Two years ago on Fox News: “a suggestion that someone knock off Osama errr uhhh Obama, well both would be good (chuckle)”

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3 Responses to “Fox News Guest Joked About Killing President Obama”

  1. Georgia Garrison says:

    I am appalled that anyone, even a right-wing conservative, like this woman, would ever say such a thing! Where does Fox News get off with a comment like this. Let’s boycott Fox News once and for all. This is just sickening. I am still in shock and so is my family.

  2. crowdaddy13 says:

    what I dont understand is why, even when people have different views than you, you would want to see them die. And compare them to a terrorist. I dont agree with republicans, but i cant say that i wish death on them, nor did i ever compare bush with hitler or anyone like that. i just cant wrap my head around all of this hatred and bigotry, its really sad.

  3. Its no joke for people to go on tv claiming its a joke inciting people to kill anyone let alone Obama,But thats Foxnews for you. The slogan, fair and balanced news, is a world wide joke! Foxnews is so crass that they don`t bother to hide its hate of Obama.


  1. Fox News Guest Joked About Killing President Obama - Fox News Watchdog - [...] Click here to view the embedded video. [...]

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