A Chrysler Group Communications representative, Jodi Tinson, stopped by FoxNewsBoycott.com this morning and left the following comment – reposted below from the comments section here.

I would like to correct the response from our Customer Call Center regarding our advertising on Fox News. Chrysler had previously bought time on Fox News as part of a national news advertising buy. This media flight ended on July 31. There are no plans to advertising on Fox News in the future.

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2 Responses to “Chrysler: No Plans To Advertise on Fox News”

  1. Chrysler had previously bought time on Fox News as part of a national news advertising buy. It was already settled. I think it was true.

  2. I have a wonderful cousin who has lost her jeep on a technicality..Its my belief If someone buys a vehicle from Chrysler with an extended warranty and the motor blows up It should be fixed..But instead told her that it could not be because the motor blowing was because of a rock.. (Really)a rock it’s a four wheel drive vehicle.. The last time I new you could take any vehicle down a dirt road.. But here is my situation,She lost her son in afganistan and his only wish for her was her health and to have a vehicle to which she could drive and (Not brake down all the time)to be able to come visit the grandchildren,himself and his wife.. However this is not at all.. She has cancer and needed that vehicle to get back and forth to her Dr. Appointments. So his wish on her health however did not happen. But then in turn she got a vehicle to get her to and from her Dr.Appointments. And this to did not happen. And his other wish to see her grand children,Himself,and wife. Did not happen as well.. So answer me this If you think or have any remorse or dignity Why on earth would anyone tell someone they cannot fix there only means of transportation because they Drove on a dirt road..I believe CHRYSLER You just plain out Suck and I hope that there are people out that will never ever buy another vehicle from you Again…. And on that note I hope she goes to the press,the news and whomever she can contact. Just to make you realize that its not right to screw someone over on a technicality.. A Rock Are you Kidding anyone.. I dont think so.

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