Visitor submitted response from Nestle:

Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 1:32 PM
Subject: Response from Nestlé Baking

Thank you for contacting Nestlé® Baking Products.

We are committed to protecting and maintaining the longstanding heritage and quality image of Nestlé and its brands. Although we work with a number of third parties and outside spokespersons as part of our promotional activities, it is essential to make clear that their personal comments, apart from our brands, are not representative of Nestlé.

We appreciate your interest and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.

Tara Williams
Consumer Response Representative

This is a a typical neutral, take no responsibility, response. Here is their contact information:

Nestlé USA, Inc.
Chairman and CEO: Brad Alford
SVP and CFO: Dan Stroud
GLOBE Executive and CIO: Kimberly (Kim) Lund
800 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203
CA Tel. 818-549-6000
Toll Free 800-225-2270
Fax 818-549-6952

Nestle also owns PowerBar, Perrier, Purina, Gerber and several other brands.

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10 Responses to “Response Received From Nestle”

  1. Ryan Goldschlager says:

    Sent the following to Nestle. Will let you know if i get a response:

    Hello. I am a lifelong lover of Nestle products and presently a food blogger. I was surprised to find that Nestle provides financial support to the hate-filled Glenn Beck show, by buying ad time on said program. I would not think a maker of family products would want its name connected to such a horrible product. Again, I really am a lifelong lover of Nestle – I have cherished memories of baking Toll House cookies with my mom. I would hate to see the Nestle name front and center on the evening news when the story of this boycott becomes a counterpoint to the shouting matches at recent town hall meetings. Truly, very best regards, Eric Werner. Please let me know if your position changes so i can spread the word.

  2. sidewinded says:

    To: Ryan Goldschlager

    Ryan I really don’t know why you would care so much that Nestle, a company… who just makes food products and like most companies, needs to advertise, and that nestle happened to choose the glenn beck show to do just that. The “hate mongers” that watch glenn’s show are consumers too, just like yourself; they’ve had cherished memories of baking toll house cookies with mum, etc etc. Why would you care that they would like to target that market too? Why? I think it’s because you hate Glenn Beck and everything he stand for. Is that a problem? No, you’re free to think that, isn’t that wonderful? But what you’re not realizing is that your hate and resulting boycott of Nestle or any other company that advertises on glenn or fox, is a loss of business to nestle, which means a loss to their profits which means a loss of being able to pay workers which means unemployment. while this may not be happening just because YOU decided not to eat a kitkat (seriously take a break) it does meaninglessly happen on grand scales. and all because you don’t like what glenn beck has to say…

    boy… when you think about it… that makes you, that hate monger. Not really fair to be on the recieving end on that statement eh? You’re just trying to stand up for “what you believe in” right? Well, so’s glenn beck… and do you honestly believe that because Nestle purchased ad time on his program you think that they have their hand so far up glenn’s back side that they can control what does and doesn’t come out of his Nestle Pie hole? Go ahead, you advertise something and see how much control you have over that medium. You can’t make billboards not advertise booze or other things you or some other people might find offensive, and hey they have the freedom to advertise those things as long as its within taste.

    Take a long hard look at the way you view companies like FoX. Sure disagree, I’d prefer if you did because hey, it creates conversation, discussion and progress. But you’ll find that boycotting a company just trying to make is way through the corporate world is not the answer for anyone.

  3. Richard Vu says:

    Unfortunately there are people that are not educated enough to realize the lies that Beck puts out. He’s no conservative! All he want is to sell his book. If he’s reasonable and respectful, he wouldn’t be able to attract viewers and customers. And if you’re smart, why would you buy a book about common sense? It’s common sense! So his tactic is to attract people who can be very very easily manipulated to buy his book. And to do that he has to put on a show for them. Unfortunately most of them actually believe the faults information that he uses to attract them and end up killing people, like the killing of the police officers from the guy that didn’t want to lose his guns and the security guard at the museum. People like these shouldn’t be enabled to have air time that can effect so many lives. He’s just lucky that the people that find him repulsive are smart and don’t resort to violence, otherwise his ass is grass.

  4. Ryan Goldschlager says:

    I’m confused – when I ‘vote with my wallet’ i’m a hate monger? We’re all pretty constant hate mongers in that case. I mean something quite different from that.

    I also have a hard time with your liberal, PC position that all viewpoints are equal. Glenn Beck’s position is not equal to mine – it is seriously inferior. Which is why he can say Obama hates white people, then say he doesn’t 30 seconds later. This guy stands for nothing, except generating publicity for himself. Which, in turn, is why the only way to oppose him and his weak positions is to hit him in his pocketbook. No, all positions are not equal or deserving of publicity. Hitler would be an example of a dangerous person with dangerous positions. Perhaps you disagree. I don’t “feel’ Beck or Hitler are offensive, I know they are.

  5. sidewinded says:

    Boy you really hate authors don’t you? He’s not allowed to get people to try and read his book?

    Yes he’s not 100% conservative, I don’t think you understand exactly how he stands in his beliefs. As far as I understand it, he’s for financial freedom and small government. Meaning you can do what you want as long as its not conflicting with laws and the constitution. You can succeed or fail, depending on how smart you work at earning your money.

    While I do agree with you that there are some really ignorant people who are sheep in this game, its a two sides of the same coin; there are liberals who are just as misguided as there are conservatives. How many people do you honestly voted for Barack Obama because they listened to exactly what he said he was going to do for America versus how many voted for him because it’s about bloody time there was a black man, or “African American” to be PC, in the oval office? Think about your statement about how sheep like alot of people are and come up with your answer.

  6. sidewinded says:

    Ryan if your position is so much more superior and stronger, shouldn’t you be able to crush it with ease? No you can’t, therefor you have to go around and hit him in his back pocket. you just admitted that. So I don’t get your logic that your positions is so much more elevated… you basically just contradicted yourself. Yes I do have some liberal tendencies, I consider myself a centrist. Being able to respect each others opinions and letting the opinions grade themselves into rank based on the logic it follows is part of my beliefs. As for voting with your wallet you’re entitled to do that, its your money after all right? My problem is mostly with this website being soo peeved off with Glenn becks policies of trying to get people to see how he see’s things, whether he lies or not I’m not talking about, everyone lies. I just find it hypocritical that this website does exactly the same thing but FOX is the problem… I’m not saying you’re not allowed to disagree with fox and change the channel I’m saying you don’t even see that you’re doing the same thing they do.

  7. Ryan Goldschlager says:

    Sidewinded – your position doesn’t make sense to me. You are claiming that i advocate a boycott, because Beck’s position is equal to or superior to my position. But i advocate the boycott only because his position is inferior to mine as he presents false statements as true statements on his show.

    Again, I have a very hard time with the liberal/PC notion that all opinions are equal. Again, I provide the example of Hitler. Do you not believe his position on Jews was wrong? If so, you admit that there are wrong opinions and I classify Beck as wrong – wrong to the point of dangerous, because he advocates hate, preys on the fearful and broadcasts false statements consistently. Should we sit idly by if someone presents falsehoods in a public forum like cable tv? Perhaps you believe that is ok – i do not.

    In our present political landscape, the only recourse is to try to affect Beck wallet, because (1) that is all he understands and (2) the mainstream media has the same PC, relativist leaning you seem to have. For example, the 3 major networks present the idea of “death panels” on their nightly news programs. Yet we all know the death panel concept present by Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, etc. is false. They do so with a false sense of “objectivity” wherein they must present the extreme right position, even if they know it is false.

    So, it becomes necessary for those of us who know there are people on the tv presenting falsehoods, to try remove those falsehoods whenever possible. I believe this is necessary, because people die every day in this country due to an inability to afford healthcare. Because the US has a life expectancy lower than just about any other first world nation. Because the US has an infant mortality rate lower than over 25 other countries. Those things are unacceptable to me – the US should be the greatest nation on earth and should have the greatest healthcare on earth. It cannot continue to fail its citizens, to let them die because an insurance company will not provide coverage.

  8. sidewinded says:

    You think the mainstream media believes in giving opinions the chance to prove themselves? Wow… might want to take a look again.

    As for the death panels you’re one of the many people who take these comments and blow them out of proportion. They have said many a time that they don’t think just as obama doesn’t think that they’re going to have boards of people that will decide to let someone go because they’re old, too young or handicapped. They’re pointing out that there is a slippery slope that is aproaching when there will be an emergency and people will be treated or not treated based on these things. The biggest problem in human society is we keep making the same mistakes over and over. You seem to like to talk about hitler and that catastrophy. Well then, eugenics was becoming the big thing of the day, and because of the inflation that Germany went through in order to “fix” themselves they decided it was a good idea to start treating those with ailments or the elderly with less attention than those who were young and healthy so that they could fight for the nation. Because everyone else was useless and draining their resources. Glenn has made it very clear that he doesn’t believe in the death panels rather that he can see something like this happening should there be an emergency.

    As for the health care system. Have you met someone who could NOT get health care in the US, whether it be an accident or through illness? No, I don’t. I live in Canada where we get “free” health care and I know people who’ve been waiting in line for months for their treatment. Emergencies like accidents get taken care of but if you have other problems you’re in the back of a very long line that ain’t moving very fast.
    People come from around the world to get treatment in the US because they cannot get it anywhere else. You don’t have the best health care in the world? No ones perfect, but I don’t see how a government run health care would be any better. Do you know how they plan to pay the $11 trillion for this overhaul? I don’t… apparently they’re going to pay for it with the amount saved in their other efficient government programs… doesn’t that sound grand?

    Sorry I know this got a little off track :P

  9. heard sean hannity on the radio today hawking purina one dog chow. who knows how long it’s been going on. i let nestle know, i didn’t appreciate my purchases underwriting half truthes and lies. it’s a big corporation but i’ll do my best to avoid their labels.

  10. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Markie, on the bright side, by avoiding Purina, you could do better for your dog too… This site has good info (look under Label Information 101):

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