Visitor submitted response from Binder & Binder:

Hi ____, my name is Dick Summer. I’m the guy responsible for Binder and Binder’s commercials. I fully agree with you concerning Glen Beck’s comments, and I have asked Fox News to remove our commercials from his program.

Here’s our problem. Our commercial buy on Fox News is contracted under a system called ROS, that’s run of schedule. What that means is we buy a certain number of commercials, and the network schedules them where they see fit. The big buck guys can afford to buy specific shows. We can’t.

So, Fox may or may not honor my request to remove our spots from any particular program. If they don’t, I can of course, not renew at the end of our broadcast contract, but not before. As with any contract, one party can’t simply decide not to fulfill its obligations to the other…

Beyond explaining the situation to you, there’s not much else I can say, except, believe it or not I’m glad you decided to write. As a former broadcaster I know that most people wouldn’t bother, and that’s an important reason why there is so much junk on the air.

Since Binder & Binder was included in September‘s Boycott of the Month, and the focus was on Glenn Beck‘s sponsors, they will be replaced by another current (as of 8/31/09) Glenn Beck sposnor.

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6 Responses to “Response Received From Binder & Binder”

  1. I am glad binder and binder..have removed their add from fox news I will keep Binder and Binder in mind when need…and also send my respects

  2. Murdoch is a bad word in my community…he has removed employees of color from the standard times…local newspaper..he has made it difficult for my brother who has a small Cape Verdean Newspaper to continue to be published…a newspaper that has been in circulation for 30yrs ..the CVN was printed at the standard times costing my brother 400.00 and now Murdoch is going up 500.00more making it 900.00$ and almost imposible..unless we find a printing co…he is actually trying to close down all newspapers in this area..Murdoch, Glenn, O’reilyl and all the fox news racists…..let me know how else i could help in the boycott My television is never on that channel…my husband and i will help in what ever way i can..
    .-= deborah ramosĀ“s last blog ..4 things every successful leader needs =-.

  3. I got the very same email from Dick. I wrote back and he replied taking me to task. His feeling is that by doing this boycott, we are giving more attention to beck than he would get ordinarily. I disagree, but do not wish to go back and forth with a guy who’s mind is as made up as mine.

    At least we know they are REALLY listening g to us. THAT is a good thing to consider.

  4. This is a very business-like, adult response to the email regarding GB’s show and sponsors. It explains how advertising/purchasing air time works, and it’s not arrogant or rude or holier than thou, like those guys shilling gold.

    I appreciate a brand that understands who their audience is, even if it’s a simple email campaign and that they responded with dignity and respect. Kudos to Binder & Binder.

  5. Just A Doofus in a Cowboy Hat says:

    Boycott Beck?
    Please tell me this was in response to the 828 rally. Then this all makes sense to me since Binder & Binder took stimulus bucks.
    Hey, Dick – you have some Obama-goo on your chin.
    No – other side.
    There you go.
    All gone.

  6. Dear Deborah,
    Iwould love to jump on your ban wagon as well as it applies to boycotting the racist antics of the Fox channel and all the iliterates that operate it.If anyone of color that supports this channel still does even after this racist channel tried to do all it could to sway votes toward twitty mitty romney with a little (r),these would be the token minorities are the quota fillers for this channel.It just goes to show, This retard,whom calls himself, (Just A Doofus in a Cowboy Hat),proves that there are still ignorant trash out there that stilll sleep with their horses and has no clue of how to bring himself to being a modern day human being, he probaly some form of redneck, skinhead loaf and always will be.

    (Just A Doofus in a Cowboy Hat),You yourself ius full of as you say, goo.

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