Thanks to Fox News”

  1. oh my! =O

  2. I ended up leaving my job at a company due to anxiety attacks as I was the whistle blower for an employee who wrote a email speaking of the government and how he was going to stop it since no one else was doing so. That email was sent on company email. This started a company investigation that once completed caused 6 employees to be fired for work place violence and improper usage of company internet. The main two were escorted out of the building by the Bridgeton, Missouri police. The bosses allowed me to see some of the emails that were sent between these people. What was scary was that one of the employees was planing to kill us all if he ever got a ‘pink slip’. I saw his email that described what he would do and how he wanted to hear our bones break and see our blood drip. He even drew pictures. That employee was escorted out by 2 officers and taken down to headquarters for questioning. I questioned the writer of the main email after I received it. I had asked him if he could really just go out and kill people. He stated that he would not kill innocent people just politicians. But then I found out after the investigation started was that he was supporting the other to kill us all and that he would ‘protect him’….these were my so call co-worker ‘friends. The whole building went on lock down for several weeks. The police had officers there as well. One of my bosses and I were call by the Secret Service about the email that individual sent as they needed to access the threat to the President. That was scary too. The employee would call me a fascist, socialist, pig. Lovely just because I did not agree with his radical views. Just plain sick. I still have the email with the lawyer’s name on it.I keep it to remind me of how close I came to death….to remind me that there are some very sick people out there and to look at them you would never even know it.

    All of this happened just before the ABB shooting in St. Louis.

  3. There are some seriously sick people out there. It is really depressing how many of these ‘ so called Christians’ are so far from what they claim is so important to them. Sigh

  4. Drenn Workman says:

    I live in a small town. We have a local paper that has a website for blogs and indeed, I too have faced threats of bodily harm after posting my blogs or opinions. They prove everything we atheists have said about them.

    • Mark From Middle GA says:

      What’s sad, is that if one’s an atheist, the community either turns your back on you, or condones the threats.

  5. they look like a sect more and more. and look at the comments – other peopl like it. it’s an open call to violence!

    • Mark From Middle GA says:

      The right wing acts like a cult. The right wing operates like a cult.

      So it stands to reason that, if it waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.

  6. Michael Doll says:

    I just discovered how to ban FOX from my Google News page. In the personalize section they have a window to list you favorite news sources. By each source there is a slider which when slide to the far right says “Always”, when positioned in the middle it says “Sometimes” and when positioned all the way to the left it says “Never”. So I added FOX to the list and slid the slider to “Never” and bingo, FOX is gone from my Google News page. Yaaaaa. FOX feeds on the hits it gets and Google News now lists stories with only a single link, after you click on that link it will only then give you a list of alternate sources for the subject. In the past, FOX might have the bold type and below would be other sources and I would bypass FOX for any none Newscorp source. Now, you have to choose FOX first, and then close it to see the alternative sources, if any. This gives FOX hits they don’t deserve and makes them look more popular. Don’t do it! Kill FOX from that page, pass the word.

  7. I am a God loving person, I do not like organized religion, and I do not go to church, instead I study the Bible on my own. I look at Christianity as a relationship between myself and God, not as a religion. I have nothing whatsoever against atheists, they have the right to choose their destiny, that is God’s greatest gift to us, and they are human beings just like anyone else. So, when a so called “Christian” makes death threats or say evil and violent things about their fellow man, first of all, Jesus himself said “For all have sinned.” Second of all, Jesus said “If you hold your brother in contempt, you might as well have committed murder, so love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus taught his followers to have tolerance towards all! Atheists, I want you to know I accept you for who you are, you believe what you wish and that is fine by me, I respect your choices and I hope you respect mine. Hypocrites, I want you to know that God has a special punishment outlined for those who twist His words or claim to be a believer but are really false teachers and wolves in sheep’s clothing. Jesus himself let the hypocrites in his time know how he felt about them. You say you want all the atheists to die and let God sort them out? What will God say when he asks you why you wished death upon His own creation, which is just as bad as committing murder?

  8. I hope that all you “God People” out there that have posted seemingly hateful and violent posts here are just joking for comic irony….otherwise you are not showing your side to be – anything worth listening to.

  9. Amazing to think the banner they carry is the cross and yet the believe nothing their religion was supposed to teach them, temperance, forgiveness, patience, love. I see none of these traits from most of those who claim to be religious, instead I see ignorance and its many consequences.

    Maybe religion is not nor was ever the answer, maybe it was enlightenment the very thing religion claimed to bring that is so need and yet so lacking.

  10. What I do not understatement is why atheists care that a cross goes up anywhere or that the 10 commandments are in the court! Why would you care if it means nothing to you! It would mean you having a problem with a company logo because you just don’t like it! Give a real answer nothing stupid please. I can already tell all you atheists out there you have no good answer.

    • Drenn Workman says:

      Obviously you do not accept the authority of the law. Church and State separation is the paramount consideration here. The cross IS a sectarian symbol representing the Christian religion. 9/11 was not an attack on Christianity, it was an attack on America. Christianity may be a majority religion in the United States, but does not represent America, nor is shared by all Americans. This is not a Christian Nation, and for the sake of America, had better not become one.

    • “Give a real answer nothing stupid please. I can already tell all you atheists out there you have no good answer.”

      Why bother putting my time and effort into answering this question when you’re already convinced you won’t believe it?

      • Drenn Workman says:

        They will not believe anything that contradicts their beliefs. They might be totally rational about any other thing in their lives, but when it comes to religion reason and common sense take a vacation.

    • Mike,
      I am Christian, born and raised, my entire education was in a catholic school system, including college. You know what, I have issues with the cross, ten commandments, or any religious symbol being displayed in a government building. In my case, and in the case of many other people, it is not a matter of being offended, but rather a matter of the law.

      The constitution guarantees the separation of church and state. Placing any of these items in a government building violates that clause.

      It is the constitution that is the law of the land, not the Bible. While people may share what appear to be ‘Christian’ values, they are in fact basic human values. These values are common across all faiths and secular groups.

      This country was never a Christian nation. At one time maybe there was less religious diversity than there is now, but in the modern age there is a great deal of diversity.

      We need to respect the beliefs and rights of all people. No one groups beliefs are better than any other groups.

  11. Mark From Middle GA says:

    If I were an FBI agent, I’d be spending some time getting to know everything about those who posted those comments on the Fox page. Where they live, what their phone numbers are, everything.

    And then place all that information onto a federal warrant for their arrest on charges of Interstate Communication of Threats.

  12. Mark From Middle GA says:

    Do these people realize the attention they draw upon themselves from Law Enforcement?

    Now I understand why the GOP is so dead set on cutting funding for police.

  13. Freddie Freelance says:

    You should be REALLY careful of what you post if you have an easily differentiated & tracked name, like Paul Altum of Knoxville, Tn, Joseph Sneckenberg of Homestead, Fl, Mike Holeschek of Titusville, Pa, Sindy Clock of Pinson, Al, Eileen Rourke of Milltown, NJ, or Michael Perri who moved to LA from Palos Park, Il…

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