Fox demanded a 50% rate increase and DISH Network dropped them like a bad habit (for now anyway).

Dear Valued DISH Network Customer,

Thank you for your recent communication regarding your channel.

We regret that FOX Networks, the owner of some Regional Sports Networks, FX and National Geographic Channel, removed their channels from the DISH Network line-up. FOX has demanded a rate increase of more than 50%. An increase this large would force DISH Network to pass these costs on to our customers, which we are unwilling to do during these tough economic times.

We know these channels are important to you which is why during the FOX Sports lock-out, we’re pleased to bring you 20 additional sports channels at no cost. We assure you that we are doing everything possible to restore these channels. In the meantime, you will not miss a single MLB playoff game or NFL Game. The Solutions Tab has a full list of alternative sports options available to you while we continue to negotiate with FOX.
DISH Network will continue to work tirelessly for a fair agreement in order to bring these channels back at the earliest possible time.  Feel free to share your thoughts and concerns by e-mailing us at We assure you that we will read every e-mail we receive.Thank you for your patience during this process and for being a valued DISH Network customer.

DISH Network

While they didn’t specifically mention Fox News Channel, and subscribers may still see the channels DISH did mention, it should be evident on November 1 whether or not FNC is part of the package in question…


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29 Responses to “DISH Network drops FOX”

  1. Wow, another ding to the ole FOXster….. those lucky Dish customers!

  2. I just wander if Obama had anything to do with this. Like if fox was told to raise their prices or they would be shut down by the government (Obama). Most people know that Obama is wanting to shut Fox up in one way or another.

  3. SwitchingToDirect says:

    There are plenty of other companies out there who are willing to pay Fox what they deserve. Greedy Dish Network will be the losers in this.

    • I think this is ridiculous to say. Fox wants 175% from Dish Network. Who do you think would have to pick up those costs??? HELLLLLLLLOOOOOO!!

      • FOX is the greedy party here. Dish Network is just trying to protect its customers.

        Obama doesnt have anything to do with this. Anyone saying he does is just like the stupid Republicans in congress that don’t want to help this country, they just want to be part of the problem!!!!

  4. Most people are sick of the lies on fox, I, for one, applaud your decision,

    count me as a new customer.

  5. Direct TV's New Customer says:

    To view the Fox News response to the LIE that they are demanding a 50% increase, visit this link:

    or just run a search on “Why is Dish Network dropping Fox?”.

  6. obama sucks says:

    Dropping Fox News is suicide and a bonanza for Directv. See ya Dish!

  7. Direct TV’s new Customer, What you linked to is what appears to be nothing more than a BS press release put out by Fox Cable Networks. Of course, they’re going to say DISH Networks is not telling the truth! Notice they don’t actually provide any proof, or tell you what the terms of the agreement they were pushing were? Nothing more than BS and you fell for it.

  8. Crowdaddy13 says:

    bye bye fox, i didnt want your shit on my tv anyways

  9. First of all, it was Fox who pulled the programming from Dish. Fox did not want to negotiate with Fox to pressure Dish to pay the increase. Fox is trying to push Dish Network customer to switch to Direct TV. If you check the owner of Fox also has a major stake in Direct TV!! He is trying to monopolize the satellite industry like he is doing with newspapers and TV. And it seems that this recently American citizen is trying to get Americans to go along with him the same folks who hate large corporations that cheat people out of their money!

    • Random but Murdoch, the owner of fox, also owns Dow Jones and he has a long standing rivalry with Ted turner. Which makes me wonder why he just goes after dish and not TW too. Maybe like you said its cause he wants to take out his toughest competition in the satellite marketplace due to his 35% ownership in Direct. I also read that the dish people are a pain for a lot of networks to deal with so maybe that has something to do with it too.

  10. hmmm. i have dish and it’s still part of the lineup. i wish fox would be removed from the air completely. they shouldn’t even be allowed to broadcast on the internet.

    i just hate those people, network, affiliates etc. fox news is the MOST biased truth twisting piece of garbage out there.

    i never seen such a bunch of cry baby liars, well i have, and they’re all repubs

    • I don’t argue with the bias on all news networks but fox news is just a small part of fox. NFL football is a part of the American economy, the Simpsons have been on air a made a ton of money for a lot of people. Book publishers to DVD manufacturers to the small business that get success from their commercial aired during a new episode of the Simpsons, always sunny in Philadelphia, or the just ended House M.D. Fox always seems to have a lot of local auto sales commercials(as do all others) which helps to stimulate business in that area if the particular time slot is viewed. So although I agree it would be nice to have an actual viable news source that was not biased, as a psyc grad student I understand this is almost impossible as we all skew things based on differing perceptions of the same events. Two people watch someone get killed and two different stories will probably be told. It would be nice to get the same story but the two people have different preset perceptions which do not allow them to see the event the same way. much like newscasters who are hired based on their particular convictions. Fox news and fox network are the micro and macro of their company.

  11. SteveSeesAll says:

    A deliberate and transparent move on Fox’s part to gain more customers for it’s own DirectTV satelite property. Wish I HAD DishNetwork!

  12. Its funny that Direct TV is offering great deals right now. Looks kinds suspicious to me HMMMM. Well I guess the mans going to get me again I need my FX shows if Dish dosn’t get this fixed by the end of this month I’m going to bend over and take Directs deal just like im sure fox wants me to do. Greedy conservative bastards

    • Got dish in may and they dropped all AMC networks in July, including ifc, due to a lost court appeal. Dish makes a lot of statements about how other companies like amc want more money but i the case of amc dish just got mad about a previous provider the amc network once owned. Dish lost their appeal and told amc they would not pick them back up. Sounds fishy to me. A large network cable provider should be able to maintain their composure better than that. It wasn’t about the rates as AMC has laid claim that dish never communicated anything about rates with them and they have been known to make prices equal to the value of their network.( which has recently blow up with a slew of hit shows) before your go to college your not worth much to the job market like amc was to the tv market but once you get a few degrees your value goes up and it costs more to hire you. AMC just completed a bunch of degrees and even though price wasn’t the issue they are worth more.

      We also do not know how old the contract was and what rates dish was previously paying for fox. Maybe the actual increase in comparison to other networks is more like 15% ( I really have no idea if this is the case but it is possible) maybe it is charlie sheens unpresidented 90 episode contract on an ok show. no other major network is going to drop fox or fx . Come on though always sunny in philadelphia will make any provider money… The increase is no different than any other network as the tv networks have been doing extremely well the last couple years while providers are scrapping for customers. Dish needs to stop being a little bitch and pay up. I pay 150 a month for now like 100 channels that either have nothing or are some bullshit random channels maybe 3 people watch. I think other dish customers would agree that we would be ok if they dropped the randoms and picked up the majors. I also think we all would agree that dish is one of the more expensive providers so it makes no sense that other providers are able to provide the randoms and majors. Sunday night football on fox…. GONE. But dish is probably right. There’s not much money to be made airing football games…. I will say that fox does not have a lot of brand new shows and their ratio of new bad shows is equal to the ratio of good shows they keep on air so I don’t know think that the value for the fox network has gone up. Especially since so many other networks are having very successful shows, like modern family on abc owned by Disney( who is another company that raised their rates but dish paid and didn’t comment)

      The president may not mandate a company increase thieir price and the idea is highly unconstitutional. Even more if a company like fox recieved a mandate with something like that then there would be a supreme court hearing and fox news would flood the shit out of the radio and television with the information.

  13. @Direct TVs New Customer: Nice BS link to a press release, bogus claims, and no proof.

    @Dale Dubois: Seek help, man. You’re paranoia is showing.

  14. DALE – Yes, it’s all down to Obama. He is also at fault for aids, the price of sockeye salmon and the fact that it’s pissing down today. However, he is not responsible for your lack of intelligence or insight – that I’m afraid is completely down to you.

  15. mesrop mashtots says:

    Dale DuBois

    if you think that Obama can shut fox news up you must be really dumb. open your eyes fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch who has ties with royal families in the middle east. he controls media and helps people like Obama get into office. Obama cant touch Murdoch. he runs the country by controlling the media.

    Whats really happening here is Murdoch wants even more money to fill his billion dollar pockets so he is doing this with dish. fox has a site called that states “fox news asking for a 50% increase is a myth”. i don’t believe that. i think they did ask for 50% increase and dish couldn’t afford that so they stood up to Murdoch. however if u go against him he has the power to boycott you.

    so Dale DuBois again you are really dumb you need to open your eyes and see whats really happening. because of dumb ass Americans like you this country is going to the carper. dumb ass Americans like you elect dumb ass Americans like yourselves who sit in the office all day and help their rich friends who paid for them to get into office. and when it comes to the middle class they are waiting for instructions for GOD. Dale DuBois i believe that people like you should have no right to vote.

  16. Well, with advertisers leaving so quickly from many of their shows (Beck is up to 200 lost sponsors last i looked) something has to pay for their lost revenue…. A rate increase to providers would be a first option…

    I wish Comcast would drop Fox too, I for one will NEVER have DirecTV in my home again.

  17. I was going to switch to Direct TV so I could watch my Detroit Red Wings. Instead I subscribed to NHL Game Center and see the Red Wings via high speed Internet. It has worked out great and I don’t have to give in to Fox Sports blackmail.

  18. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Any updates for this? It is Nov. 2nd and I still have fox on my dishnetwork……i live in the fort worth area and figured they would pull the world series and i still get fx, so whats going on? i have seen no change in my programming, did they make a deal?

    • I had a ticker tape like thing running across the screen last night during the Fox 21/27 10 o’clock news saying that as of Jan. 13(I think) The fox channel would no longer be available on the Dish.

  19. Crowdaddy13 says:

    screw it………..just do what i do and hook up a Wii or PS3 and watch netflix, you can get all of the FX shows on there anyways…..with netflix theres really no need to have cable, its all freaking re-runs anyways

  20. The restored Fox. Link is on their front page. I thought I might sign up with them if they held there ground. Oh well, it’s not worth it just to get Monday Night Football.

  21. I was going to make the point that Rupert Murdock owns Fox and Direct TV but someone else beat me tot the punch. Thank you and why doesn’t any of the other blogs out there make this connection?

  22. I want to thank Dish Network for putting their customers first..We dropped Directv 2 and a half yrs. ago after one of their rate hikes. Not goin’ back… Again thank you.

  23. Happened two years ago also with Dish and FOX, just received a nice card telling me how important I am to Dish….I noticed they are the 2nd most hated company. (see They haven’t even given a credit and are now raising their rates. I am going back to the big fat dish in my backyard.

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