News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch is reportedly pressuring Time Warner to pay a per subscriber fee, or else News Corp will pull Fox and all affiliated stations from Time Warner’s channel lineup. This has been referred to as the “Wingnut Tax.”

Apparently, Murdoch wants $1.00 per Time Warner subscriber, per month, but the cable company’s response indicates that they do not want to pass on that cost to customers. The accumulated fees would mean an additional $1billion for News Corp. Unfortunately, customers may demand that they pay up in order to keep such shows as American Idol, House, Family Guy, etc. on the Fox Network, in addition to Fox Sports channels, FX, Fox News Channel, etc.

Of course, if you still need (please note heavy use of sarcasm) to watch American Idol, you can use an antenna and converter box, or go online…

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5 Responses to “Time Warner Cable to Drop Fox and Affiliates?”

  1. Stacey Hall says:

    My husband works for TWC and he gave me this site:
    TWC is fighting back, but FYI: the site offers alternative ways to watch your shows if your still into House and all the others. Fox can’t follow through on their threat, they know it, the satellite companies know it. It’s just more scare tactics to try to get big money from consumers. TWC will not be passing on the cost to their consumers, they already pay enough +.

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Stacey, Thank you for the insight and the link!

  3. In the past I have enjoyed watching the Saturday morning business shows on Faux News. Since the election they are no longer business shows. Each show is now 29 minutes of Obama bashing and in the last minute everyone makes a stock pick. Faux should change the names of these shows to (Obama Bashin In) (Cavuto on Obama Bashing)(Bulls and Obama Bashing) (Forbes Bashes Obama).

    I am sick to death of Faux News and their EXTREEMIST right wing rhetoric. The Faux embrace of hate mongers like Glenn Beck and Shaun Hannity should be revolting to any thinking person.

    I already am boycotting all Faux programing and will start boycotting their sponsors.

    MSNBC is not much better, they are just on the other side. CNN is the only legitimate cable news channel. Faux and MSNBC need to understand that the majority of the people are some ware in the middle.

  4. Fox 1930′s Germany tatics
    Plays on peoples ignorance with spin
    Creates anger and violence
    The majority of low income people that support Fox are the very ones that suffer the most from Fox propaganda
    Fox and any other news network or program should not be allowed to spread false information
    Includes all super packs

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