The following is a response from GEICO to a Fox News / Glenn Beck supporter who contacted GEICO about pulling their ads from Glenn Beck’s show.

Hi, my name is Terri Kliskey and I will be happy to assist you today.

If the inflammatory nature of the comments on a program overshadows our message and causes GEICO to be drawn into a national debate, we are likely to reconsider where we place our marketing messages, which is what we did.

GEICO delivers very important messages through its major marketing campaigns: we’re saving customers’ dollars, we’re easy to do business with, we’re looking out for our policyholders. That’s what we hope the public hears and sees and focuses on.

As a company, we do not take positions on controversial issues.

As an advertiser, while a national debate on issues can be healthy and appropriate, we don’t see ourselves in the role of taking part in those debates.

Our business is auto insurance. We want to bring people value and we attempt to reach large audiences with that message.

It is of little benefit to us if a program gets so much attention that our message is drowned out.

GEICO Corporate Communications

For all future requests, please log into our Policyholder Service Center with your activated password and click on the appropriate link.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


Terri Kliskey
GEICO: Internet Service Representative

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2 Responses to “GEICO’s Response to Fox News Supporter”

  1. Patrick Zerkle says:

    I sent an electronic note to my bank, HSBC, about their insurance subsidiary advertising on programs that sound a lot like the American Nazi Party, and got the below poor reply. I plan to call them in the morning. I thought other people may like to have the phone number.

    Thank you for contacting HSBC Bank USA, N.A., the world’s local bank.
    For further assistance with your inquiry, please contact our HSBC Life Insurance Department at 1-888-302-0701. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  2. Kudos for the boycott! I totally agree that “Fair & Balanced” at Fox News is a total oxymoron. Why not go further? Boycott Rupert Murdoch’s networks such as Fox Reality or Fox Entertainment Shows such as the HUGE moneymaker “American Idol”?? Also, The New York Post! If there could be a major boycott of “American Idol” and/or “The Simpsons” then perhaps Murdoch’s corporation could be forced to really have a “fair & balanced” agenda!

    You have my support. Take care

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