While many other channels, including MSNBC and CNN, covered the Haiti Now global benefit, which aired live on Jan. 22, Fox News decided not to. Okay, so they do this from time to time when it aligns with their agenda (i.e. being absent from the gay rights protest). Nothing new… So, why is Bill O’Reilly complaining that he’s being ignored?

O’REILLY: Factor Follow-up segment tonight, getting charity to Haiti. As you may know, a TV telethon last Friday raised nearly $60 million to help the folks at Factor, but now comes the hard part: getting the money to the people who are suffering. Now, we tried to get someone attached to the telethon to speak with us tonight. We were not successful, and that is not a good sign. [...]

I want to be very careful in this discussion. I want Americans to be charitable to the Haitian people. I think they need it. I, myself, have given money to that island nation for a long time. We called up the telethon, which was based out of MTV, and said, Look, we just need somebody to just run through the process where the money goes, how it’s distributed, what the time frame is, all of that. We’ve got DVD albums in play. We’ve got all kinds of stuff coming in.

They could not or would not supply us a spokesperson tonight. And that just worries me.

It’s obvious that Fox News consciously chose not to support this cause, so why on earth should anyone believe they’re surprised when they are not supported in return? They seem to have this backwards – a news channel is supposed to report the news and not ignore certain events and then turn around and demand that they not be ignored. A better question is why don’t Fox News viewers realize this is not how it’s supposed to work?

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2 Responses to “Fox News Ignores Haiti Benefit, O’Reilly Complains About Being Ignored”

  1. Meh. Once again, O’Reilly, as you’ve quoted him above, was simply looking to uncover the money trail. MTV spearheaded an effort to raise as much money as possible to assist the Haitians, with celebrities manning the phones ready to take your call. Yet with numerous reports circulating that donations through many charities are not making it to the victims, O’Reilly asks MTV to describe exactly how it will do so. And he gets no response.

    So, FNB, are we Americans expected to simply open our wallets and pour money into Haiti without having an understanding of exactly what, where, when, and how that money will be applied to the crisis there? If that’s the progressive, liberal expectation, then please donate to my “Pay Off Marbran’s Debts” charity. I guarantee you that all donations will go directly to that cause!

    Hell, even NBC got O’Reilly’s sentiment right just two days ago:


    To quote: “Leslie Anthony with the American Red Cross says, “It’s really important that you as a donor are staying on top of things and that you are aware as possible of what organizations are soliciting where the money is going.” ”

    But old Bill is just mean for ignoring Haitians’ plight. GMAFB!

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    I’m sure that they could have easily gotten that information beforehand, had they tried. But they’d rather not air the benefit and mention the tragedy in Haiti as little as possible and then complain when people don’t come running when they call. At the very least, it goes to show how irrelevant O’Reilly is as it pertains to reporting real news.

    It’s not hard to find where the money goes: Evenly split between UNICEF, the United Nations World Food Programme, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, Oxfam, the American Red Cross, Partners in Health and Yéle Haiti, a foundation formed by Wyclef Jean. The article you linked to has a link to CharityNavigator.org, which lists most of those. Besides, if O’Reilly simply wanted to know where the money went, he should be contacting those charities directly, don’t you think?

    Lastly…. if it’s so important to make sure enough money goes to the Haitians in need, why didn’t FNC do a telethon? Where is their support? Where is Bill O’Reilly collecting donations and where is that money going? That’s right. They save their support for tea baggers…

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