When you see some idiot making outlandish claims about the Obama Administration, there’s a good chance you’ll also see them on Fox News, a la Joe The Plumber. That’s how we got to know the “concerned father,” from a Michigan Town Hall meeting with John Dingell (D-MI), since he showed up to talk with with Megyn Kelly.

SOLA: The harm that is being done is being done by this administration and the Congress. They want to foist on us a health-care plan that they themselves will not take. I challenge Barack Obama, members of Congress — of both parties — if you believe so much in this plan, then you use it on your family before you put it on our families. What you are doing is sentencing our families to death.

We lose the right to life. Old people are discarded. Those who cannot fend for themselves are discarded. There is no liberty under your plan. And that’s the problem — the people have seen it, the people know it, you can’t hide it from the American people anymore.

If I’m a thug, fine. Don’t call my son a thug, and don’t call those old ladies and old men that are senior citizens like I am, thugs, and a mob. We are not. We are American citizens who want one thing: To be heard before you put us down.

Such has been the case at many Town Hall Meetings. So-called “concerned citizens” are disrupting important discussion and ignoring the information that could answer their questions. But they’d rather should “liar” than listen and have a rational discussion about the facts.

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One Response to “‘Deather’ Shows Up On Fox News”

  1. EileensHoot says:

    This so called ‘ concerned father.’.also went on and blatanly lied…claiming Nancy P or her associates, and others had paid him a midnight visit.

    Time the FBI investigated this man and cautioned him.

    Fox News needs to clean up their act…and should acknowledge the fact…that this so called concerned father lied about that midnight visit.

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