Arianna Huffington asked Fox News president Roger Ailes why Fox News was the only cable news network to cut away from President Obama’s questions and answers session with House Republicans.

HUFFINGTON: Roger, you clearly are in ratings, but if you are in ratings, can you explain to me why FOX went away from the meeting the president was having in — why did you go away, 20 minutes before the end?

AILES: Because we’re the most trusted name in news.

Ailes’ response may be somewhat honest, but only if you consider who is placing their trust in Fox News and what, exactly, they are trusting… It certainly isn’t the truth. But, any rational person knows that you cannot be a trusted name in news if you don’t actually provide news.

Here’s what Paul Krugman had to say about the subject, after the interview:

HUFFINGTON: Their framing of the President is that he’s radical, that he’s taking us down a dark, fascist or Bolshevik future — depending on the day. And there he was, rational, charming, and in full command of his facts. So the narrative fell apart and so the cameras stopped showing what was happening.

KRUGMAN: Yeah, I mean it’s — I thought it was actually quite funny except it has real consequences. There you have Roger Ailes, with this powerful, popular news network, whining about how the media are unfair to Republicans. I mean, he is a powerful person in the media — and of course, you know, “Fair and Balanced” is truly Orwellian and we know that. So it’s clear that Fox — I felt like yelling to him, “you can’t handle the truth,” because that was what was actually happening on the Fox coverage.

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