As mentioned yesterday, GMAC Financial Services pulled their ads from Glenn Beck‘s show on Fox News. Joining them, and rounding out the count to 20 advertisers lost, are WalMart, CVS and Best Buy.

And that’s not all. Here is a complete list of the eight latest companies to pull their ads from Glenn Beck:

  • Allergan (maker of Restasis): “We reviewed our commercial schedule, and based on your feedback, we’ve put any programming featuring Glenn Beck on our “do not air” list. This means that you will no longer see any Restasis ads during programming featuring Glenn Beck. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.”
  • Ally Bank (a unit of GMAC Financial Services): “Ally advertises on a broad spectrum of programs to reach our potential customers. Our advertising is not an endorsement of editorial content on any program. We have ceased to advertise on the Glenn Beck program.”
  • Best Buy
  • Broadview Security: “Given the considerations, we have requested of Fox News not to include us in the rotation that would have our commercials running on Glenn Beck’s show.”
  • CVS: “While advertising on Fox is part of our communication plan, we had not requested time on Glenn Beck’s show specifically. We have instructed our advertising agency to inform Fox to ensure Glenn Beck’s program is not part of our advertising plan.”
  • Re-Bath: “…We are no longer airing our commercials on the Glenn Beck Show…”
  • Travelocity: “We did not specifically place our ad on the show. We buy ads in bulk and then they are placed somewhat randomly. However, we have now specifically asked that our ads do not appear during this show.”
  • Wal-Mart: “Walmart today confirmed the retailer pulled ads from the Glenn Beck show on August 3rd,”

Keep in mind that, while this is a step in the right direction, they do still advertise elsewhere on Fox News Channel.

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3 Responses to “Walmart, CVS, Best Buy Pull Ads From Glenn Beck’s Show”

  1. I talked to the corporate consumer relations at Best Buy today. They report that there are rumors floating around that they pulled their advertising from Beck’s program. They deny that there is any truth to the rumor. I was told that they couldn’t pull it because they have never advertised during his program in the first place. Are you trying to make this “boycott” seem bigger than it is? Don’t believe me? Check the facts for yourself.

  2. Also, Walmart is pulling ads from all cable news shows. Here’s their reply to my inquiry. Looks like they won’t be advertising on MSNBC or CNN either.
    Here’s the email they sent me today…
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your inquiry. We continuously review our media plans. In
    keeping with our internal guidelines to avoid content that is highly
    polarizing, we’ve instructed our agencies, as of August 3rd, not to run
    Walmart advertising in news commentary shows on national cable networks.
    This would include the Glenn Beck Show.

    Thank you,
    Walmart Customer Care

  3. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Rebecca, I believe Best Buy was listed on the Magic Jack commercials and requested that their name be removed from the ads, or those ads not aired. The same may be true of Radio Shack too…

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