At least one local Fox affiliate is trying to distance themselves from the Fox News Channel. Here’s what Las Vegas’ Fox-5 news director Adam P. Bradshaw had to say:

BRADSHAW: We’re as fair and balanced as they’re not. We don’t have an agenda. Some viewers draw that connection. Most have never been able to tell a network from a local (station). I’ll get on a plane in my Fox-5 jacket and somebody goes, ‘I love (Fox News Channel’s) Shepard Smith!’ Or hate him. But it doesn’t have any impact on our coverage.

Bradshaw also addressed the difference between independent Fox affiliates, like Fox-5 in Las Vegas, and those that are owned and operated (O&O) by Fox. “Their (O&Os) coverage is more in line with the Fox attitude,” Bradshaw says. “We’re not following their political agenda in any way, shape or form.”

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3 Responses to “Fox Affiliate Bashes FNC’s Political Agenda”

  1. FNC is completely separate from Fox-5, as are all other Fox Broadcasting, Inc. affiliates, or anything owned by NewsCorp. (The FX network, anyone?)

    Bradshaw has made a great point that most people don’t understand, which is that Bradshaw’s folks can report their local news the way he deems fit, without input or comparison to FNC.

    I ask you FNB to provide the background story that prompted Bradshaw to make this statement to begin with. Don’t edit your headline to simply “Fox Affiliate Bashes FNC’s Political Agenda.”

    BTW, how did Bradshaw ‘bash’ FNC’s agenda? Your borrowing of an article posted by Media Matters does not a story make. MM is widely known to be far from ‘fair and balanced.’

    Once again, FoxNewsBoycott fails to make a cogent argument by presenting fact to support its position. And as I have said since I first started posting, convince me that the highest rated cable news channel is lying and distorting the truth and I’ll with you!

    I’m still waiting for that.

  2. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Yeah, but I have no sympathy for him still……….its like siding with the argument that you hear from Nazi veterans. “I was just serving my country, it’s not my fault that jews were murdered”. If you work under a banner that spews hatred and lies, even though you dont agree with it, the fact that you do nothing or continue to work for that organization still makes it wrong. If this guy truly believed in what he was saying he would have resigned and went to another station.

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Marbran, Please read. He clearly states that he doesn’t think FNC is fair and balanced and that they have an agenda. wtf…..

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