From the individual choice to stop watching a channel to the organized effort to affect a company’s revenue stream, boycotts come in many shapes and sizes, including the following suggestion from and Please contact Democrats and progressive pundits and urge them to not go on the Fox News Channel. Not only is it a wasted effort to discuss issues on Fox News, it can extremely counterproductive.

Guests on Fox News are seemingly chosen for their right leaning political views, or their ability to be dominated. The viewers want to see the debates in which their side always wins. They want their ideals to be reinforced and to have that feeling of power that Fox News provides when they whip a liberal into submission. Don’t give them that pleasure. Don’t give Fox News the ratings they like to taunt like a school-yard bully.

In all likelyhood, Fox News personalities will call them cowards for not wanting to sit down, face to face, with the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck. The point is, who cares? Show Fox News that they simply don’t matter anymore. They should be irrelevant.

So, every time you see a Democrat or progressive guest on Fox News, contact them and tell them they are obligated to help ensure responsible journalism by avoiding the hate and bile that is Fox News. By appearing on Fox News, they are doing further harm to the efforts to repair the damage inflicted by the Bill O’Reillys, Sean Hannities and Glenn Becks of the world.

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5 Responses to “Urge Democrats and Progressives to Stay off Fox News”

  1. I found your website while searching for opinions of Faux news. They repeatedly report wrong information, omit information, or just spin the story. I know I can turn the channel, but I believe the damage their doing is significant considering the closed minded sheep they are pandering to. I swear if they told viewers to shoot a liberal and drag the body to the tea party as a sacrifice, the viewers would comply.

  2. Request:
    I chunked TV back in the late 70′s, but use the internet for Real, Indepth, Documented, Respected News(including Stewart and Cobert!) and Netflix for entertainment. I do not even have a Faux News cookie on my computer!
    Please provide the information here rather than require me to watch Faux News! Please! I have a very weak stomach and prefer not to witness idiotic trainwrecks!

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    T Allen, That’s one of the main purposes of the site… The front page will have the latest in Fox News falsehoods, manipulations and ridiculousness.

  4. Raymond says:

    The thing is, the downside of boycotting Faux noise is that it gives them a chance to play the victim card, that they are being persecuted by the “lefties,” that an attempt is being made to silence them and the truth and that their freedom of speech is being threatened and squelched, that they are a countervoice for liberty against the Lamestream media, with its “liberal bias.” Even though organizations like FAIR, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, has, since 1986, been actively looking for the “liberal bias” that conservatives tout as being out there, but has not found it to be a reality. But there is a politically centrist bias, as well as a corporate bias in the mainstream media. I don’t think FOX noise is astute enough to notice that they get high viewership and have been on the air long enough to BE the “Lamestream Media.” And in that case, have an obvious conservative bias. Is there a way to introduce into the issue the fact that Canada is held to real journalistic standards by not being allowed to lie in their news broadcasts and an attempt recently was made by a FOX like organization with an agenda like the FOX presentation that promulgates the lies as done by FOX, but was disallowed from being a part of the media there. And FOX will never pick up on the fact that no one wants to silence them, that people just want them to be dedicated to facts and the truth in their reporting and stop being a shill for the Republican Party, that has to lie to get support for their agenda. The Mainstream Media even sometimes picks up on stories by FOX and is shamed into reporting their the FOX propaganda data as is.
    FOX attacks Media Matters(which has its only agenda in that it counters the FOX reported lies) as a leftist propaganda organization yet say nothing about the Media Research Center, that is supposed to be the answer to Media Matters. Yet the MRC and MM are not mirror organizations. MM exposes the lies and it is all they do, while MRC just beats the FOX and News Corp’s drum.
    I am a proud “bleeding heart” Progressive, but I do not tout the party line as always being right, I look for the truth as I find it, even calling out liberal distortions, though they are few and far between unlike the right whose premise is misinformation and misdirection and the political left and right are not two ends of the same stick, as MM and the MRC are not as well, instead the left and the right are two separate sticks, with facts on the left stick and lies on the right stick. The idea that Bush instigated 9/11 was a conspiracy that as far as I know that came from the left.
    Other than boycotts, is there a way to expose the corporate media to abandon its news/entertainment format and be more like NPR, even though FAIR has exposed some of the shortcomings of NPR, it is still some of the best reporting(along with upstart Al Jazeera English)around.

  5. Wendell Goode says:

    I was not the first to say this and I apologide to the author for paraphrasing and for not remembering who to credit: If Obama were to walk on water to save a drowning child conservatives would sit on the beach sipping martinis and say: “Look that SOB can’t even swim.”

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