This could be considered news fabrication… At the very least, it equates Fox News reporting to a day time talk show like Jerry Springer where the audience is coached as to when to applaud, or chant “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…”

Behind the scenes:

On air:

So, why couldn’t Fox News simply report on the event? Not only did they promote it, but they even had to get the crowd to show extra enthusiasm on air.

Original Story

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2 Responses to “Video of Fox News Producer Coaching 9/12 Crowd”

  1. The scary thing is Jerry Springer is better than Fox “News.”

  2. What do you expect from a sneaky bunch of propgandists? They are still crying in their beer because bush was not able to dismantle social security, and give our hard earned money to the wall street gamblers, who have not been very lucky.But, he did do a lot for his base and stomped the rest during his reign. If this silly Faux /teaparty movement had a message other than expressing misguided rage, people might take them seriously, but they seem to come across as clueless whiners. “Oh please, don’t give us any of our tax money back in the form of health care, keep using it to subsidize, the corporate elite and wealthy farmers and carry on our great wars, “

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