Honda, while stating that they wish to remain politically neutral, originally provided this neutral response:

Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns with us. We are now at the end of our advertising schedule with that channel and have noted your comments.

Honda is politically neutral and strives to exceed ethical standards. We apply these policies to our communication strategy with our best endeavor but as you say we cannot determine the program or editorial content around which we advertise.

When asked for clarification, Honda confirmed that they will no longer be sponsors of Glenn Beck and Fox News.

We have no plans to renew

Paul Ormond
General Manager, Corporate Press and PR

Original Story

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5 Responses to “Honda is 100th Sponsor to Leave Glenn Beck / Fox News”

  1. tom chinese says:

    can Glenn Beck’s contradictory rantings possibly be linked to a rectal cancer issue. i’ve heard from what i consider to be good medical sources, close to Glenn Beck, that the articulate tv host has been diagnosed with rectal cancer.

  2. Peter Woodford says:

    Keep Glenn Beck!
    He’s passionit and He makes me laugh… it’s entertainment NOT news…people on the left overeact. Just because it’s on FoxNews, that’s just a channel.

    I don’t care if he’s a racist..Glenn is OK in my book.
    That seinfeild guy said racist stuff to but its ok because hes a comedian right? Baloney! What’s the difference? Bill O’Reilly says some borderline recist stuff but he tells it strait and thats better than being a wimp.

    Keep Glenn Beck! Stop being a baby!

  3. I don’t blame Honda… they don’t want to be around too much controvery. They’re even afraid that the Toyota recall is going to negatively affect Japanese cars in general.
    .-= Redline MotiveĀ“s last blog ..2010 Scion tC Release Series 6.0 =-.

  4. Steven Rolland says:

    Uh, Peter, no offense, but while you criticize the left for it’s problems, could you tell the right that the spelling courses aren’t going very well?

  5. Peter, it is great that you recognize Glenn Beck is an entertainer, but unfortunately people take what he says as fact. The reality is that he often misuses information and spins it in a way to rile up his viewers and drive ratings. It is a dangerous game that he is playing and hopefully more sponsors will continue to leave him.

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