Many people excuse the falsehoods and misinformation found on Fox News Channel as mere opinion from commentators, or political pundits. Many a comment has been left and many an email received that tries to convince us that the “news” anchors on Fox News are somehow different; that they tell the truth; that they are the only source for truth. You get the gist. Even Fox News claims that their programming from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. on weekdays is objective.

Media Matters for America has put together a great list that puts that “fair and balanced” theory to the test. Hint: Fox News is full of Fail.

  • Hemmer advances smear that Jennings knew of “statutory rape” and “never reported it.”
  • Kelly on Sotomayor comment: “sounds to a lot of people like reverse racism.”
  • America’s Newsroom falsehood: “House Dems vote to protect pedophiles, but not veterans.”
  • Henneberg repeats right-wing myth that hate crimes bill could gag ministers.
  • Fox News’ Hemmer “keeping track of the stimulus money” — by lifting research from GOP website.
  • America’s Newsroom promotes tea party organizing info on-air and online.
  • America’s Newsroom directs viewers to “virtual tea party.”
  • America’s Newsroom pushes discredited GOP calculation of Obama’s cap-and-trade proposal.
  • America’s Newsroom falsely claimed Obama budget “4x bigger than Bush’s costliest plan.”
  • America’s Newsroom promotes McCaughey falsehood that stimulus would “hav[e] the government essentially dictate treatments.”
  • Happening Now passes off GOP press release as its own research — typo and all.
  • Happening Now posts “FOXfact[s]” about GOP budget nearly identical to GOP Rep. Ryan’s op-ed.
  • Happening Now crops clips of Obama to promote “another apology tour.”
  • Fox News presents deceptively cropped six-month-old Biden clip as new.
  • Fox’s Camerota pushes bogus stat that cap-and-trade would cost “every American family $1,761 annually.”
  • Jarrett suggests DOJ “thinks it’s OK to intimidate white people, not OK to intimidate black people at the polls.”
  • Live Desk: “Dems and Unions Push to Kill Workers’ Right to Secret Ballot.”
  • MacCallum agrees with Bachmann’s claim that Obama’s proposals are a “lurch toward socialism.”
  • “Democrat” Mark Sanford.
  • Baier smears Jennings as failing to report “sexual abuse.”
  • Wilson: Jennings “admitted” that “he failed to alert authorities when a 15-year-old boy told him he was involved in a sexual relationship with an older man.”
  • Video doctoring: Goler reverses meaning of Obama quote to falsely suggest he supports European-style health care.
  • Fox’s Garrett deceptively cropped Obama remark on judicial role.
  • Rosen: “Rats could attack us in the sewers and court systems if all of Cass Sunstein’s writings became law.”
  • Special Report packs in health care falsehoods.
  • Baier falsely suggests Obama has cited Canada as possible health reform model.
  • Special Report falsely suggests activism question deleted from questionnaire for Sotomayor.
  • “Death book” distortions abound on Fox News Sunday.
  • Wallace revives rationing bogeyman.
  • Wallace claimed Holder, confirmed 75-21, “got into office by the skin of his teeth.”
  • Wallace on Obama: “pettiness,” “childishness”; Obama admin. “biggest bunch of crybabies.”

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3 Responses to “Fox News vs. Fox News Commentators”

  1. I may have said this before but it warrants repeating. I can not handle watching Fox News anymore. I get sick to my stomach when I hear or read about the evil hateful things they spread on our earth. They will have to come to terms with there cruel way one day.

    • Dear Jojo – ALL the news channels will have to do that some day, cuz they ALL lie. Hello, they are all paid by somebody. Dont be so stupid to think that only one side lies. they all do, there jojo.

  2. Darrell says:

    You can’t equate FOX News reporting with any other and say they’re all like that. That’s not reasonable. FOX is unique in its utter lack of integrity and truthfulness. There is no comparison.

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