Fox News plays the victim about criticism and fact checking from the white house and certain individuals have come to their defense, but what they conveniently don’t admit is that Fox News started the war on the White House prior to Barack Obama being elected President. The White House has been fairly silent on the lies and misinformation coming from Fox News for several months. Now that they address the attacks, Fox News plays their victim card… Here is a great montage showing Fox News clips from this year:

YouTube Preview Image

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2 Responses to “Fox News’ War on White House Video Montage”

  1. I love you hypocrits. You could turn around and do the same thing with MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and even CSPAN when you guys did the same thing to Bush, which he deserved some of it. What kills me is that FOX is reporting on things that people have actually said, it’s not like they are making it up. I did wonder about some of the stuff Glenn Beck says so I did a little research myself and found that he does not take people out of context. What is really scary is that the so called real news ignores all of this. The main stream media acts like this administration can do no wrong, anyone who has this mentality is headed down a dangerous road. It is not just one person who has got us into this mess it is all of them and until we clean up the coruption in Government nothing will change. All of you should stop reporting on each other and focus on what the AMERICAN PEOPLE want, the TRUTH.
    .-= RussellĀ“s last blog ..Glenn Beck / Dwight Schrute Conspiracy Theory =-.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Russell, 1) This site is about FNC, not msnbc, CNN, etc., 2) This site wasn’t around when Bush was in office but FNC did help promote Bush’s pro-war agenda and supported their blacklisting of NBC, 3) FNC may report on things people say, but also edit those quotes to serve their agenda (i.e. saying Obama wants a European style universal health care system), 4) FNC has made stuff up (i.e. placing an ad saying other networks didn’t cover the 9/12 protest), 5) Beck has taken people out of context, or not provided full quotes (i.e. Anita Dunn referring to Mao Zedong), 6) The other news outlets aren’t perfect either – nobody here is claiming that, 7) FNC is part of the main stream media, 8) Other media outlets have slammed the Obama administration and Democrats on a number of things (i.e. transparency, public option, etc.), 9) Nobody here is disputing there is corruption in government – FNC viewers are not unique or special in that regard, 10) By reporting on the falsehoods and manipulations from FNC, we are trying to provide the truth.

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