People associated with Fox News, such as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin, are advancing the theory that President Obama‘s back-to-school speech is an attempt to “indoctrinate” America’s children, whatever that means… Keep in mind that it is not mandatory for schools to show the speech.

GLENN BECK: “Gee, who is having indoctrination next week? Oh, yeah, that’s right, the president”

SEAN HANNITY: “it seems very close to indoctrination”

MONICA CROWLEY: “just when you think this administration can’t get any more surreal and Orwellian, here they come to indoctrinate our kids”

MICHELLE MALKIN: “the left has always used kids in public schools as guinea pigs and as junior lobbyists for their social liberal agenda.”

Not only that, but The Fox Nation web site presents the following, today, asking if people are going to keep their kids home from school the day of the speech.

The real purpose of Obama’s back-to-school speech? Simply to promote the idea of “persisting and succeeding in school” and the “imoprtance of education” …wow, sounds like something the devil would say… riiiiight… What this suggests is that Fox News does not agree with the President in wanting your children to be educated. Where would they get their viewers?

Of course, these Fox News personalities cannot provide anything more than pure speculation and paranoia. Keep that in mind the next time someone claims that Fox News is all about the truth.

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5 Responses to “Fox News Accuses Obama of ‘Indoctrinating Students’”

  1. if i remember correctly, george w bush was reading to 1st graders in the class room when 9/11 happened.hello, george bush led the way for every president to talk to kids,,,come on”

  2. and while were at it ,i sure hope somebody listened to me when i recommended medical help, beck has not made a rational comment for weeks.please help him.

  3. Beck is far more than irrational, he is unstable. I believe Beck wants payback on Van Jones for his starting of the color of change, and their ability to make 11 sponsors see the truth about his irresponsible, irrational behavior.

  4. that is 11 more sponsors for a total of 48. Beck is a deluded fool with a big stick/forum of Fox News.

  5. Most Presidents speak with the kids and I think it’s fine. I guess the only problem I have is why? Don’t we more serious things to be doing? And if the only intention is to discuss the importance of education, that is the parents and teachers job…this is a waste of time for all involved.

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