Typically, Fox News personalities throw in one or two anti-Obama talking points into their rants, but guest Bill Cunningham, a talk show host in Cincinnati, put them all together in one extremely insanity filled pile of ignorant hate while talking to Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera:

“Sean, what we have here is this little boy who grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, at the age of 6 to 10, rejected by his own father, rejected by his own mother, rejected by his stepfather, raised by his grandparents, bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia, kissing the behind of every European socialist, saying okay to people like Ahmenijad — we have the most dishonest, the most disreputable 100 days in American history, and this guy actually believes it’s good!”

Cunningham also goes off on rants about the Statue of Liberty belonging in Cuba and Venesuela, wanting the Panama Canal back and declaring himself and Sean Hannity as “normal” Americans. Geraldo actually came across as the voice of reason!

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3 Responses to “Bill Cunningham’s Wingnuttiness on Fox News”

  1. I used to watch the slime balls @ fox,oreiley,hannity and what they call the fox news cotributors the whole FOX NOISE SUCKS.
    This is my opinion.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    LJ, Thank you for the comments!

  3. cinderella says:

    Sucks? More like blows. Fox is the worst excuse for a news network I’ve ever seen. It’s almost mind-boggling that some people are so willing and able to allow such ridiculous noise into their homes/minds/opinions. When I watch Fox, every essence of my being screams in outrage, crys out about hypocricy, evil, hate; it goes against what critical thinking skills are supposed to teach us. I find more irony and saddness in one sentence on Fox than I have in my 23 years on this planet. What really blows my mind though, is that for some this is everything. It hurts. Really.

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