currently has a poll asking, “What Do You Think Tea Party Movement Is About?” At this moment, the leading response is “Fruitless mix of racism, conspiracy theories.” Classic!

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12 Responses to “ Tea Party Poll: ‘Racism, Conspiracy Theories’ Winning”

  1. billancourt says:

    the poll results just say it all. now not all people watch fox because they subscribe to their ideology, some like myself watch the propaganda to see what the hate wing is up to. nonetheless, the fact that the majority state that the tea party is predominately the kkk in geogre washington garb, shows not that the majority of fox viewers are against racism, “au contraire”, the results show , the unabashed agenda of the yokels that believe the fox news diatribe. well at least they’re honest you can say. yep jethro, fox and it’s douche bag party movement is all about them colored, damn.

  2. Bob Justice` says:

    I looked at their poll just now, and the result is now up to 70% voting for “Fruitless mix of racism, conspiracy theories.”
    And the next largest at only 19% for “Small Government and Fiscal Responsibility”.
    As a major promoter of the Tea Parties, I suppose maybe they thought that choice would be on top (with their viewer/readers, anyway).

    Wonder how they will explain these results.

  3. billancourt says:

    The Culture of Selfish

    I suppose that in our modern times, with the technological advances that for better or for worse, permit people to access information in real time, we have to accept that some will use this technology to their advantage with no qualms about partiality or truth.
    If you really think about it, even hundreds of years ago, politics was in great part, about the pursuit of power and wealth. I doubt however, that anyone will argue the fact that as you go back in time, the power and wealth part of the political equation was a lesser part, than that of governing.
    With non-stop cable news and the internet, what we like to call the twenty-four hour news cycle, it’s only normal, from a human nature standpoint, that some will search any available angle to further what we commonly call their agenda. Now an agenda doesn’t have to be necessarily one of a political ideology. The agenda of many is simply to find a source of revenue. Fringe elements of society, who before the advent of instant news and it’s global reach, we’re kept in check, by their geography and the opposition to their opinion in a physical sense. Today, a xenophobe, need only sit down at his computer desk, write down his thoughts, and diffuse his philosophy via the blogs and social networking sites.
    One might say that I have no need to write the obvious, that the internet exists, and that maybe the good outweighs the bad, and I agree. The object of this article is not to state the obvious, nor to try to awaken public awareness to the fact that some on the internet or on cable news, state their opinions only for their own gain. Fox News is a reality, and the interpretation of their message is the choice of the potential viewer.
    The subject that I wish to call to attention is that of overstepping the line of human decency, of what in older days we used to call false advertising. The majority of Americans know what the agenda of Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh is. The problem of soothsayers preying upon people of little intellect has been present since language was invented. America has its constitution, and this document permits “freedom of speech”, thus we can argue that although these types of entertainers fabricate, lie, omit and distort in order to please the audience that they have forged by their own rhetoric, we as a country have decided since the birth of the nation, that people have the right to their opinions. Is what Fox News does right, certainly not, making money and bolstering ratings through misinformation is not right from a moral point of view, nor is it acceptable from a philosophical point of view. Nonetheless, Fox News has the right to free speech.
    Americans are as a majority a fair and decent people. We have over the years decided that certain crimes should be considered particularly abhorrent and we have given them the name of “hate crimes”. Growing up in America, having served in the Army, and as a fan of comedy, listening to Richard Pryor, I’ve heard the word “nigger”, used in all its forms. The American people have however, once again in the majority, decided that the word nigger, which even Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity call “the n word”, for fear of no longer selling their wares, is no longer a word or an idea that the American public is willing to tolerate.
    Fox News and its commentators spend the major part of the day insulting, criticizing, and trying to have an adverse effect on President Obama, and his administration. Fox will be the first to admit that they do what they do for ratings, for money, and even if the diatribe heard on Fox News is taken for gospel by a certain percentage of the population, those of little intellect, Fox has the right to do so. The American people seem to have accepted this television station as an entertainment source and in doing so must accept the broadcasting of extreme views in the name of “freedom of speech entertainment”. Americans however, need to draw a line in the sand as pertaining to the environment. If the Republican party needs a television station to promote their ideology, so be it, but somehow integrating the environment, which we have so conveniently brushed under the blanket definition of climate change or global warming, into the stilted political ideology of Fox or anyone else for that matter is unacceptable.
    The planet is overpopulated. The earth has a finite supply of non-renewable resources.
    Humans create waste, whether it be toxic, non-biodegradable or simply dangerous. The industrial revolution and the internal combustion engine have contributed to the make-up and quality of our atmosphere. The sea levels and temperatures are rising.
    Anyone that will refute that the population is too large for the planet, that oil reserves are renewable, that used uranium isn’t dangerous, that cars pollute or that the sea levels are rising, is dangerous and lies to his audience for the strict purpose of making money.
    Sad self-loathing people seem to group together on the Fox News network. One doesn’t have to be a psychologist to see the angst and self-hatred in the eyes and physical appearance of Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin, Rove and the list goes on. These people have found a way to make money, by spewing venom and hatred, and they have the audiences to prove it. So now we’re back to square one, freedom of speech, fine, we want cable TV and the internet so these persons are a necessary albeit repugnant by-product of freedom of speech.
    What cannot be accepted is that these people that hate everything and debunk science, be allowed to influence those too uneducated to learn for themselves. There must be a limit on selfishness. Our children will not have it as good as us, simply due to the state of the environment. This hate-debate over “climate change or global warming”, must not be included in the biased and stilted political commentary of these right wing ratings whores. It’s somewhat ironic, and at the same time a blatant proof of what I have just stated, that Rupert Murdoch is Australian. Before you cackle along with Sean Hannity, go onto your freedom of speech internet and look at the state of Australia’s environment. If you believe in finite resources, go onto any oil company website and see what they have to say about the world’s oil reserves. Fox News is allowed to ridicule and use Americans, to ridicule and insult the government, even to make thinly veiled racial slurs and to incite violence, but they must not, nor any of their sewer peers be allowed to reduce the urgent environmental situation to one of their all for ratings caricatures.

  4. Crowdaddy13 says:

    The organization I work for right now is in the process of using ARRA (stimulus) money to provide aerospace training………I had a student in my class that was a Tea Party member and he was bitching and whining about the stimulus and too many people taking “government handouts” and whatnot………..I just sat there and laughed, does the moron not know he’s using stimulus hand-out money to get back into the workforce? What a hypocrite!!!! lol

  5. Georgia Garrison says:

    Fox News is all about their ideology and nothing else. They are only interested in their poll ratings which means MONEY. Rupert Murdoch is the next thing to full-fleged fascism. This is truly scary for all of us and if allowed to promote this through Fox News, we will be facing something akin to WWIII in America. My best hope is that we continue to get back into their faces at all time. Not let them get away with this. Yes, we all believe in freedom of speech, but this speech is a thinly veiled attack on freedom for all, not only the rich!!!

  6. Ben Franklin says:

    So Fox News lies… except when you agree with the results? FNB, I have a serious question for you. Do you think there is a likelihood that this poll (currently with one answer outpacing the other three, at 84%) has been has been tampered with by people with that opinion voting multiple times? We both know the facts. I’m just wondering if you’re honest enough to recognize them in print.

  7. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Ben, I have no way of knowing if there was fraudulent voting, just as you have no way of knowing, but it happens. And, it happens on both sides… Ask Freepers. If doesn’t take precautions to prevent that, perhaps they should. Also, the poll results are the views of those who voted, obviously not Fox News, so your first question is ridiculous.

  8. Crowdaddy13 says:

    Ben, you also have to think that alot of conservatives hate the Tea Party as much as liberals do, because even though they may agree on major issues, the Teabaggers do make the conservative wing in this country look crazy and psycho. If conservatives really want to take back control, they know that they have to distance themselves from people like Beck or they wont win. Palin may be popular to the Tea Party, but every republican friend I have hates her guts and thinks she’s an idiot. They even refused to vote for McCain because of her.

  9. My, my. It looks like FOX News will have to more carefully manage their polls in the future.

  10. Bryan Green says:

    You know I looked on the Faux News website to check it out for myself… You should update this post. Fruitless mix of racism, conspiracy theories IS UP TO 89%!!!!!

  11. Bradley Jay says:

    Well for boycotting FOX News everyone here seems to be doing it wrong.

  12. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Bradley, Care to elaborate? What are you doing, or are you just going to armchair quarterback?

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