Columnist Robert Novak died at the age of 78 from brain cancer. It didn’t take long for Fred Barnes to use Novak’s death to bring up, on Fox News, the same falsehoods pushed by Novak about Bush, Valerie Plame, Yellowcake, etc.

BARNES: Bob — you know, Bob was unruffled by the whole thing. He had to get a lawyer, but, ah, you know, it was no problem to him.

Of course, it turned out that he was the first one to hear from anybody in the Bush administration about Valerie Plame, uhm, being a part, and her husband, you know, helping her husband get this, go to this trip to Africa, and then say that President Bush had — what President Bush had said about Saddam Hussein seeking uranium in Africa was wrong.

They’re still discussing it. It turns out that President Bush was right.

But anyway, Bob was caught up in this scandal, he’d heard about it first, and reported it in his column, and then was perfectly comfortable being the center of attention in a legal case that went on for years and years.

Regarding the Plame case: George Tenet himself explained: “Mid-level officials in CPD [The CIA’s Directorate of Operations Counterproliferation Division] decided on their own initiative to [ask Joe Wilson to look into the Niger issue because] he’d helped them on a project once before, and he’d be easy to contact because his wife worked in CPD.”

And the Bush/Yellowcake issue: Not only was the report on which he based the claim he made in the State of the Union built from set of hoax documents, but the White House ignored warnings that this was likely the case. Moreover, there has been no subsequent evidence to suggest that Saddam indeed sought yellowcake from Niger.

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2 Responses to “Bob Novak’s Death Used to Further Bush Falsehoods”

  1. They didn’t call him no facts for nothing.

  2. Don’t forget Novak outed a CIA agent along with Karl Rove. Both should be in jail.

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