Following the release of Bush-era memos by the Obama Administration, Charles Krauthammer, a Fox News contributor, admits that waterboarding is considered torture, but defends its use. Other Fox News personalities think that releasing the documents will “protect us,” “put our national security in jeopardy” and will “hurt our troops.”

Unfortunately, for Fox News, terrorist interrogators disagree with all of those assumptions. In fact, one interrogator claims that a high number of our soldiers injured, or killed, are as a result of the interrogation methods approved by the Bush Administration.

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2 Responses to “Fox News Defends Torture Use”

  1. Danny Alexander says:

    The Wimp

    After President Obama’s meeting with Chavez, Fox News host Beck calls the President a wimp. If nothing else give the guy some credit for having some cajones. Beck who is a legendary news anchorman speaks from a position of authority. We are just trying to establish from where this authority came from. Other then the fact that he has a annoying nasal voice that is much to loud, I know of nothing the man has achieved. Which is how he landed at fox.
    The trio of Hannity, O’Reilly, and Beck make for some must see TV.

    Cheney their Hero!

    When either of these three beloved of American’s speak to or about the former Vice president they appear to be a bunch of wide eyed groupies whose hero could do nothing wrong. Even when Cheney shot his friend in the ass, the three stooges blamed it on the gun manufacturer. Especially Hannity who is so enamored with Cheney I believe he would allow the former VP to turn him out.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    I think it takes real cajones to be a diplomatic President rather than a coward who hides from his foes.

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