Apparently Fox News has decided that it’s had enough protest coverage for a while. They provided coverage of every Tea Party event, no matter how small, but why didn’t they send a reporter, or camera crew to the LGBT event, National Equality March?

Surely they wouldn’t choose to not cover more than a few minutes of an event at the nation’s capital with 75,000 protesters, simply because it was for gay rights… Don’t you wonder where the Fox News producer was to hype up the crowd like at the 9/12 event? /sarcasm

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2 Responses to “Fox News Absent From Gay Rights Protest”

  1. no big surprise here fox news hates gays to begin with

  2. i seriously would have more respect for FOX if they dropped the ‘fair & balanced’ crap. I honestly wouldnt have the time of day to document its biases. Moreover, i do watch The O’Reilly Factor and believe HE is being the most fair! The whole network reaps of right wing ideology. Boycott their ass

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