Like the pot calling the kettle black, the Rovian attack machine is at it again, calling Vice President Biden a “blowhard,” “serial Exaggerator” and “liar.”

“I hate to say this, but he’s a serial exaggerator,” Rove told FOX News. “If I was being unkind I would say liar. But it is a habit he ought to drop.”

The name calling by Rove was in response to the following statement made by Biden to CNN’s Gloria Borger.

“I remember President Bush saying to me one time in the Oval Office, and he was a great guy, enjoyed being with him. He said to me, he said, well, Joe, he said, I’m a leader. And I said, Mr. President, turn around and look behind you. No one’s following. People are beginning to follow the United States again as a consequence of our administration.”

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4 Responses to “Karl Rove Calls Joe Biden a Liar on Fox News”

  1. southwest page says:

    The left needs to get over them selfs,This is all about the new American Tea party. They can,t get over that some has their own veiw point other than theirs. If oBAMA SAID IT it has to be fact! This president is tearing this country apart.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Obviously, with Obama’s approval rating, that’s not true. It’s people who believe the lies and fear mongering of Fox News, then recite their talking points that are creating a divide in this country.

    You state a common conservative assumption in order to distract from the real issues. I’m sure most of us, including Maddow and Olbermann, know that Obama has gone back on some of his campaign promises and you won’t see us supporting that. That’s a big difference from those who followed Bush blindly as Fox News did and continues to do.

  3. Biden *did* exaggerate — Bush is not a great guy.

  4. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Great point Michel!


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