Fox News host Geraldo Rivera was speaking about the defamatory tone of the immigration debate in the United States and brought up the rumor involving CNN’s Lou Dobbs moving to FNC.

RIVERA: Lou Dobbs, a man who was an accomplished journalist, and who left to go and start his own venture in the digital media, having to do with space, I believe, and then came back to CNN, and nobody was watching his program. He discovered that one of the way to get people to watch was to make of the image of a young Latino trying to get into this country a profoundly negative icon. Lou Dobbs is almost single-handedly responsible for creating, for being the architect of the young-Latino-as-scapegoat for everything that ails this country.


No more of these lies, no more of this slander, no more of this stereotyping. I can tell you proudly, when this man [Dobbs] was widely rumored to be coming to my network, I called my boss couple of weeks ago, and he said it’s absolutely untrue. Lou Dobbs is not coming to Fox News. He belongs at CNN if they can justify his presence there that’s their problem.

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5 Responses to “Geraldo Rivera on Lou Dobbs Going to FNC Rumor”

  1. Do you mean Giraldo Revira and Liu Dobbs?

  2. FoxNewsBoycott says:

    Damnit… Geraldo is now spelled correctly. Thanks.

  3. Good grief, the useless and bombastic blowhard Puerto Rican version of Jerry Springer demanding the removal of a colleague in the broadcast industry, eh? Who’d have thunk! Hilarious!!! Frankly I thought Fox hiring this low-life piece of mierda Geraldo was the dumbest move they ever did. That guy sucks.

  4. I support the 100% boycott of Fox due to your sleazy Geraldo Rivera who it was confirmed on national Tv tonight is directly working with the baby killer Casey Anthony and her attorney for FOX to pay her 1 million dollars for an interview
    I also support the boycott of all your sponsors until they drop The fox network from there advertising
    Some of your sponsors are but not limited to Alstate, Siemens,Direct Buy,, Liquid Focus ETC ETC

  5. william blockson says:

    an to think I felt sorry for you when you got your ass whipped by a wrestler years ago.he had mr.”rivers” crawling on the floor like a little bitch.I wonder if you ever dusted off that tape,for your son to see what his daddy is really made of.your not white fool!

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