I find this extremely funny… It turns out that Tea Party planners are having to come up with a Plan B and ,apparently, Plan C. Dumping Tea in the Potomac River is illegal, so Plan B was to move the dumping site to Lafayette Square, but protesters were turned away for not having a permit. They also didn’t have a permit to protest in front of the Treasury building… Time for Plan D?

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2 Responses to “Tea Baggers Turned Away”

  1. And why is this funny exactly? Do you even understand the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Amendments that were made to it that give people Freedoms that they enjoy today???

    No, I don’t think so. You sound like some 17 year old kid who has no idea what this country is all about, how it was created and what it stands for.

    These people are trying to voice their opinions using the rights granted to them under the First Amendment and are running into roadblocks. Funny? Not quite.
    If they lose those freedoms, then so do you. Only some un-educated jerk would make a remark about that being funny. That same person neither loves this country or belongs here.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    After all the bitching and complaining about taxes and what is, essentially, the law, these people are turned away by a little thing like a permit. If they REALLY wanted to fight and stand up for what they believed in and not be a small group of whiners, they would have done it anyway. Do you think the Boston Tea Party would not have happened if they cared about a permit? What they did was illegal and a real display of defiance. While we’re on the subject, the participants of the original Tea Party did not buy their own tea.

    So, yes, it’s hilariously ironic.

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