One of the often used talking points about Obama repeated, ad nauseum, by his critics is his use of teleprompters. A look into an article on the Fox News web site titled “Off-script Obama” shows us a glimpse at the facts behind the rhetoric. Yes, Obama uses a teleprompter, but is it his fault if the teleprompter operator doesn’t keep up? So, the Fox News writer is taking the focus off of what really happened, and placing the blame on Obama.

After noticing the same names he had just uttered on his teleprompter screen, President Obama stopped midsentence, paused awkwardly and told the crowd “I just noticed I jumped the gun here.” Then after a second, Obama spoke directly to the unseen teleprompter operator,” Go ahead move it up. I already introduced those guys.”

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3 Responses to “Fox News Blames Obama For Teleprompter Mistake”

  1. Why is it when the Left doesnt hear what they like they call it an attack..yet youre own critisize our Soldiers,anybody Pro-Life,and anybody against the wasteful spending of tax payers money to line the pockets of those who helped Obama get elected.

    Why the double standard???

  2. tex mex says:

    You guys and gals do know that Fox news has a ton of Liberals on their staff right? You do know this dont you? Fox also beats the next 3 news channels COMBINED in ratings. Seems like they reach the avg American when somebody else obvioulsy isnt. Lets not bash anybody. Lets have both sides have their way.

    You act like the Left hasnt been gilty of telling lies in the media. You act like they dont do it all the time. Now,the Left wants to shut down Talk Radio is the show itself isnt slobbering all over Barrack himself. Thats silly,and Un-American

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    reagan, Who here is criticizing our soldiers, pro-life supporters, or those against wasteful spending? You assume much…. and you know what they say…

    tex mex, The whole Fox News beat the other cable news channels thing is a bunch of hooey… Fox News can’t stand up to network news channels, they’re ranked 6th in online news sites for traffic and News Corp has lost 99% of its news revenue. Yep, sounds like they’re doing great!

    This site is devoted to exposing Fox News for what they are, not purporting perfection from the other news sources.

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