mcboycott_200x200Why boycott McDonalds, beside the simple fact that their food is largely regarded as being unhealthy? McDonalds restaurants, in some areas including Missouri and Kansas (UPDATE: similar report from Florida), have agreed to place large TVs in their restaurants with the proviso that they broadcast Fox News and only Fox News. One manager explained that it’s corporate policy. A Regional Director for McDonald’s stated that TVs were being placed in all McDonald’s in a five state region. Danya Proud, spokesperson for McDonald’s USA, denied that it is corporate policy, but that it may be a regional or franchise policy.

While the aforementioned sources are from 2008, and has bashed McDonalds for their “black” web site last year, similar complaints still come in via email. One person reported nice 50″ plasma TVs in at least five McDonald’s franchises, with different owners. The writer was told that they “have to keep it on” and that FNC is the only channel listed in the menu, or in a channel search.

One solution: TV-B-Gone

McDonald’s Contact Information:

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Update: Additional Twitter accounts

Update: Even more Twitter accounts

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40 Responses to “The McBoycott”

  1. Fox news is no different than the other news, it is all biased. Since the pendulum has swung to the Left, anything that has to do with the right is now biased. It is as pointless as politics. Save the big mac!
    .-= Skunk party´s last blog ..Skunk Smell updated Sun Feb 21 2010 8:59 pm CST =-.


  3. nicetobenicetothenice says:

    Right on! Fox news is brainwashing at its worst. Boycott now!

  4. Good luck with that. How many people do you know that go to McDonald’s? Like their sign says, over 1 million served, and it will stay that way. The same with your boycott of Fox News. It won’t work! People want to hear the truth, and you sure can’t get that from CommieNewsNetwork or the others like MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc

  5. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Kenbo, If you’re going to disagree, at least take 5 seconds to Google first – McDonalds serves around 47 million customers per day and employ more than 1.5 million people. Please try next time. The boycott has cost Beck around 200 sponsors so far. So if you don’t think it works, you are completely deluded. Lastly, “CommieNewsNetwork?” Only creative enough to change one network? Again, try!

  6. There’s a McD’s in Fayetteville, AR that does this as well. Interestingly, there are two televisions, and only one is on at a given time, but they both only show FNC.

  7. Steven Rolland says:

    I don’t support a boycott of McDonalds. I like it too much. But I will be contacting some of the twitter accounts about this. Thanks for the links.

  8. j davis says:

    One more reason not to eat the unhealthy ‘food’ sold at Mickey D’s. Actually I like the idea of right wing whackaloons eating more McDonalds. They will get fat and die sooner!

  9. People who eat at McD’s frequently are proven to be lower class and less intelligent people. Perfect audience for Fox to hand out their opinions to people that won’t know any better because they probably don’t watch much news to begin with.
    And Kenbo, you made me laugh, thanks.

  10. Also, Is it a coincidence that all of McD’s feedback links on their website are not working? lol

  11. It is not just McDonald’s restaurants where FOX is the required channel. I was in the local Pizza Hut today and FOX was in their TVs. The fellow I spoke with said that they were required to have the FOX channel on, but that they can change the channel at customer request.

  12. McD’s is nasty.. sounds like a boycott I want to be a part of!

  13. I added phone and fax number for McDonalds. Let’s use it !

    McDonald’s Corporation
    1 McDonald’s Plaza
    Oak Brook, IL 60523 Map
    Phone: 630-623-3000
    Fax: 630-623-5004
    .-= Paul Kruger´s last blog ..Welcome Page =-.


    I am spreading the word…help me!
    .-= Paul Kruger´s last blog ..Welcome Page =-.

  15. I thought McDonalds was runned by liberals not Fox news supporters

  16. I thought McDonalds was runned by liberals not Fox news supporters

    “What does ‘runned” mean?

  17. “McD’s feedback links on their website are not working?”

    They worked okay for me?

  18. I never noticed the station that was airing in the restaurants. I just assumed the channel was the channel of the moment. Thanks. I’m in Columbus Ohio

  19. Sounds like another move from big company aka big brother to peddle their propaganda on the masses! This isn’t 1984 folks!

  20. Esther in Maryland says:

    More Boycotts of the month, please!!! Fox only sees a bottom line.

  21. Cynthia Gee says:

    Today, I was at the Four Points Sheraton in Chambersburg, PA, and on the wall was a television set tuned to FOX News.

    The manager told me to feel free to change the channel, but pointed out that the TV was set up to only show news channels.

    So, I tried to tune in MSNBC, but no dice.
    Same thing with CNN.

    The TV only received ONE channel – FOX.

    Same thing with the TVs in ALL of the McDonald’s restaurants here in the south central part of PA – and the MickyD’s management says that FOX is the ONLY station they are allowed to show, as per orders from company headquarters (who denied that this was the case when I wrote to them last July.)

    So, who exactly is paying all these hotels and restaurants to show only ONE point of view in their dining rooms and lobbies?

  22. Cynthia Gee says:

    The funny thing is (and I’m giving away my age here) that back during the Cold War, we were taught in school that one major feature of COMMUNISM was that in Communist countries, they had only one or two TV stations, which broadcast the party line. We were taught that this was a BAD thing.

    Of course, this is America, and we’re not communist, so the government doesn’t tell hotels and restaurants what channel they have to air in their public spaces. Instead, multi-billion dollar corporate concerns use cash to “persuade” companies to promote a particular party line. In other words, Communism used a “stick” – the threat of force – whereas the New Right uses a “carrot”- cold hard cash.

    But the end result is the same – in either case,”They” choose which points of view and which information the American public is exposed to in hotel lobbies, dining rooms and other public places…
    …and as far as I’m concerned, that’s STILL a Bad Thing.

  23. frans keulemans says:

    was only once in McDonalds and hamburger tasted like the cardboard box it was shipped in i started boycotting them since 1984 frans

  24. i do not like food that has a cardboard tast i boycot this mac since 1984

  25. “i do not like food that has a cardboard tast i boycot this mac since 1984″

    That is not really a boycott if you just don’t like the food. *smile*

  26. I also have a letter from McD’s stating that most of the restaurants are privately owned and that the corporate office cannot dictate TV stations to them nor do they provide television sets. That is the choice of who ever owns the franchise.
    .-= Joe the Voter´s last blog ..home page =-.

  27. Dunkin Donuts are mandated by their owners to only show Fox News on their tv’s in their stores. I am boycotting Dunkin Donuts.

    • Paul Kruger says:

      Not true ! Not true Not True.

      I have a good friend who owns the local Duncan Donuts. She has never been told to display Fox or any network. I doubt she would either because she is also a Democrat and a recent candidate for public office. Her husband and part owner is a democrat and our mayor.

      • Paul, While Nathan did not specify which Duncan Donuts, your reply indicates that because the one Duncan Donuts your friend owns does not air FNC, means that none of them do. Can you prove that no other Duncan Donuts in the country forces FNC on their viewers? Drive safe, we’ll wait…

        • The implication was that DD had a policy to air FNC. I don’t know one way or another about other DD stores. I never claimed I knew about other stores or what they may choose to do on an individual bases but that was not the context of the statement.

          If it were Corporate Policy, my friend would know about it…she said she has never heard a single word from Corporate even related to TV’s in franchises let alone what channel to tune to.

          So unless YOU can provide a copy of a letter from Corporate that dictates other wise I must assume that a franchise owner who has not seen any such communication if pretty clear evidence no such policy exists.
          .-= Paul Kruger´s last blog ..home page =-.

        • No…you did not read my posts very well. I specifically stated in replies that I DID NOT KNOW about other DD’s.

          The post was about a “CORPORATE” policy which, if it were in effect, my friend would be notified of such since she is a franchisee. The only “assumption” made is that if there were such a policy, all DD owners would have been informed.
          .-= Paul Kruger´s last blog ..home page =-.

  28. I’ve been boycotting McDonalds forever, but particularly since I heard this plus the one about the idiot McDonalds franchise owner who told his employees to vote Republican.

    I’m a teacher too, so I make sure all of my students (several hundred) are told why I don’t eat at McDonalds and that they shouldn’t either. Several high school students have told me recently neither they nor any of their families now eat at McDonalds because of what I’ve told them. McDonalds are pure evil scumbags.
    .-= Leo Sigh´s last blog ..Will I Be Boycotting McDonalds After Franchise Owner’s Voter Fraud You Betcha =-.

    • In all fairness to McD’s that idiot was severely scolded for his suggestion that his workers should vote republican. It is not a policy of McD’s to dictate at election time.

      It is fair to call a company out for “company” policies but not for the stupidity of an individual at a single McD’s … Fair is fair.
      .-= Paul Kruger´s last blog ..home page =-.

      • Paul, Do you have a link to back that up? …not that I’m questioning the validity… I’m just wondering why McDonald’s isn’t severely scolding the franchise owners who force FNC on customers. The end result is the same – vote Republican – but with a larger reach.

  29. Mc Donalds and Dunkin Donuts = unhealthy foods, go to Wendy’s for better food.

    • Guess what…DD is not a place for family dinner and McD’s should not be either.

      You don’t go to either place for nutrition…you go when your taste buds take command over your mind!

      DD has Baskin Robins ice cream….yummy !
      .-= Paul Kruger´s last blog ..home page =-.

  30. I just got assaulted for requesting fox news be shut off during my visit to a local Mcd’s. I utilized their web access to send this letter via their web page:

    I came into the seating area of your store at Cliff & 60th st north in Sioux Falls. On the television monitor was fox news. I asked if the channel could be changed due to the great offense I take to the extreme bias, incorrect “news stories” & misinformation that Fox broadcasts. I was then informed that it is McDonald’s corporate policy to have this channel on all of the televisions, and the refused to change the channel.

    I did not think that your company pandered to this level of insensitivity and extremism in video presentations, especially when it comes to a customer request to not have a particular station interfere with the enjoyment of their meal.

    On the plus side, an employee did come out, and as if it was a big deal, shut off the monitor.

    If this is what is to be expected in future visits, I will definitely take mine & urge others to take our business elsewhere permanently.

    thank you

  31. To be fair, it’s not as if I really needed another reason to boycott McDonalds but this will do nicely anyway!

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